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Plot to sleep, good strong and calm, read yourself

Plot for a good dream for good reason in demand.

Probably, it is not necessary to say that the current rhythm of life is not only harmful, but even dangerous to health.

And if you can deal with food a little bit, excluding those that are clearly harmful, then how to deal with sleep?

Indeed, it depends on the quality of sleep exactly how much and how many people live.

Constant violations of the process, you want, you do not want, lead to negative processes, or rather, to diseases.

Hence the need to find a magical plot to have a good dream.

And to ensure that sleep was normal, led to a complete and proper rest is necessary.

Plot to sleep, good strong and calm, read yourself

Otherwise, a person will not differ from an alcoholic or a drug addict.

No, he does not use harmful substances. It just “poisons” your body in a completely different, indirect way.

It is bad that at school we are not told about such things from the point of view of those who develop programs.

Those who are already frightened, it is recommended to calm down.

There are different means and methods of «struggle» with the problem.

Some are labor-intensive and “energy-intensive”, others are simple.

Here we will talk about them.

The fact is that you can “agree” with your own organism. Do you know that you can “ask” for a good sleep?

This kind of mental «medicine». You attract to work on your health not chemical elements, but natural forces.

Sometimes, it is more efficient.

And most importantly — absolutely not harmful.

Plot for a good dream to sleep well

Plot to sleep, good strong and calm, read yourself

Any such ritual is performed immediately before the night’s rest.

This is not a medicine, you can use it every day. The addiction does not occur (joke).

After a short time, you yourself will feel: you have become much better relaxed. Even a short sleep will fill you with freshness, cheerfulness.

Just by conspiracy, you turn off the “anxiety centers”. And at night they “grind” problems and anxieties in their heads.

There are some rules for using these magical rituals.

The main thing from them: try to avoid negativity before going to bed. Movies, books, conversations that can trigger anxiety should be forgotten for a while.

When you learn to work with conspiracies, be sure of their effectiveness, you will not be able to strictly adhere to this recommendation.

After all, magic mostly rests on the belief that it is omnipotent (in this case).

It is better not to put yourself in a position where events will fuel doubts or disappointments.

Plot to sleep, good strong and calm, read yourself

And the words of the conspiracy to read are:

“In Constantinople, in the Crystal Country, a miracle sits on the malachite wall. Wonderful miraculous rays sparkle, convenes foggy images to itself.

It gives everyone what they deserve. To whom — a nightmare, to whom — a horse with a plow.

You, Miracle look at me. Give me peace in the night country! May all nightmares and passions remain with you from misfortune.

Let the night dream that covers my world be quieted, worthy of kings. Amen!»

Conspiracy to sleep well myself

Take a new handkerchief. Tie it into three knots, saying:

“I will tie a good sleep in a knot. So as not to wake, not fornication, the nightmare did not come. To hell and Satan remained at the bottom.

So that the angel guarded the dream, the trouble drove away. So as not to be worried feet on my sleep road.

So that inspired sweet dreams and wonderful visions. To close your eyelids and not open, so that anxiety and self-indulgence do not know.

Sleep the Lord to a slave (name), as the Lord embraces. Rest — woes do not know! Amen!»

A plot to have a good sleep for a child

“Lord! Bless! God save you from sin.

The servant (name of the baby) is lying on the bed in the Lord, the Lord’s seal is on the Lord’s seal, the angels are in the head and legs. Preservatives on the eyelids and lips. Guard his soul from evening to morning so that he sleeps — he sleeps without waking up.

So that sweet dreams he saw, to his surprise. Amen!»

Plot to sleep, good strong and calm, read yourself

A conspiracy to sleep well for the patient

To a person suffering from the disease, well rested, it is recommended to carry out the following ancient rite.

  1. Take his shirt (any thing he went during the day).
  2. Put it in front of the Icon (better than its Guardian Angel).
  3. Light a candle and read three times:

“Lord, Almighty! Above us is your kindness.

Beneath us is Satan’s emptiness. Lord, bless your servant (name) on a calm sleep, bringing a balm to the soul.

On your holy peace, may his soul abide with You!

Let him not be disturbed in the night neither by ills nor by the devil of the servant.

Let the Angel with its wings drive away dark clouds, angry eyes, nocturnal fears and killer afflictions! Amen!»

Conspiracy to restful sleep

This ritual is performed for a person who often wakes up at night, who starts insomnia.

It also happens when it is impossible to calm down and swim away to the country of Morpheus from the daily experiences and troubles.

Then it is also recommended to read this plot.

Plot to sleep, good strong and calm, read yourself

You can do the rite for yourself or for a loved one.

  1. Wash your face with cool water.
  2. Say so:

“On the Lord’s Day, the servant (name) labored, his hands restless, the rest unknowing. Now the pitch night has come, peace with her has brought. Let the night cover me with a slumber, free me from the thoughts of blacks, that she will rebel in the morning.

Let the black crows fold their wings, it was day — now it was night, the fuss was gone. The birds have fallen asleep, the beasts have fallen asleep, the whole world has drowned in silence, and my name is calling, the dream will not go anywhere.

I will catch up and cover, thoughts will drive away that bother me. Dram comes, does not accept resistance.


When you read for someone else, instead of «me», say «Lord slave (name).»

If it didn’t help right away (this happens during periods of intense arousal or frustration), then in the bed there are more conspiracy words to repeat.

It is advisable to pronounce them in a quiet whisper, slightly stretching. You know, like songs sing lullabies?

Approximately the same.

Still such words can be spoken:

“The moon was in the sky, full of dreams and dreams. I saw, but sent a handful of dreams. Sweet, not troubled.

Shackled the brain in fetters. Yes, she did not take slavery into the country of dreams.

There moths flit, head spinning and put to sleep. Take the hand of the moon and dive with her at night!

Let him hold until dawn. Does not give up, just sleep sweetly! Amen!»

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