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Protective plots from evil

Even in the modern era of technology, people are very vulnerable. The struggle for survival is combined with magical attacks on the delicate matter of the soul. From our ancestors remained the ancient methods of fencing themselves and loved ones from envy and the evil eye. In a brief review, we will tell you what the most effective conspiracy to protect against evil is.

Protective plots from evil

At all times, mankind has tried to find a reliable intercession from dashing robbers and sorcerers. To this end, powerful verbal formulas were created that put a shield between the dark forces and the customer. How it works?

To protect the person from negative interference or energy vampire, there are conspiracies. Proven and reliable elements of white magic allow you to redirect flows from the victim to the attacker. It is important to choose the right means and not to deviate from the instructions.

There are a number of recommendations that must be followed during rituals.

  1. Time. The most productive hours for defensive magic is the dawn (morning, evening). During this period, the greatest concentration of cosmic energy occurs, which must be used for its own purposes.
  2. Accuracy. Reading the charm, you can not change the word order or adapt phrases to modern sound. The power of formulas in their combination, so any modification will have the opposite effect. This is used by sorcerers, pronouncing a prayer in reverse.
  3. Actions. Protective plots from evil people are a complex system of words and movements. Violating the statement or adding something of your own instantly transforms magic. Experienced healers guard against both strokes and the slightest scratching.
  4. Items. In order to create an energy shield, personal wardrobe elements or absolutely new things are most often spoken. But the most effective are the rituals on the elements (water, earth, fire) and products (salt, bread, milk). Each of them becomes a conductor between the two worlds.

The influence of envious people can in a matter of days destroy the fate and life of the victim, so you should not neglect even unpretentious amulets. From the enemies and the evil eye used:

A magical item becomes a small but powerful protector, capable of destroying the sorcerer’s wiles. After all, the damage does not appear from scratch: long preparation and exhaustion of karma with weak attacks leads to it. Initially, these are minor troubles in the service or quarrels in the family, but then they develop into a series of troubles and diseases.

If the rite of black magic was directed at a person, then the power of the guardian angel redirects him towards the aggressor. Sorcerers weave a strong energy web and a blow can hit the child of the victim. Consecrated amulets that hang around the neck of a baby will help protect a son or daughter from such a fate.

But how to find out who is the pest? Often «saboteurs» are people about whom the victim does not even guess. The modern world allows you to get quick access to the once-classified information, which is what the envious people use.

A person may offend a friend or colleague, and in response he will damage a voodoo doll or bring flowers from the grave of the departed. By the way, the latest version of the energy attack is the most dangerous. The cemetery has always been a concentration of otherworldly forces, and the item charged in this place acquired destructive abilities.

A wax candle is a powerful attribute that will help lift the veil of secrecy and point out the culprit of adversity. The book Stepanova presents the easiest way. Sage offers to collect water in the tank and light the fire. The melted substance drips into the liquid, and the magician reads the plot.

I pour the wax into the water, pour out the name of my enemy.

After the candle burned out, look at the cooled image.

  1. Plants, moon, trees. The performer is a woman.
  2. Beasts, birds, geometric images. Damage brought man.
  3. Letters, runes. The initials of the name of the enemy.
  4. Numbers. The statute of limitations of the ritual.

Mages point out that the symbolism is different and can detect the profession of the aggressor. For example, a knife is characteristic for a cook, and a wax shows a needle at a dressmaker. There are rituals that make the pest come to the threshold.

Often, damage is induced by rejected women. After an unsuccessful love spell or rupture of relations, they are trying to destroy the family of the beloved man, so they use popular black magic techniques. The blow hits both the mother and the child’s energy field.

Sometimes pets take the trouble. Mages assure that there is an invisible connection between the owner and the animals. The greater the attachment, the more often they suffer from black snares. By the way, our smaller brothers are able to discern in a sorcerer who has come and to protect a person from mental aggression.

Do you know that you can ask the angel to protect from curses? From birth, each person has his guardian. He quietly stands behind the back of his son or daughter, exposing the shield in any dangerous situation. To increase help from witchcraft, our ancestors used the old prayer to God’s messenger.

If you feel constant fatigue and the family has started having problems, then we recommend putting a candle in the temple in front of the way:

  • Virgin;
  • Nicholas the Wonderworker;
  • St. George the Victorious;
  • saint whose name is worn.

You need to defend all the time while the light is on. Some witches use stubs in order to damage. In order to avoid this scourge, it is necessary to closely monitor the subject. Read in your mind any known prayer and ask the heavenly patrons for protection.

Ancestors advised to always keep consecrated water in the house. Splashing the corners and the entrance three times became a barrier to the forces of evil. It is important to perform the ritual regularly and believe with the power of the substance.

By the way, from the envious eyes will help washing with liquid. Children are more likely to undergo an energy attack, so they often cry and act up. If after the departure of an unpleasant person the baby has changed his behavior, then we recommend immediately to the child to spray his face.

When there is not enough energy and physical strength to protect against evil people or troubles at work, then it is better to speak charm. Healers argue that the most effective will be an amulet that you made yourself. In ancient times, ancestors covered the body and clothing with secret signs that have magical properties.

From the influence of spirits and human envy often use embroidery. Look at the folk costumes and notice the magic message on them. Work was not trusted by strangers, but performed independently. The same properties has a beaded bracelet, assembled on a specific pattern on the needle.

A bag of medicinal herbs and a red thread on the left hand are proven, reliable shields from the negative influence of the witches. Spices (garlic, black and red pepper) helped against the evil eye and spoilage. To protect against evil, it was enough to sew up the grain in clothes or put a box at the entrance. The talisman began to act instantly and diverted negative energy directed exactly at the target.

Protective plots often recited elements of the elements. Consecrated water is distinguished by maximum efficiency. But if you are not baptized, then it is better to conduct a ritual on your own.

On the table you need to put and light a green candle. Three charcoal is dipped into the liquid. We need to look at the burning flame and pronounce the following words.

Voditsa-sister, mother-sudarushka, you wash the steep banks, the stones are white. Do not wash your shores and white stones, but wash your child, wash away illnesses, thinness, grits and tributaries. Take away the evil human far beyond the sea.

Now you can wash at the evening dawn. If problems with the child, then you need to try not to scare him. If you suspect damage and the evil eye, draw water with a wooden spoon and pour it three times through the threshold and door handle. Carefully carry out all actions, trying not to focus attention on them.

Strong protective plots read to the ground. To do this, they go outside in the morning, face the rising sun and put their palms on the ground. A few minutes represent how the body exchanges energy with the planet. Then they take a handful of soil with their right hand and wrap it in a handkerchief. We recommend keeping the house charm at the entrance: it drives away evil spirits and energy vampires.

By the way, there is an interesting Slavic ritual in the sun and fire, which allows you to create an invisible barrier from bad people. This method is most often used in the case when a spouse receives many injuries.

In the period of the growing moon, they come out with a lit candle in the morning dawn, turn to face the rising star, and pronounce the words of the conspiracy to defend.

Yarilo, the sun is red, put a fiery, protective wall around me, which cannot be pierced by any kind of witchcraft. Protect your son (name) from any witchcraft now and forever and ever and ever.

After the earth is illuminated by the rays, the light is extinguished with fingers, and the candle is hidden at home. On the first full moon, the rest of the candle is thrown into the trash. For several weeks, the subject absorbed all the negative energy directed at the family.

Poppy — is an ancient amulet, which is often used to protect against love curses. In order for the product to acquire maximum energy, magicians advise to consecrate it in the church. On any day of the week, at sunrise, they go out into the fresh air (to the street, to the balcony) and read a conspiracy over it to protect it from witchcraft.

I sow, sow, sow. So be it and only. Who does not like, let him collect this poppy. Nobody will take away these grains, and will not bring damage on the son (the daughter). Amen (three times).

Then pour the product in the corners and crevices of the house. The rite starts from the front door and gradually moves through the rooms. The last should be a balcony and windows. The product will help remove the evil eye from the person and will become a reliable barrier from evil.

Financial well-being is always under the keen gaze of envious. When you exchange an apartment or house, you can lose everything if you don’t worry about a safe shield in advance. It is important to correctly follow the instructions and not to engage in amateur activities.

Protective conspiracy to protect property has long been used by our ancestors. In ancient times there were no alarms and security companies, so I had to look for ways from theft and fraud. Simple and powerful rituals are safe for the family, but instantly hit the aggressor.

To prevent a criminal from entering the house, icons must be placed in the dwelling:

  • guardian angel;
  • Virgin;
  • The Trinity;
  • Jesus Christ.

Regularly light candles before the images and ask for getting rid of theft. Before reading the prayers, it is recommended to clear thoughts of negativity and fears, and only then to pronounce the words of the request.

Are you going on a long trip or to work? On the day of departure before the threshold, cast a spell three times that will help protect the house in your absence.

Warrior John the Blessed, guarding his angelic around my dwelling place. At the gate, windows and doors. All those who live in the house and the house itself are protected and protected from evil. Amen.

If you need to find a thief, our ancestors used a plot on a knife. You will need a church wax candle and an item with a blunt blade. They light a fire, take a kitchen attribute into their hands. Cut through the flames, each time uttering a conspiracy.

Someone who took someone else in his hands, who took mine from the house, quickly bring it back, or with this knife, like a butcher’s ax, is hacked up, spattered, and you will be tormented!

Manipulations are carried out until the candle burns. After the ritual, the weapon is hidden under the pillow. On this night, you need to sleep separately, so that no one interferes. It is still forbidden to talk until the morning. If they do not know who the thief is, then the rite will allow to see the criminal in a dream. If a fraudster is known, then during actions they use his photo or before reading they concentrate on the name, the image.

At all times, used magic plots that allowed to protect a person from the negative energy impact. Our recommendations will help to pick up prayers and charms for children and adults, and also protect property from encroachment.

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