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Strong plots and prayers for weight loss

Sometimes, in order to lose weight, a person lacks willpower. In such cases, the only way out is conspiracies and prayers for weight loss. Their efficiency and effectiveness has been proven by more than a dozen girls who could not believe in themselves and radically change their lives before applying prayer. The worst thing is that many people who are aware of their problem simply cannot step over themselves and “leave the comfort zone” for the sake of better health.

Strong plots and prayers for weight loss

In addition, in the case of excess weight, it is not only about appearance, but also about one of the deadly sins. Gluttony is one of the most common and dangerous carnal habits. Excessive weight leads to the fact that the human body ceases to function properly, fails. At such moments, involuntarily you begin to sort out in your head strong conspiracies and prayers for speedy weight loss.

Prayers and plots for weight loss can not only help to normalize your weight, but also contribute to the normalization of metabolism, the endocrine system, the functioning of the heart, the elimination of shortness of breath. The sooner you start to struggle with excess weight, the faster you will get results. Do not be afraid to look into the eyes of the problem, because below are the best and most powerful conspiracies.

Before embarking on a magical procedure, you must carefully prepare for this. Any new experience is always scary, however, having understood the details, you will understand that there is nothing terrible for you. In order for the plots for weight loss to work, you need to perform several basic actions.

  1. Believe in yourself with maximum power. Remember that only you can help solve the problem. You are the most important friend and ally to yourself. Read the prayers, putting in their soul and energy.
  2. Believe in a positive result. This factor is equally important. Try to perform rituals only with a good attitude and pure thoughts.
  3. Do not share your plans with anyone. Magic prefers to remain «in the shade.»

In this case, even modern medicine will agree with magic. Experts claim that weight gain is completely dependent on external stimuli and stress. In a relaxed state, it is easier for a person to dump “stocks”, and also to keep fit in a realistic manner. In order to get rid of the negative, the researchers recommend practicing the reading of prayer, meditation. The more relaxed the body, the easier it is to adjust it to the desired “wave”.

The most common opinion among people is that the Lord does not pay attention to requests for weight loss. However, this is not true. As the ministers of the church assure, whatever a person’s request would be, if it is truly pure and desirable, God will respond to it. For each individual personality, the scale of the problem can reach a size unseen by another person. The priests note that conspiracies and prayers set the person in the right way, enriching him with calmness and self-confidence. This period is ideal for weight loss.

Do not forget that you must also be fully committed to fighting the problem. It is unlikely that you will achieve weight loss if, after prayer, you devour several pies and confectionery. Reading the conspiracies before and after meals, you must mentally adjust yourself to reduce your appetite and the desire to «eat enough.»

Join the fight against the bad habit, and then you will not only cleanse the body, but also rejuvenate the soul. Belief in God and in the power of thought can drastically change and heal you, restoring a cheerful and healthy spirit.

Prayers are strong fighters against any disease. Through prayers, a person who is guilty before God asks for forgiveness and cleans the soul. For this, God rewards him with help. In order to lose weight, it is important to repent before the Lord, to pray to all sins. Effective and easy prayers for weight loss are described below.

  1. A prayer before a meal for a person who knows how to see measure and limit himself. First you need to read «Our Father,» and then add: «Lord, you sent me holy food, rewarded me with a generous hand, so limit my sinful impulses to get rid of the worst gluttony.»
  2. A prayer for those who do not know how to control themselves independently: “Lord, holy, loved, bright, pure, thank you for your gifts, thank you for your help, thank you for your great care. Please, Lord, teach me to taste your gifts to a minimum, teach to appreciate every crumb, teach to appreciate the little, cleanse the soul from sin. «
  3. Prayer, which must be read after each meal: “Holy God, bless me for successful weight loss, bless my painful zeal. I, the servant of God (name), am tired of enduring physical torment, I want to give my life to spiritual and pure knowledge. Thank you for your generosity, come to the rescue, help. Amen».
  4. For those who are disappointed in themselves and do not believe in their own strength: “Holy Jesus Christ, I have spent all my strength, I don’t want to see my body anymore, I leave my mind in my form. I ask you to teach me the body to be considered holy by the temple, and to stop filling it with harmful food. Let me live in peace and not burden. Amen».
  5. For those who eat during times of stress or difficulties in life: “Lord, I ask you to give me clarity of mind and the power of thinking. I, the servant of God (name), cannot understand when I am hungry and when I am disappointed. Teach me to live and love the world differently. I ask you to strengthen my strength and reward with the grace of the Lord for losing weight. Amen».
  6. For those who first read prayers for the accomplishment of the desired: “Lord, forgive me the Slave of God (your name) for having never addressed you with a request. Throughout my life, I felt your presence in me, but I was afraid to contact you. Lord, You are my only support and support, love and value. Please help me to love life again. Excess weight overcame my everyday life, I can not think about the good, while I am surrounded by extra pounds. Lord, I ask you with all my heart, help me learn to control myself and my desires. I will do everything for you. Amen».
  7. For those who are addicted to the process of “chewing”: “Lord, the Holy One, Jesus Christ, let me touch your love, let me complain about mistakes. I ask you to forgive me for all my sins, I ask you to help me lose weight so that the enemy of the worst can be overcome with gluttony. I want to be a reflection of yours: the same pure and holy. I don’t want to chew anymore, please believe, because only I love you. ”
  8. A prayer that is suitable for any person: “Lord, teach me to consider my body to be my friend, and those extra pounds — the worst enemy. Deliver my pure friendship from the enemy of the hated. Teach you to cast out the enemy unclean. I ask you to give me clarity of mind, because I cannot continue to live like this. Amen».

For quick weight loss, you need to combine the reading of prayers with lifestyle changes. Let you do it gradually, but confidently. Introduce therapeutic fasting, observe Lent, cleanse the body with water. Prayers can help those who are sincere in their motives.

Conspiracies can also be effective in order to heal the body and lose weight. Their similarity with prayers in repeated repetition and subconscious strong desire. All the “work” takes place at the deepest intuitive level. When reading, you must follow some recommendations:

  • read them in a whisper;
  • believe in the power of spoken words;
  • read the plots in the morning on an empty stomach — it is better if you go out into the field or to the source with water;
  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday are considered the best days for conspiracies;
  • There will be no conspiracy effect if you have previously used them to harm a person.

The most common and easy to perform conspiracy consider in more detail.

  1. On the water. Wait for the waning moon, take a basin of water and start talking to her: “Holy Lord, I ask you to bless pure water, to release me from your kilos. Let the pigs be fat, and I’m a fluff easy. My fat is my enemy, my misfortune and punishment. Let it go away from my mind. Amen (three times). » Weight loss will occur rapidly, but you should not tell anyone your true secret.
  2. For fast and extreme weight loss. Read “Our Father” three times at midnight, then sit near the window and start stroking the most problematic places, saying: “Everything that I touch, let it quickly go, everything that I desire in dreams, I come.” Repeat this 7 times. Continue the ritual throughout the week.
  3. To lose weight with minimal restrictions on food. The plot is read on certain days. If a man gets rid of excess weight, then his days will be Monday, Tuesday, and if a woman is Wednesday, Saturday. After waiting for the late evening and the waning moon, start reading: “Let the gluttonous pacifier be pacified, his appetite will be put to sleep, and a new person will be born from it. Let your thoughts be only light, and your body is skinny. Let in the thoughts of food will not be, and in the head only pure thoughts will be. Help health fill, willpower filled. Amen (thrice). «
  4. A conspiracy from Vanga in order to strengthen willpower and spiritual strength. Before the beginning of the conspiracy, you need to read the prayer “Our Father,” and then clench your fists, stand in front of the window, look at the moon and read: “Lord, save me from long suffering, from emotional emotions. Stay no longer strength, please, hear my request. By force of will, please reward me to get a valuable lesson. I want to get rid of extra kilos, I want to like people around me. Your will is my will, your word is my word. I ask you to understand me and strength of spirit to give me again. Amen (thrice). «
  5. Conspiracy stopping excessive appetite. Choose the foods that make you want to eat. They need to be placed late at night near the icon next to the candle. Looking at the icon and the burning candle, read “Our Father” 3 times. In the morning, light up 3 more candles and start talking: “I want to talk about food, the desire of your servant of God (your name) to discourage. Let the food be a necessity, not a great desire. I ask you to turn the product into nectar and eliminate the fat from the body. I don’t want to see more of my enemies, forever eliminating gluttony. I turn away from food myself, I eliminate desire. I do not think about overeating any more, I eat only a small fraction. Amen (thrice). «

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