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The ancient spells will help to achieve the desired

A variety of ancient spells were used by our ancestors to achieve many goals. Many texts were written in Latin, but unfortunately, many of them have not been preserved until our time. To date, the sorcerers use mostly adapted translation of ancient spells when conducting a variety of rites.

We have all heard of the ancient spells of witches, of ancient books in which these conspiracies are contained, but most of us are not personally acquainted with such sacred texts. Unfortunately, not many spells of white and black magic have reached our days. Nevertheless, every magician must familiarize themselves with them.

For example, if you want to put reliable protection against any negative impact (from enemies, from property damage, negative programs), use such a ritual without fail. It was used by our ancestors, the Slavs.

You need to take two wax candles, some food, wine. If you have an ornament that you constantly wear on yourself, then take it. It is desirable that this was not a cross, since it is impossible to regard it as a usual decoration, because it is an important symbol of religious culture.

Place in front of you the attributes that you will use during the ritual (wine, decoration, food). To the right and left of these things, place a wax candle. After that, say three times:

Please protect my house. My body and my cause to protect against the misfortunes of those who oppose me, from those who wish evil, from whom I suffer without guilt. Protect me. Amen.

After the plot is pronounced, it is necessary to eat the prepared dish, to drink wine. If you used jewelry, then you need to wear it on yourself and no longer take off. It is believed that such a spell lasts at least a year. Therefore, during this time you can not worry about the fact that someone will be able to cause you damage.

Among the total number of love plots and love spells that are known today, it is very difficult to choose the one that will be really effective and which will be impossible to remove.

However, if you want to permanently bind to yourself absolutely any man, you can use the old plots and spells. In this case, you need to prepare a large wax candle. No further attributes required.

An important condition: such a conspiracy will only work if the man does not have a spouse, the beloved, he is absolutely alone. If you try to destroy the happiness of another woman, the spirits will refuse to help you.

A ceremony is held only on the growing moon, between two and three o’clock in the morning. Close all windows and doors in the room where the ceremony is held. It is desirable that in the house you were alone. No one should disturb you.

Light a candle, start peering into the flame. Imagine that you and your beloved are happy together, burn in this flame of love and passion. When you feel that your heart is filled with warmth and love, say these words three times:

Spirits of light, come to me, help. Warm heart (man’s name) with warmth, burn with my love. Let it be heated in a hot flame, its icy heart will melt, feelings for me in its heart will flash. Bring me (man’s name) on the threshold. Do not extinguish, spirits, the fire I lit. After all, I love him with all my heart. She did not encroach on someone else’s husband, didn’t take away someone else’s fiancé. I light the fire for the sake of the beloved, the one who was sent to me by fate. From now on, he will be with me and I will do everything to make him happy.

It is believed that this is really a very strong conspiracy, and you will see its action in a couple of days.

The question of how to attract wealth to the family has been relevant in all ages. In ancient times, people tried to resort to witchcraft in order to get rich as soon as possible and to attract cash flows into their home. Ancient books of spells keep such an ancient rite.

Before the ritual, you must fast for 9 days: you can not eat meat, drink alcohol, any sweets, indulge in love pleasures, even have fun. You must behave humbly, be calm, balanced and come to harmony with yourself.

On the day when the ritual will be held, it is necessary to clean the room well in the morning. Important: do not just do a wet cleaning, but get rid of all the things you don’t need. Trash must be thrown away.

After the general cleaning, take a bath, a douche in order to not only cheer up, but also completely get rid of the energy that has been accumulated on you.

In addition, you should bring yourself into the proper form. Dissolve the hair, remove any jewelry (rings, earrings, crosses, and so on), blow out. In the room where you will conduct the ritual, open the wide open all windows. You need to prepare:

  • green dense thread longer than 1 meter;
  • cloves (spice) 9 pieces;
  • green wax candle;
  • white piece of cloth;
  • matches

The work surface is covered with white cloth. Light a candle and mentally divide it exactly into 9 parts. From the very beginning, as soon as you settle down behind your workplace, begin to imagine that money has come to your home, you are already rich and happy, you do not need anything. Think about how money flows into your hands.

Take 9 buds of carnations and tie them to a thread. Make sure that the distance between each two bars is at least 10 centimeters. By doing this, say:

She tied a thread on 9 knots, tied wealth and money to herself. That is my will, so be it.

Thread is necessary to tie the candle. Make each bud of a carnation be located on one of 9 pieces of a candle. Begin to peer into the flame, imagine that wealth goes into your hands.

A ritual is held for 9 days, without a break. For each day should burn one piece of the candle. No one can talk about the conduct of this ritual. Otherwise it will not work.

An ancient spell in Latin will help stop the bleeding

In ancient times, people often used healing spells. Nowadays, another spell is known, which was used in the 10th century. Used it in the event that it was necessary to stop the wounded man bleeding. In Latin spell sounds like this:

Christus et sanctus Johannes ambelans ad flumen Jordane, dixit Christus ad sancto Johanne ‘restans flumen Jordane’. Commode restans flumen Jordane: sic restet vena ista in homine isto.

Translated into Russian, the spell looks like this:

When Christ and St. John entered the Jordan, Jesus said to St. John: «The river Jordan rose.» As the Jordan River rose, let this man’s blood stop.

Ancient spells — this is a very strong witchcraft, which is desirable to use only for good. Ancient conspiracies and prayers are suitable only for experienced sorcerers who are already familiar with what magic is and realize the power of the rituals performed.

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