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Psoriasis conspiracy will help fight disease

Psoriasis is a very unpleasant skin disease that is very difficult to treat. That is why many are interested in the question of whether it is possible to cope with this disease with the help of magic.

Despite the fact that the treatment of psoriasis proved the effectiveness of many magical rites, one should not abandon the traditional methods of treatment. It is better to combine them, because to get a positive result, all means are good.

Psoriasis conspiracy will help fight disease

Magical rites from psoriasis

Any conspiracy against psoriasis is designed to help the body uncover additional reserves to help cope with the disease. Of course, it is more difficult to cure the disease in the advanced stage. This will require a lot of energy and strength.

How quickly you manage to cope with the disease depends directly on the performer of the ceremony. If you do not consider yourself a person with a strong natural energy, it is better to seek the help of a professional magician.

Rosehip ritual

For self-conducting the most appropriate option is the ritual with rosehip.

This ritual is carried out in the phase of decreasing moon and requires careful preparation.

In the ritual, it is desirable to use fresh rosehips, but if there are none, it is allowed to use dried fruits.

In addition, you must first prepare:

  • Alcohol tincture of mountain ash, you can buy it at the pharmacy;
  • A piece of natural unpainted linen fabric;
  • Church candle;
  • Matches

A ritual is held all alone, in a separate room, in the late evening. On the table you need to install and light a candle, as well as lay out all the cooked things.

Psoriasis conspiracy will help fight disease

Above the flame of a candle should carry a few berries of wild rose, so that they warmed slightly. They need to be applied alternately to all damaged places on the body, and then folded in a rowan tincture.

After this, the following conspiracy words are spoken out seven times:

After that, all sore spots are wiped with linen cloth, which then needs to be burned in a candle flame.

At the end of the ceremony you should immediately go to bed, undressed naked. In the morning, when you wake up, you should immediately wash the sore spots with running water, and only after that you can do your usual morning hygiene procedures.

After that, you should get rid of ashberry tincture, which absorbed the energy of the disease. To do this, you need to close the jar tightly and take it out to the street, where you will bury it in a deserted place on the north side of your home.

Above it is necessary to put a stone.

One should not expect that after such a ritual, traces of psoriasis will disappear instantly, but the treatment of the disease will go much faster.

Speech Healing Mixture

Psoriasis conspiracy for a special healing mixture is considered to be very effective. Such a rite helps to remove the clinical manifestations of the disease in twelve days.

To prepare the mixture should be used:

  • 40 g butter;
  • One fresh chicken egg;
  • Two hundred milliliters of vinegar essence.

All ingredients must be thoroughly mixed and spoken with these words:

Healing conspiracy should be stored in the refrigerator, they need to lubricate the affected places for twelve days every three hours.

Psoriasis conspiracy will help fight disease

Pure Thursday Plot

If you have not been able to defeat psoriasis for a long time, despite all the efforts being made, then it is recommended to hold a special ceremony on pure Thursday.

On this day, you need to go to the bath, and while you will be steaming, constantly pronounce these words:

Very often, psoriasis occurs on the background of nervous disorders. Therefore, it is very important for attending church to get peace of mind and to pray, to put candles for your own health.

An effective way to get rid of any disease is sincere prayers. And, of course, the most effective is the prayer “Our Father”, which must be read in the mornings and evenings.

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