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Plots from trouble: when to read

Listening to people about the misfortunes that have happened and the misfortunes in their family or on their way in life, you involuntarily begin to think that this can happen to you at any moment too. But if the majority is afraid of fires, accidents, robbery and other troubles, then somewhere, very close, a woman thinks that her troubles are in the family and in relations with relatives and friends. So what is the misfortune and misfortune and can a conspiracy help from the misfortune? There are several answers to this question.

Plots from trouble

In fact, misfortunes and misfortunes must be separated from the mass of unpleasant magical rituals and slander, because ritual magic, aimed at creating problems in the family or life, can only be black. In contrast, there is white magic and church rites. As for the church, you can only protect yourself with the help of prayers. Also, if the priest is a church minister, is really strong in faith, then after the purification of housing and all those living in it, we can say that people will start a new period in life and their housing under protection.

So, we list all kinds of misfortunes and misfortunes that occur on their own, and not after the use of black magic:

  • fires and floods (flooding the apartment by neighbors or simply breaking pipes);
  • thefts and robberies, both in the house and on the street;
  • attacks;
  • quarrels over inheritance;
  • accidents;
  • killings;
  • rape;
  • diseases and stuff.

All of the above can be sent and, if you use a conspiracy against the misfortune of the offender, or simply for the sake of a person being ill. Such things are usually practiced by witches who need to do bad deeds at least once a month. Therefore, if you suspect someone from your neighbors or relatives, it is better to read a conspiracy plot every day. So not only you, but your whole family will be safe.

It should also be understood that a single prayer or conspiracy from harm will not save. For each of the above points, there is a separate effective slander. Only a few times a year you can protect yourself from all ills in bulk. The ritual lasts the whole passionate week and ends on Easter. Thus, almost all the words of the text of the charm you will read in the church.

It should also be noted that the clergy do not approve of appeals even to white magic, although people who possess it help and heal using prayers. Therefore, to turn to such forces or not — it’s up to you alone without any hint.

What should be remembered when reading defensive prayers and slander

If you have already decided to turn for help to white magic or church prayers, which are effective and very strong when reading from the heart, then it is not at all necessary to seek help from the church. Not everyone has the money to pay such services of a priest as cleaning the apartment or protective prayers for the car, the apartment, and everyone living in the house. You can independently conduct all the rituals, read the plot from enemies, misfortunes and misfortunes. Of course, it is better and easier to use prayers. They are convenient because you can read them every day at any time of the day. But still about the rules:

  • Be that as it may, but not all people work from early morning, some walk in evening shifts or at night, so it is better to use protective prayers before going out;
  • There are a number of conspiracies and whispers that last six months or a year, so keep an eye on updating them regularly;
  • in order to avoid grief on the road, one should read the plot with everyone who sets off;
  • a conspiracy from misfortune and enemies will be effective and powerful, provided that you do not imagine one person in front of you and do not try to put negative energy into the text;
  • read any conspiracy calmly and measuredly — not necessarily out loud, but from a pure heart;
  • Before you read the plot to remove misfortunes from housing, be sure to get rid of it so that the positive energy of good can take root in your home;
  • do not try to harm your enemies with the help of defensive texts, since you carry negative energy, which you will suffer from later;
  • after performing ceremonies or reading prayers, it is better not to clean, not to make trouble for three days, not to engage in repair work.

In fact, such rules should be applied with every appeal to good forces and prayers read at home.

At all times there were people who wanted to take possession of someone else’s good. In the modern world such increased. But to defend against them is quite realistic. To do this, you can perform a number of simple activities.

  1. Once a year (if during this period you were engaged in repair work, you can repeat it) use a protective plot written on a piece of paper. It should be carefully folded in half and placed under the threshold. Do not use black or red paste. Text: “I’m sitting in my house, inviting guests and relatives, meeting in my house. But, she walks behind the doors, and the beast is searching for a strange beast, who wants me to die, from my house I wish happiness, gold, and silver to bear. Let him get away from my family, but at the same time will not take anything. Do not be in my house misfortunes, fire, flood and bad weather. Protect me and all those living in the house, Mother Earth, and take evil spirits from my corner to distant lands, no way for me to find them. I lock my words with a lock. I close the key. The key is always with me, it can not be stolen, and my words will not change to anyone. Amen».
  2. In order for the enemies to bypass your house side, you can use the holy salt. It should be poured under the threshold. It is desirable so that it was not visible, and it was impossible to sweep it. Such a ceremony can be conducted by both husband and wife. Salt changes depending on how it turns stone or disappears from under the threshold.
  3. Even in ancient times, our ancestors tried to protect their home in all possible ways. It was very popular to drive a rusty nail into the lintel of the front door. You can also use the method — in the left corner of the same door hang scissors in one eyelet. As soon as you notice that the scissors darken or rust, they should be cleaned and hung up again. They not only protect against enemies, but also push people away from your shelter, who want something unkind to you, will help to remove all the negative. For this assignment, involve a husband or a living man in the house.

There are additional rituals where you need to make a guardian with your own hands, but for this you need to know the technology for making such things. It is not necessary that when you buy such a talisman in a shop or in a bazaar, you will be protected from harm.

It is not necessary that you or someone from the family should go on a long journey. A conspiracy against trouble on the road, especially if the soul of a mother or wife has a premonitory sense of dashing, it is better to read about the road disaster. Prayer books are sold with such prayers in each church. If you are interested in the plot, then its text is as follows:

“Protect me, dear husband (name), on the way, dear husband, from any misfortune, from misfortune and bad weather, please take your body and soul away from enemies and problems. To return home safe and sound, and we walked around the dashing people and the words of the bad. The path is a road, I beg you, I tear off the blood from myself. Protect me, save me and bring my husband home alive. ”

You can read this text not only for your husband, but also for any family member. To do this, simply replace the words in the text. Use before the trip, read sitting on chairs in a circle three times.

To protect the feminine, for example, the daughter should go to study in another city and return home only on Friday evening, you can perform the following ritual (there is a condition: only women’s days are used): you need 7 candles, a white scarf and a towel that is clean without pictures and embroidery. Before the ritual you go to church, where you will get candles, and then you will put 4 of them in front of the icons.

  1. Seven Sisters.
  2. St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.
  3. For the rest of souls of all loved ones who have died.
  4. Send one candle to the altar as a thank you.

You should wear all your candles in your right hand and wrap it in a white handkerchief. As soon as you set everything up and ask before each icon for the grace and protection of your daughter, go home with the remaining candles (you should have three). They must be burned for 7 days in the child’s room and at the same time read the following text:

“Virgin Mary, Saint Nicholas, please hear me. One man in the field is not a warrior, but strength is in my heart. I ask protection for the child on the way, study, in a dream and in a nap. As I went out of the house, I came home with my feet. Amen».

There is another strong conspiracy. It can be compared with the prayer to Archangel Michael — the protector from all enemies (the prayer can be found in the prayer book). Only prayer is valid when reading for a month (after a short break it is necessary to begin again), and the plot is strong because it is read once a month. The text is read at any convenient time. This will require an Easter candle and water. Text:

“I ask you for protection, the sun, and you, the moon, protect me from my evil eye and misfortune, from the enemy and bad weather, from thunderstorms and murderers, from a thief and a scoundrel . You replace each other and save us all from trouble. You are no stronger, more powerful. Protect from demons and any unkind people, light the way for us. ”

As you read the text, wash your face with water immediately and dry it with the hem (back side). So do it with your children.

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