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Plots about children and babies

Despite the fact that a child is considered a carefree creation, in fact, at its young age, there are many problems in its life course that you need to study well so that your child does not start interfering with other children. Problems can be of a different nature — with health, with sleep, in communication with other children, and so on. Parents are trying in every way to help the child become a full member of society and, of course, a healthy and happy person. You can add to all conspiracies for children.

Plots about children and babies

White magic comes to the aid of parents well, so conspiracies for children who are able to help in a given situation are more often used. It should immediately be said that their reading is 100% safe, both for the child and for the mother and father, who are the performers of the ritual and of course they think that I am doing everything possible for my baby. We find out what children’s plots and slander exist, what you need to know about the features of their reading.

In order to start talking a baby from all sorts of misfortunes, you need not only to pronounce the words correctly, but also to fulfill several mandatory conditions that will help the rite to work and the baby will be protected. We list the basic rules that accompany conspiracies for children:

  • Plots for kids need to be carried out strictly on certain days, namely on odd days
  • Parents should conduct a baptismal ceremony, that is, to present the baby before God
  • When the mother recites magic spells and plots about children, the child should be in a state of sleep.
  • The performer of the ceremony should definitely sit, not stand. As for the location, you need to be at the head of the bed
  • There should be no witnesses during the time when magic words or recital conspiracies and prayers are spoken for children.
  • You can not devote anyone to your plans, that is, to say that you plan to produce a recipe, this applies to even the closest people
  • It is strictly forbidden to conduct a ritual, if there are dogs in the house, it is believed that their animal energy does not put a barrier to protect and your baby may suffer
  • The day after you read the words of the conspiracy from the child, you need to go to the existing temple and put a candle about the health of your son or daughter.

Starting to help a child on an energy level is important immediately after he is born. It is extremely important to do this, since a newborn baby is a clean sheet, it does not have its own biofield, that is, any bad word spoken in its direction can turn into global health problems. How to protect the child from damage and the evil eye immediately after birth?

Taking out and giving birth to a child is a difficult test for a woman. However, in order for the baby to grow strong and healthy, immediately after birth, every woman can help her children. As soon as you hear the first joyful cry of a newborn daughter or son, you need to say the words to yourself:

“I gave birth to you, saved you from evil. By myself, I will save you from all the bad weather. Amen, Amen, Amen. «

You can read the recipes during swaddling, starting with the very first. It has long been believed that the first swaddling is an important step for a newborn baby, so the mother is obliged to pronounce special words to her children at this time. Remember that while no one else should be in the room, only you and the baby.

“Little hands sweet, legs beloved. Let there be a smile on your little face, let there be no tears on these eyes. Grow smart and healthy, fly like a feather in life. «

Or this option:

“God, help these hands to get stronger, help these legs to stand firmly on the ground. Help, my God, to be a bright head, let my child not need it. ”

It is believed that those children who read such literary readings during swaddling are less likely to write, and also learn to pot, and write, and crap faster. And the first diaper can become a child’s amulet, which can greatly help later. For example, many mothers say that with the help of such a diaper they were able to wean the baby to suck their fingers and bite their nails.

It is a well-known fact that during breastfeeding, an invisible energetic bond is created between the baby and the mother, which nothing and no one can destroy. Not only that, breast milk provides babies with an opportunity to increase their immunity and become less vulnerable to many diseases and infections. At the same time, along with the mother’s milk, the baby receives the energy of the mother, it helps to create a barrier — protection against damage and the evil eye, which can harm the small, fragile organism. To enhance this effect, you can say the following words during feeding:

“The cow feeds the calf, the goat feeds the kid, the horse feeds the foal. So I feed you, I give strength to the strong one. ”

Many mothers argue that such literacy helped uncover the talents of the children, who later opened in the process of growing up. Plots for babies should be read in a quiet voice gently and gently.

Bathing is an integral part of the life of a newborn baby. Many are afraid of the first swim, especially for young parents. It is necessary to overcome your fear and introduce into this process a new meaning conspiracy for bathing your baby, because with the water you can charge the baby with the necessary energy, which will help the child withstand many problems in his still short life. To do this, the mother says these words:

“Be strong, grow brave, you can overcome everything. Pour water — the trouble goes. » Plots for bathing a small child will help him not to be afraid of water.

Sooner or later, all parents are faced with the phenomenon of children’s hysteria and moods. This is a condition where the child does not respond to external stimuli; even gentle rocking, mother’s presence or mother’s breast cannot soothe him. Many parents start to panic and make many mistakes just so that the child is not naughty. But even here magic conspiracy will come to the rescue so that the child will not be offended, which originates in folk traditions and conspiracies on children’s whims. What should be done to stop a child’s tantrum when a baby cries without stopping?

You need to take the baby in your arms, wet your right hand in holy water and draw a cross on the forehead of the baby. This will help if demons have moved into the child, up to 40 days of life this can happen, because before that age, usually children are not baptized. You also need to say these words:

“Dity crying, poured! The sun is shining, the moon is watching, let your crying recede sooner. Do not shout and do not yell, mom is near, look. The sun will wake up in the morning, and the baby will smile at me. ”

What children’s problems can be solved with the help of magic

As it was already said before, even in small children there cannot be a cloudless life, children’s problems can overtake them at any age. Earlier, we talked about what kind of stuff you can use for babies, in what situations you need to pronounce certain words and plots for babies.

Now it’s time to find out what problems may arise in older children — preschoolers, schoolchildren and teenagers:

  • Problems with studies, lack of authority in kindergarten or school
  • Problems in communication with peers
  • Misconception that their appearance does not meet expectations
  • The first experience of love relationships, when the child liked someone or someone liked him
  • Timidity and shyness and so on

Perhaps for an adult or for someone who has not yet had children, all of the above situations are not problems and sound somewhat ridiculous. However, the responsible parent should not turn a blind eye to children’s problems, no matter how trivial it may seem at first glance. Do not forget that you are looking at everything from your age and experience, and the child faces this for the first time.

Of course, it will not be possible to protect against the whole child, for this, you will most likely have to completely protect him from communication with other people, of course, this cannot be done, and it is not necessary. All you need to do is to be a good responsible parent, take enough time to communicate with the child, be his best friend and you can make conspiracies so that your child does not touch trouble. However, besides this, one can use conspiracies for children, who will become the best helpers for solving many children’s problems, and especially for their prevention.

This prayer line for conspiracy for older children can be applied in two cases:

  • When a child does not want to learn, he lost his craving for learning
  • When a daughter or son struggles to get good grades, but despite all the efforts made, there is no effect.

Of course, in the life of any child, especially when it comes to a teenager, there comes a time when the desire to learn disappears. You should not be surprised, this is considered a variant of the norm, as it seems to the child that he has already learned everything. Psychologists call it a turning point, when new horizons open up before an adult child and he understands that school is not the whole world. Many parents feel helpless, because they can not affect the consciousness of their daughter or son, what to do in this case? Try to read this plot on your child:

“Lord God, you are in heaven, help me to direct my child to the right place. Give strength to her (him), the name of the child, and mind to learn in school, make his mind bright. Amen».

The simple text of the prayer should be pronounced when the child is asleep, and you need to be as close as possible to the place where he does his homework. To enhance the effect of prayer, you can light a few candles, but you need to make sure that the light does not wake the sleeping child.

Do not wait for a miracle the next day, but the effect is not long to wait. After some time, your son will be a different attitude to poor marks. After the attitude to studies changes, the desire to correct will gradually come.

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