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Separation plot

Separation plot is often not only a negative sorcery effect aimed at breaking the marriage union, but also helping those who want to get rid of unwanted relationships. Used rituals and wives and husbands.

Before you begin witchcraft, assess your strength and, if you are confident in your own abilities, try to separate the two people with the help of magic.

When resorted to plots for separation?

Separation plots can be used in several situations:

  • If you need to separate the beloved from his girlfriend or wife.
  • If you need to leave the hated spouse (spouse).
  • When the relationship is exhausted, but it is very difficult to break them.
  • If between you and your loved one is separated.
  • To embroil friends, remove the bad company from the child’s life.
  • If you need to stop communicating business partners or employees.

Separation plotAll these reasons for using magic can be quite justified. But it is important to remember that this is not a love spell, but a conspiracy to separate.

Actions of the ceremony will be directed to ensure that the man (woman) left his partner.

To guarantee that the object of desire immediately comes to you, no one can. If you set a goal not only to separate the lovers, but also to pull loved one to yourself, you may have to use a spell.

Remember that before you begin to conduct a sorcery ritual, you need to clearly define for yourself what result you need, and what do you expect from the ceremony. Be confident in your abilities, and only then you will succeed.

How to embroil two people?

Separation plotIn order to turn away from each other people who are not in a church marriage, you can use simple rituals. Such couples are less protected from magical influence than those who were married in the temple.

Therefore, you can use the safe rites, which can even hold a novice.

Plot using wind power

The effect of this rite directly depends on how much you want to achieve the desired. In order to increase the effect of the rite, perform it on the decreasing moon.

This will provoke the early extinction of feelings between the victims.

Exit to the wasteland, to the shore of the reservoir (to the square where there is a powerful wind), face the air flow and whisper the text:

The mountains are high, the rivers are deep, the forests are dry, the dogs are angry. It would be so high and far, so the evil and evil of the servant of God (the name of the woman) with the servant of God (the name of the man) quarreled for ever and ever, and they parted. They cannot help, they cannot be reconciled, they cannot be brought together, not married: neither today nor tomorrow, and never!

My business is my word. Neither save nor dissuade.


Separating by such a rite is possible not only for people who are in love relationships, but also for friends, employees, partners. Most often, the effect of the ritual begins to manifest itself in 10-15 days.

Rite of separation with salt

Separation plotSuch a product as salt is used in most ceremonies aimed at breaking relations (any). These conspiracies are very effective.

The duration of the effect depends on the strength of the sorcerer and on the magnitude of his desire to separate people.

To perform this ritual for the separation of lovers, preferably on a decreasing moon. He will help in eliminating rival.

Spread on the table a small piece of thick coarse cloth and pour a little salt on it. Whisper over her:

White salt, salt flowing, Help (name) to stop loving (name), Let them not live together in peace and harmony, Let quarrels settle in relations, Let separation become their companion. Amen!

As soon as the text is said 3 times, leave the product lying on the cloth for 10 hours. It is best to shift the bundle on the window sill. In the morning, as soon as possible, take the conspiracy product under the girl’s door and scatter it there, repeating the text:

I don’t sprinkle the threshold of a divorce with white salt, but with a strong separation, Helping a servant of God (the name of a guy) to help you fall in love with God. Amen!

Also say this prayer 3 times and return to the house. The effect of rituals with salt appears instantly, so it’s not long to wait for a break.

A strong conspiracy to separate married people

In order to dissolve victims who are legally married, you will need more powerful magic. Especially if these victims were censured in the church.

Their marriage is sealed in Heaven, and it will not be easy to destroy it.

Therefore, if you decide that you are ready for such witchcraft, you can use one of these very strong conspiracies to separate the spouses.

Plot on the dough

To perform witchcraft ritual, the witch should knead the dough herself. For its preparation it is important to apply only 3 ingredients:

Add to female doll cat fur, and to man’s doggy. Be sure to give the dolls names (people who need to breed).

Take them to the room in which there are the least of people and put them in different corners. Every day, for 40 days, perform one action — each doll whisper the words:

(Name of man) and (name of woman)!
Together you will not be, do not live,
Bread together do not eat,
Children do not swing together. Amen.

After the ceremony is completed, the pupae should either be buried on different banks of the reservoir, or left in different wastelands. To make the ritual more effective, there is a trick. In the dolls themselves, you can add:

  • land from a cemetery, a place with negative energy, a crossroads;
  • broken glass;
  • nails, hair, skin of victims.

How to separate lovers forever?

Separation plotIn order to permanently dissolve the fate of a couple who is legally married, another very strong ritual is used. It is carried out only on the full moon.

This is the right time, as this luminary will be able to charge you with the necessary amount of energy to commit a conspiracy. Exit to the wasteland at full moon and say loudly:

I will enter the courtyard wide, go into the house high, I will write down (name) cool great. I am leaving you a good fellow (name) and a girl (name).

So that he did not come across her eyes day or night, nor in the evening or in the morning. So that she is in peace, he is out of peace, she is outside, he is in the house.

She will be no more terrible to him than a terrible beast, a treacherous swamp toad. And in whatever dress she would not be, even if kept in color, he would not be able to demolish it, he would be angry, he would hate, they would not see good things, they would forget about happiness.

No matter how good she is, whatever good she does, he will see everything as a passion and evil. Do not come to you together, do not happen, the good of love and affection you do not know.

My word is true, the will is strong, as I said, it will come true.

After performing the ritual, leave the wasteland, without turning around, and do not speak on the way home. Only then will the conspiracy act apart.

To spouses live like a cat with a dog

To separate the spouses, use this old and proven rite. It is used quite often to destroy even very strong alliances. At night, at the full moon, stand by the open window and say:

The old marsh, black forest, on the wet grass, on the sharp ant, was a gray, old wolf, and the dog behind her was angry, and the cat behind it was sick. All of them stopped at once in one place, but they were bound in a ball.

Wool flew with them, and I watched that fight. So that you and the servant of God (the name of a man) and you servant of God (the name of a woman), so twist together, so the wool to tear each other and also fight. So that you loved each other, like a wolf dog, and a dog cat.

Key. Castle.

Tongue. Amen».

How to eliminate a mistress?

Separation plot is often used by wives, for whom it is important to get a man back or simply turn him away from his mistress.

One of the most common ways to separate a spouse from a rival is a ceremony using a photo. Choose a fresh picture of the victims, otherwise the plot will act very weakly or will not work at all. For the ritual, arm yourself with these attributes:

I do not cut the picture, but I share the life of God’s slaves (the name of the beloved and the rival), So that the servant of God (the name of her husband) would stop loving the servant of God (the name of the mistress), To know her happiness, just be sad and sad, Let him not live together, let him all they do not go well!

After that, take the part where the opponent is depicted, slowly bring it to the flame of the candle, set it on fire and place it in the prepared container. Let it burn completely. Wait for this moment and, having blown off the formed ash, say:

Blowing all the love of a servant of God (the name of her husband) to the servant of God (the name of a rival)! Helping them out loving each other!

That half of the picture, where the man is depicted, leave and each day say the text above it:

My beloved husband, remember my wife, Come back to me, to the family!

Happiness and well-being awaits us, Love and tranquility, to be together with us always.


The ritual will work very soon. Usually within 1 month the beloved leaves his mistress.

Until then, until this happens, repeat the plot on his part of the photo daily.

How to get rid of the unloved spouse?

Such ceremonies are used by wives who want to disperse from their husbands, but, due to certain circumstances, cannot do this without outside help and magical interference.

Separation on the cross

For the ritual you need these attributes:

  • knife with a black handle;
  • tank filled with water.

As the devil runs from the cross of the saint, but from the Orthodox church, so let the servant of God (name) run from the porch of his native, but from me, the slaves of God (name). My will is strong, the word is true, but it’s a matter of mode.

A servant of God (name) will walk away from me, a servant of God (name) on all four sides, and will not look back. May it come true that is said.

Amen. Amen.


Next, the liquid is used for cooking (best of all, if it is the first dish).

They need to feed her husband. Make sure that this dish is eaten only by him, and as much as possible.

After 7-10 days, the spouse will decide that it is time for you to break off the relationship.

Photo sharing

Separation plotThere is another common rite of separation using a picture — this time the magical effect is on you and your spouse. Take a photo in which you are depicted side by side and tear it into 2 parts.

This should be done with all the hatred that you have accumulated. Continue to break the photo until he has many shreds left. Put them in a saucer, set on fire and say:

That burned your good relationship, and you ran away.

When the photo is burning down, throw the ashes out of the window and say:

As the ashes scattered, so you from each other forever scattered and fled.

Separation plot — salvation from spouse

Separation plotMen also use conspiracies to destroy marriage. This happens much less frequently, but there are special rituals that help husbands get rid of the hated wives.

For conspiracy the spouse needs to be armed with black and white sheets of paper. First, take a black sheet and write your names on it. Now say the text out loud:

As I do not need yesterday’s snow, I don’t need dry grass, as a slanting wife, hro, stupid, I don’t need to be dear, so I, the servant of God (name), will not be needed by God’s servant (name) day or night in the evening, neither in the morning, nor today, nor tomorrow and never. Turn away (name )’s wife, turn away, and turn to the other groom.

That said, it will come true. Key, lock, tongue.


Now the paper is torn into small pieces and burned to the ground. When the ashes are dispelled, take a white sheet and put on it all your hopes, dreams and desires. Describe your future wife and your future life.

Fold the white sheet 4 times and securely hide it. After the ritual, your spouse will disappear from your life, and your roads will no longer intersect.

Any, even the most powerful conspiracy can not work, if you really do not want this. Therefore, before resorting to the help of magic, weigh all the pros and cons, assess your own capabilities and, only after that, take up witchcraft.

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