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Plot on the ring — examples of plots with their description

The word «ring» has the Old Slavic root «Kolo», which means a wheel or a circle. Our ancestors firmly believed that every knot tied to clothing, hair or wrist can protect against negative energy.

And the person, becoming in the drawn circle, became protected from evil spirit. The ring played the role of a guardian for our ancestors, but today it symbolizes eternity and marriage, and it can also be used for magical purposes, for example, after reading the plot on the ring.

Plot on the ring - examples of plots with their description

The magical properties of the rings

Monastic orders, as well as secret political communities used the ring as a kind of pass to secret activities. In addition, the ring could act as a kind of «passport», which authenticated identity.

For example, the use of cast-iron signets, which depicted the head of Adam and his tibia, was popular among Russian masons. And the rulers of Ancient Russia decorated with rings all the fingers.

The tradition of the spouses to give each other rings at the conclusion of a marriage union is rooted in the times of ancient Egypt.

The closed form of the ring symbolizes eternity, and the precious material indicates the immense power of feelings of the newlyweds.

In Russia, it was customary to put the engagement ring on the bride and groom, the wedding could not be soon. Now, many people combine the concepts of “wedding ring” and “wedding ring”, although they have completely different meanings.

The bridegroom gave the engagement ring to his bride for the engagement, officially confirming their relationship. Such a ring is thinner than a wedding one, it can be decorated with stones or engraving.

Traditionally, the engagement ring should have a diamond that is a symbol of the purity and strength of love.

Rules of wearing rings

The ring can have an impact on our lives if you wear it correctly. Depending on which finger you wear the jewelry, you can trace its effect on your life.

So, where is the best place to wear the precious bezel for you personally?

  1. If you are very emotional and have a kind heart, you should wear a ring on your thumb. Thus, you balance your temperament and get rid of possible aggression.

Another property of the ring, put on the thumb, — increases the manliness of men, and also increases their sexuality and improves financial well-being.

  1. People who do not really believe in their strength should wear a ring on the index finger. This will increase self-confidence, attract good luck to your side, improve self-esteem and it will be much more comfortable for such a person to live in the world.
  2. If you suffer from constant bad luck, any of your undertakings usually end in complete fiasco — put a ring on your middle finger. Thanks to this you will quickly get rid of various difficulties of your life. Ideal option — if you wear a family heirloom, charged with the power of the family.
  1. Plot on the ring - examples of plots with their description

4. Do you want to become a more refined person? Aim for art, fame and money?

Then the suitable finger for wearing the ring is nameless. At the same time, if you are different in calm temperament — get a thin product, and if you suffer from increased nervous excitability — wear massive rings.

5. If you want to improve your communication skills, to become more eloquent, to find the right solutions for any issues — put on your little finger. It is best to use silver rings, as silver activates the mental and esoteric abilities of a person.

Now, having dealt with the basic properties of the rings, let us turn to an overview of the most popular conspiracies for various occasions performed on these precious articles.

Plots on the rings

Conspiracy to get rich

You need to take any of your rings, lower it into running water (for purification from negative energy). Then the ring is hung up on a wire, a candle is lit (maybe ordinary, but more ecclesiastical for this purpose).

A lit candle 9 times flies from side to side over the ring, it is important that the flame as if pierced the decoration. The candle is held in the right hand, and the wire on which the ring is hung is in the left.

During the ritual you need to pronounce such conspiracy words:

Plot on the ring - examples of plots with their description

Then the jewelry is put on hand.

It is important during the ritual to put as much of your energy into the ring as possible, to present as much as possible the final result that you would like to achieve.

This will help you get what you want in the shortest possible time.

When you wash your hands — it is better to remove the ring, otherwise the water will wash away the information from it. Also, from time to time the rite must be faked.

Conspiracy to attract the attention of men

If you are suffering from lack of attention from the opposite sex, you need to purchase a ring with an insert — a red stone and speak it in the following magic words:

Plot on the ring - examples of plots with their description

When you finish reading the plot, wrap the product in a beautiful silk scarf. Always keep the talisman with you, do not show it to anyone around you — otherwise you will give him your attractiveness.

Conspiracy will allow you to always remain in the center of attention of the opposite sex and will attract a lot of fans to you.

Plot on the ring - examples of plots with their description

Plot on the ring to fulfill the desire

Take the ring (metal does not play a role), ideal — if the jewelry has passed to you from your relatives.

It doesn’t matter if there is a stone on the product or not. Roll up the ring with a skein of yarn and read the plot on it:

Plot on the ring - examples of plots with their description

At the end of the reading, they put the ring on the arm and do not remove it throughout the night. Now this is your talisman that will help you realize what you want, and also make you more successful and give you financial well-being.

During reading each of the described conspiracies it is important to concentrate on your desires, present every detail, every facet of the desired image and, of course, unconditionally believe in the power of the conspiracy. Then your desires will come true quickly, and their fulfillment will bring you real pleasure.

What role do rings play in our lives? You can find out about this after watching the next video.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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