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Spell on money and wealth

Material benefits have interested people at all times, therefore it is not surprising that a person’s desire to improve his financial situation by any means possible. Not everything, as you know, can be bought for money, but, nevertheless, their absence is a rather unpleasant thing. Those who are tired of poverty or just want to become a little richer, it makes sense to turn to the rituals of white or black magic, among which you can choose the right spell for money and wealth.

Spell on money and wealth

Money rituals include magic spells to attract money, accompanied by certain actions. Similar rituals exist in the culture of different nations. Fans of magic known black spells on the money of the ancient Sumerians and Slavic plots and prayers for wealth. The magic of money with its spells and modern magicians and healers were not spared, among which are the famous Bulgarian prophetess Vanguas and the famous Siberian healer Natalia Ivanovna Stepanova.

It is worth noting that the most powerful spells for money are in the «maintenance» of black magic, with which it is quite dangerous to «contact». Black magic is terrible negative consequences that can overtake not only the «instigator» of the ritual, but also his blood relatives, up to the seventh generation. The fact is that the rites of black magic involve turning to dark forces, sacrifices, working with human biological material and various “manipulations” in the cemetery. All these things are dangerous in that the person who produced them can be severely punished for his actions, receiving a so-called return, which is able to negatively affect almost all spheres of his life.

As for the spells for money magic white, they are also quite powerful and fast. In contrast to the rituals of black magic, such effects are not so dangerous and quite accessible. The popularity of white spells for gaining money lies in the fact that many of them can be done at home. Those who plan to independently conduct a ritual aimed at attracting money, winning, financial prosperity, good luck, attracting a rich fiancé should know that:

  1. Such magical rituals are usually performed on the growing moon or on the new moon. This rule is explained by the fact that these lunar periods contribute to bringing into life something, be it money, love or success.
  2. The time of the ceremony can be any. Usually it is clearly specified in the instructions for the ritual.
  3. Reading a spell for money, you need to pronounce the words clearly, quickly, without hesitation, as if «breathing.» Do not read the spell on a piece of paper — learn it by heart.
  4. Even the strongest rituals do not always work flawlessly. Therefore, in order to achieve the most positive result you should not deviate from the instructions for the ceremony, if this is not justified by the circumstances.
  5. And the last thing: in order for the spell on wealth to work, unconditionally believe in your own strength and that everything will work out for you.

The strongest magic conspiracies for money are connected with the growing Moon. This applies to rituals, both white and black magic. The talismans created and spoken during the period of lunar growth work perfectly. Therefore, if you want to earn more money, find luck in business, find new sources of income, in a word, attract cash flow to your wallet, wait for the growth of the “night star” and make a special money talisman.

To create your own money amulet you need a candle of white or green color, and a coin of any value. The green color of the candle was not chosen by chance — it attracts money and wealth. The white candle is universal and can be used in rituals of any direction. Now you have to choose a coin, which will later become your talisman. It is very simple to make: collect all the coins that are in the house and choose the one that you like best.

When all the «ingredients» are collected, you can proceed directly to the ritual itself. To hold it, select a day when no one can disturb you. Conduct the rite at night after twelve hours. In the room in which the “action” will take place, all the windows must be shuttered and the doors must be closed.

Turn off the electricity, light a candle and place it on the table. Sit yourself at the table and pick up the coin of your choice. Then you need to bring the coin to the candle and, looking directly at the «coin», read a strong spell for money:

“In the more often forest pine stands alone, under that pine hole there is a deep hole. In the hole, the monster sits, protects gold coins. At night, dark in the forest I will go, I will find a deep hole in the more often forest one. Miraculously, I will say the cherished words, I will ask the conspiratorial coin from him. From now on, that coin in my purse is lying, wealth to my house to attract. Amen».

Next, put a coin on a saucer and attach a burning candle directly to it. Leave everything on the table as it is and go relax.

The next morning, gently clean the money from the candle wax and immediately put in your wallet in a secret place. You can not spend a magic coin — it should always be in your wallet. There, it will help you get cash and reduce your expenses. Candle wax collected by you after the ritual, you need to bring to the street and bury under a young tree.

In the case of financial difficulties in the family or the desire to earn more, you can use the magic of the new moon. This period is great for new beginnings and profit plots. Increase the «cash flow» will help the ritual, which is carried out on the night of the new moon. For it, you will need a banknote of any value.

Before you get down to business, take a shower and get dressed in all clean. At midnight, you will need to go out and find a deserted intersection of four roads. Next, it is necessary to become in its center, pick up a banknote and, looking into the sky, say:

“I bow to you, the Month born to you, accept the gift I brought. Make it so that from year to year there is no money in my house. Amen».

Then put a banknote on the ground and quickly go home without looking around and talking to no one. At home, take off all your clothes, take a shower and go to bed.

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