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Plot on Wednesday

Today I will tell you a very strong conspiracy for big money, luck and happiness, which is best practiced on Wednesday!

As I mentioned above, if you pray to God and read the Conspiracies every day for good luck, happiness and money, every day it will become better and more successful. It’s all about strong magic and strong energy of prayer and conspiracy.

Imagine what energy the Conspiracy and Prayer possess, if millions of people at the same time read these Conspiracies and prayers and imbue it with desire! This is really incredible energy.

Today’s Good Luck Conspiracy has a very strong energy also because it is sharpened for a certain time. Such conspiracies are always stronger than those that read erratically!

The rules of reading the conspiracy for luck and money:

1. To read the plot in the evening on Tuesday, or on Wednesday in the morning.

2. Read the plot on a bay leaf.

3. Read the conspiracy alone.

4. Plot read clearly and slowly

5. You must impeccably believe in the power of the Conspiracy.

Take a glass of clean water and cover it with some paper.

Place a bay leaf on the paper. Light a candle and start reading the words of the Conspiracy:

When I get up at dawn, I pray, leave the house, cross myself, walk quietly up a high mountain, look down, the neighborhood on all four sides is far away.

As on the east side of a green meadow, a black horse and wild and wild with a snort graze on a green meadow.

No one ever saddled him, no one ever ridden on him, neither he was eager, nor that horse knew that century.

I will tame that wild horse and tame a wild horse.

He will walk under me obediently and go wherever I want to carry them obediently.

My will is strong, like a stone.

My word is true, as a prayer.

Amen. Amen. Amen

The plot must be read exactly 3 times with a break of 3 minutes. After that, drink a glass of water, extinguish the candle, and blow the bay leaf through the window of your house or apartment.

After a short time, the Conspiracy will begin to operate, and the Conspiracy always acts!

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