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Plots from enuresis and urinary incontinence

Enuresis is a fairly common disease that occurs in both adults and children, although many do not consider this a disease. Very often, such a violation is observed in children. As medical practice shows, the causes of such a violation are not fully known. In this regard, medicine can not provide the most effective results and save a person from urinary incontinence, so people resort to unconventional methods, which include magic. Very often, people use conspiracies and prayers that help to cope with the illness. Conspiracy from enuresis can be in different ways.

Plots from enuresis

Underdevelopment of the genitourinary system is considered the main cause of urinary incontinence. Also, this violation can be caused by various diseases, infections, stress, hypothermia and other factors. Especially incomprehensible reasons for children’s night urination in bed. In most cases, this occurs as a result of fright. Although it is more and a childhood disease, it is also inherent in adults. The way out of this situation will be conspiracies and prayers that have helped many.

You can perform the ritual in different ways. Below we consider the most common ones.

  1. Conspiracy with enuresis on maternal tracks. The ritual is used in cases when urinary incontinence in a child. Perform the need for a new moon. The mother goes to a clearing located near the dwelling and becomes barefoot on the ground to form traces. After that, she comes back home. In the morning, you need to lead the child to the clearing and put his feet on the tracks, first right, then left. At the same time, the following words are pronounced: “I gave birth to myself, I myself helped the child (name)”. Words need to be repeated three times and conduct the rite several times to completely cure the child.
  2. Bread plot on consecrated water. Suitable for both adults and children. The holy water is collected in a glass, and the one who suffers from enuresis should drink a sip of it. Then take the glass out of the house and put on it a piece of bread made from rye flour, pronouncing: «(Name) will not wet the bed, as this glass will be full.». In the morning, bread and water are given to the patient, with the words: “In the night, sleep — in the morning water. In the night rest — in the morning bread. Let it be so». That plot from enuresis helped, it needs to be carried out once within 7 days.
  3. Plot on a wet bed. Such a ritual should be performed by a woman who is a relative of the patient. Most often, it is used for urinary incontinence in a child. If the baby has urinated at night, in the morning it is necessary to say the following words over a wet place: “Stream, spring water. You are strong and cold. Take off (name) urinary incontinence. As everything fades without you, let the bed dry out without urine. Wash and dry the disease (name). Let it be so». Having spoken such words, it is necessary to take a glass with lighted water and whisper above it: “Holy water, strong and miraculous. As the shore washes, and with the little baby wash away all ills. Wash it off, wash it off your feet, wash it off your head and your whole body. Let all diseases pass by (name). Holy Mother of God, give a peaceful sleep and strong health to the little one. From now and forever. Amen.». When the prayer is read, you need to spit over your left shoulder three times and give the water to the child. This method is one of the best. It helps to get rid not only of urinary incontinence, but also other ailments.

Such simple plots and prayers make it possible to overcome the disease, both in women, men and children.

There are two very effective conspiracies that help to cope with enuresis in adults. Strong threads are needed for the ritual. A few threads come off the coil, they need to be torn off with their hands and not cut with scissors, then read these words:

“As the Mother of God went after her son, so did I, the slave, come to the road (la). Hard thread torn, so God forbid that my urine and calmed down. I do not live with litigation, but only joy. Let it be easy and calm for me, and let me be emptied out of my own will. Amen».

Repeat the conspiracy nine times. The ritual is performed at the crossroads. The threads that were used are wrapped in a dark patch and burned.

Conspiracies with enuresis need to be pronounced constantly until the disease recedes.

There is also another effective constipation against urinary incontinence. In order for him to act, it is advisable to carry out a ritual for a decreasing month, within a few days. It is necessary to pronounce in the morning when the sheets are still wet after the night:

“Mother River, key water, as you wash the shore, wash incontinence with (name). As the branches without water die, even if the sheet (name) is dry. Mother river, key water, as you wash the banks, wash away all the ailments with (name). Amen».

Conspired water should drink the patient. Words pronounce three times. The plot helps from enuresis and other diseases.

There are also other rituals, using which you can get rid of this unpleasant problem.

  1. Conspiracy with enuresis on a dry stump. The ritual helps with child enuresis. You need to take the urine of the baby and go to the dry stump. Then the urine is poured onto the stump and the words “miss out:“ As this stump has dried, so also by (name), let it be a dry sheet. With the speech I lock, with the key I shut, and no one will open my seal with the word. ” It is enough to speak the plot once.
  2. As an adult, enuresis is more difficult to heal, therefore, before performing a ceremony, you need to attend church for a week. For the ceremony will need three candles and a glass of water. When a candle is set on fire, such words are pronounced above the water: “As the water comes, it leaves, but when it is necessary and where it is necessary. It will be dry and not wet, it will become dry, and if there is a need, it will go away from sleep and go where it is ordered. Amen». Conspired water is given to the patient, after which the disease recedes.

The options considered are not the only conspiracies and prayers, there are still many others. The treatment of frequent night urination in a child’s bed is always more effective and faster. In order to cure an adult, it will take more time.

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