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Plot on the bones: from the bone

A bone on the leg is a common problem. It is more common in women because of wearing heels.

This is an unpleasant thing that causes pain.

Plot on the bones: from the bone

One way to get rid of the bone is to conspire

It is possible to influence this ailment in a magical way, namely a conspiracy. The conspiracy on the bones is one of the most popular conspiracies in this case.

Folk belief about the bone on the leg

Plot on the bones: from the bone

Signs will help to avoid the appearance of bone.

Do you know the popular version of why there is a bone on your legs? People said that this disease occurs if you could not avoid a funeral.

Great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers believed that when there was a funeral session, it was important to close all windows and doors, even the doors of the entrance, so as not to let the spirit of death into your house.

And there is one important belief, if you see that there is a funeral session, then you must give way to it. Otherwise, because of such disrespect for death, a bone will appear on the leg.

How doctors see the situation

Plot on the bones: from the bone

Inconvenient shoes can cause illness

Traditional medicine, of course, looks at this process in a completely different way.

Doctors say that the cause of this disease is:

  1. Inconvenient shoes, especially shoes with heels, when there is an improper distribution of the load on the foot.
  2. Improper nutrition. The bone on the legs grows if a person consumes an excessive amount of salt and meat broth.
  3. Excess weight also leads to the development of this disease, as this increases the load on the foot.
  4. The stone on the foot is a type of deformity that can be inherited.

Plot on animal bones

Plot on the bones: from the bone

Bone with meat need to boil

In parallel with other types of treatment, a bone plot on the leg is applied. For the ritual you need a piece of meat on the bone.

It may be pork, beef or chicken, it does not matter, the main thing is that it was meat on the bone.

Boil meat with meat until fully cooked. During cooking, you can salt it.

When the meat is ready, cool it and bite off a small piece of it. Chew, and then say the words of the conspiracy:

“I bring my own bone with this bone, you still don’t live, do not rejoice, only swim in broth, but my illness hinders me.

Go from the ninth day to the bone of this disease and leave my leg in good health so that it does not hurt, it does not pull, it doesn’t tingle, it doesn’t ache, but only with a slight gait it pleased me.


The remaining meat must be given to the dog outside. It is advisable that this dog be of the same sex as the person who utters the plot.

The ritual becomes even more effective if carried out in the period of the waning moon.

If everything is done according to the rules, then the disease will slowly recede. Anger will not progress.

The plot on the tree

Plot on the bones: from the bone

Need to find a dry tree

The plot with bones on the leg can be pronounced on other things. For example, you can ask for help dry wood. You need to find a dry tree, somewhere in the forest or in the forest it will be easy.

Break off a tree branch. Then break the very branch in the middle. After need to say conspiracy:

“A branch does not live, a branch break, and my bone on my leg does not grow, but walk away from me. As the tree of this branch is dead, so my illness dies.

As I say, it will be so, but it cannot be otherwise. ”

It is desirable in the same place branch and burn. If it is not possible to burn a branch, then dig it at the tree, no one should see it.

If someone sees a twig, the rite will lose its power.

Plot on the ground from the cemetery

Plot on the bones: from the bone

For the rite need a waning moon

Rituals, which include the burial ground, are very popular, they are, indeed, very effective. By the way, this rite can be used not only to deal with the bone on the leg, it can also be used to heal a fracture so that the bones grow together faster.

In the period of the waning moon, you need to go to the cemetery, you can do it during the day, to collect the burial ground there. On the way home, buy a candle of green.

When evening comes, be alone. Sit down at the table, place a handful of earth in front of you, light a green candle.

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