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Spell on angel

Many people make a lot of efforts to find a ritual that will allow them to call an angel and ask for his protection. Every inhabitant of the planet at least once, but tried to summon his own angel. The only problem is that not everyone knows all the details of such rituals. The spell on the angel allows not only to bring his request to the messenger of God, but also correctly ask him for help.

Spell on angel

In the most difficult periods of life, a person asks for help from a higher power. But they are not always able to help. Quite often there are situations when a person reads prayers, but they do not bring absolutely no result. Or he goes to the temple, but does not find peace and satisfaction in it. It is at such moments that people use the spell to summon an angel.

You have to understand one very important thing; the guardian should be contacted not only during times of life. If you read prayers to the guardian angel every day, you will notice that your life has improved markedly. He will always be present in your life, and help solve the most difficult tasks.

In order to carry out the call of the messenger of God, you need to set yourself up correctly. First of all, you need to clear your thoughts of negativity and try to think only about the good. The ritual is performed independently at home. Only you have to be alone at home. It will be better if no one knows about your intentions. Never ask your guardian to take revenge on your enemies, because he is not capable of such actions. His power is only aimed at protecting you from the negative and directing you to the true path in life.

Prayer should be read more than once. It works best during those moments when you send all your energy to this challenge. Read the magic words until you see the otherworldly energy in front of you. Her appearance means that your words were heard and the object appeared.

If you have a lot of questions in your life, the angel will answer them. Spell to call the angel should not be read at home, and being in nature. Choose a place in which you will be comfortable, and you can completely relax. Sometimes the performer of the ceremony can take pets with them. They help to concentrate and achieve the desired result. After you have taken the animal in your arms, do breathing exercises. They help direct the energy in the right direction and achieve the desired result.

You only need to ask one question. Best of all, if you think out in advance what life moment you are most interested in. It is necessary to formulate it correctly, so that there are no double meanings. Otherwise, the angel simply will not be able to answer you specifically. If you find it difficult to mentally think through all the subtleties of a question, you can pre-write it on paper. After the keeper appears to you, you can read the cherished words.

It is believed that in a short period of time the performer begins to see certain signs sent by the angel, which allow them to find the answer to the asked question. Pay special attention to the signs and try to interpret them correctly, because you simply will not have another chance for them.

The method is known for being quite simple. But despite this, his strength is great and he always brings a positive result. With it you can call any angel. Here only the performer must think out in advance exactly who he wants to see in front of him. On paper, indicate the name of the messenger of God, and what you wish to achieve from him. It is possible that the performer may be concerned about any question or he wants to make a wish. Ignite the paper from the church candle, and the ashes must be dispelled to the wind. This is a necessity and it is strictly prohibited to violate it.

Now look out the window and read the cherished magic words:

“I ask my angel (name) to hear my words and dwell in me. I, the servant of God (name), ask my guardian of the same name to come to my aid and answer my most exciting questions. As soon as you come to me, it will immediately feel warm and comfortable in your soul. I call upon you, and only I ask you to help the servant of God (name). I am a believer who constantly reads prayers. You just have to hear my call and come to him. I read the cherished words and send you on my way to my house. No one else can help you. May the Lord guide you and give you a helping hand to help the worldly people. We his children need the power of heaven. Hear my words, and try to fulfill them. Amen».

In no case do not need to extinguish the candle. She will become the luminary in your house and will light the way to the Messenger of God. The result will become apparent within a few days. It is important that you do not miss the signs and interpret them correctly. Be attentive and use the gifts of heaven sent to you.

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