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The conspiracy to obey her husband: how to read

Every woman wants her beloved husband to listen to her opinion, please her with gifts and fulfill her whims. However, people are different: capricious, hot-tempered and jealous. Family life with them is very difficult.

Fighting these words or open actions is not always effective. In this case, a conspiracy to obey her husband can help.

The conspiracy to obey her husband: how to read

The essence of the ritual

A conspiracy to obey her husband is an effective and simple way to establish harmony in family relationships. He does not require deep knowledge in esoterics.

In most cases, it is enough to hold a special ceremony and back it up with true desire.

However, it is necessary to understand that magic is not a panacea for all problems. For stable and long-term family relations, you need to constantly work on mutual understanding, feelings and mutual respect.

Only such a complex method will help achieve harmony.

In what cases spend

A conspiracy to obey is a unique magical rite, which contributes not to the suppression of another’s will, but to strengthening the bond between the spouses.

Men are leaders in their essence. They are reluctant to listen to advice, even if they do not know what to do in this situation.

The duty of a good wife is to support, prompt and direct the chosen one on the right path and at the same time not hurt his self-esteem.

The ritual should be carried out in such cases:

  1. When the relationship reigns tense.
  2. When the couple is on the verge of divorce.
  3. To cool the temperament and excitement of her husband.
  4. When the family got into a difficult situation, and the husband is too proud to ask for help.
  5. When a man is subject to outside influence (parents, friends, colleagues).
  6. When between spouses there are frequent and unreasonable quarrels and conflicts.
  7. For the return of romantic feelings in a relationship.

There are also situations when a mother spends a conspiracy for her daughter. For such a case is suitable any rite that is activated by the power of maternal love.

How does he work

The principle of operation of this magical rite is to change the information field of a married couple.

It contributes to the formation of new and strong ties, and also cuts off parasitic channels that introduce imbalance.

The main purpose of the conspiracy is to get rid of extraneous information that prevents the uniform circulation of energy.

The conspiracy to obey her husband: how to read

After him, the couple begin to listen more to each other and fulfill the wishes of the partner. The number of conflicts decreases, and mutual respect comes to their place.

Externally, the action is as follows:

  1. A man becomes attentive to his partner.
  2. He begins to be actively interested in her opinions and desires.
  3. He tries to please with small gifts or pleasant surprises.
  4. The manifestation of jealousy is reduced, and in its place comes the confidence in the partner.
  5. Opinion and the words of others cease to be more important than the opinion of his wife.
  6. Aggression and excitement are leaving.
  7. A man begins to quietly admit his mistakes.

If a woman conducts this rite out of anger or wants to completely suppress the will of her husband, then the victim has a strong deterioration in health, nightmares and nervous breakdowns.

Plot on the water

The simplest, but no less effective, rite that can be done at home is a conspiracy over water. It does not require complex preparatory actions.

Spend it on any day of the week, regardless of the lunar cycle.

Early in the morning, the wife pours clean spring water into a glass and says magic words:

“The water is pure, crystal, I speak to you with sincere and pure thoughts. I appeal my love to the power of light. Let my spouse be my (name) obedient to me.

If he wants, let him contradict others, but he listens to my word and advice. Not for evil, but for happiness and harmony, I conjure water and my beloved husband just wish you well.

So be it, but it cannot be any other way. Amen!»

After that, the wife should drink half a glass of water, and another should be offered to her husband.

It is important to ensure that the man drank everything to the last drop, otherwise the magic will not work. Also, the husband should not see or even suspect the spouse’s magical manipulation. Otherwise, the positive charge is converted to negative.

This not only does not give the desired result, but also exacerbates the existing problems.

The conspiracy to obey her husband: how to read

Plot on husband’s panties

Sexual energy has the greatest impact on a person, and especially on a man. Therefore, it can be used to her husband obeyed, respected and not jealous.

It also helps very well if the spouse began to pay much attention to other women.

They hold a ceremony on a men’s day: Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. Be sure to the growing moon.

To do this, the wife takes her husband’s underwear, puts it under the pillow, and before going to bed, mentally pronounces what he is desired and loved.

Repeat this action should be throughout the week. The next day, you need to check that the husband put on them.

Otherwise, all magical energy will lose its power and the ceremony will have to be repeated.

Plot on the moon

The moon itself is a powerful magical object. Therefore, all the rituals that take place under the influence of her energy are distinguished by exceptional strength and consistency. There will be no exception and the rite of humility spouse.

You can spend it only on Thursday at the new moon.

After sunset you need to go to an open place and turn to the Moon with the words of the request:

“As the sky cannot exist without the moon, so can the cute without me. I want him to always listen to me, to carry on his hands and appreciate me in everything.

So be it and nothing else. Amen!»

Cast a spell three times. Then the woman returns home and, through embraces, transfers the received energy to her husband.

The effect of the conspiracy will be visible after 3 — 4 days.

The uniqueness of this rite is the ability to freely formulate conspiracy words. The wife lists all the desired qualities that she wants to give her spouse.

However, be sure to take into account that all of them must be clearly marked and realistic. Otherwise, the operator risks serious magical exhaustion.

The conspiracy to obey her husband: how to read

The plot on the photo of her husband

All the magical manipulations tied to the photo, have great power. Get rid of their impact is almost impossible.

It also concerns the rite of obedience.

It is held only on Wednesday, after sunset. For maximum effect, it is better to wait for the growing moon.

For the ritual itself will need:

  • photo of the husband (he should be alone with him, without glasses and in full growth);
  • threads of black color from natural material;
  • three handkerchiefs;
  • something.

This ritual is used when a man loses the ability to think rationally due to alcoholism, drug addiction or gambling addiction.

With the onset of a suitable time, the wife closes the room and takes out the necessary things. The rite must be carried out in complete silence and without strangers. When everything is ready, the photo is pressed to the heart and speaks with the words:

“For the sake of my one and only beloved (name), I don’t feel sorry for my warmth, my life. I share all the brightest with him, turn him away from the bad. Let him hear me, let him repent of his sins.

Let it be obedient before my will. In the name of our happiness, so be it! ”

Spell words are spoken three times to themselves. Then the photo is wrapped in turn in handkerchiefs and tied with string.

The resulting bundle is put under the mattress for three days. On the fourth day after sunset, he is taken to the cemetery and left on the grave of a man with the same name as her husband.

In order to protect him and himself from negative cemetery energy, it is imperative to leave something. A small piece of raw meat, a handful of coins or a slice of stale bread will do for this.

Drink Plot

On Friday evening, the wife speaks spring water with special magic words (repeated 12 times):

“I give him water, I give him food, I’m his soul, I’m his destiny. He is submissive to my will, without me he is in captivity. My conspiracy keeps getting stronger and promises it to me.

Will the husband obey me, will he run to me. It will be as I want and I will get mine! ”

On Saturday, with the first sunshine, the wife prepares three kinds of drinks. Their husband should drink during the day.

If this fails, the ritual must be repeated next Friday.

An important rule is that no one else, especially an outsider, who is not related to anyone, should be allowed to touch the prepared drinks.

Otherwise, all their magical energy will be destroyed.

The conspiracy to obey her husband: how to read

The result of the ceremony will be visible 3 — 4 days after.

Conspiracy to sweet cake

One of the simplest is considered to be a conspiracy plot on a pie or on any other pastry. You need to bake it yourself.

The filling can be both sweet and salty (to the taste of the husband).

You need to read the spell while the cake is hot. The more it cools, the weaker the magical effect will be.

Words are selected at its discretion.

The important rule is that a man should eat as much cake as he wants. If such a desire does not arise, it means that too much negative energy has accumulated between the spouses.

Before you repeat the rite, you must clear the husband’s biofield.

Conspiracy using church incense

So that the spouses do not quarrel with each other, as well as to reduce the overall level of nervousness, they use a plot based on church incense. It is held on Sunday during daylight hours.

For the ceremony will need:

  • church incense;
  • candle;
  • shallow heat-resistant bowl;
  • Holy water.

In the center of the selected container set the candle. Pieces of church incense are laid out around it, and then water is poured into a bowl so that it completely covers them. Then the candle is set on fire and a prayer is pronounced:

“Lord God, Jesus Christ, I speak to the servant of God (name) for obedience and obedience. As people serve you, by faith and righteousness, so let my spouse serve me, let my will unquestioningly fulfill my will. Amen!»

After pronouncing the words you need to wait until the candle completely burns. The remaining stub is hidden in a secluded place.

Other conspiracies to obey her husband

In addition to the white conspiracies that the wife spends on her husband, there are others as well. Among them are rituals based on black magic, as well as ceremonies for mother-in-law.

The conspiracy to obey her husband: how to read

Blood plot

One of the strongest is considered to be a blood plot. Unlike other obedience rituals, it is based on black magic. It should be used only as a last resort and with full awareness of the consequences.

Spend it at midnight on the full moon.

For the ceremony itself will need:

  • 3 black threads;
  • caster’s blood;
  • spring water;
  • something.

Three black threads smeared with the blood of the operator. Then they are put together and tied into three knots while they are wet. After that, they pronounce the words of the plot.

Read it three times.

“My thread, do not tear, do not turn, and you, God’s servant (name), submit to me. Your will will be in my hands. Your share will be at my feet.

Even your mother is enchanted by blood, she will not interrupt you and will not lead me away. Let it be so!»

Then the threads are sewn under the shirt collar.

Since this rite is based on black magic, after its conduct, it is imperative that you clear your aura. To do this, you need to become your feet on the loosened soil and three times pour yourself with clean spring water.

Then, at the same place, bury a bailout and leave without looking back.

Unlike other binding rites, a blood plot completely suppresses the will of a man. The victim feels a strong need to be constantly with the girl, he sees her in dreams and cannot resist her will.

If these settings are at odds with his feelings, then his aura begins to collapse, and he himself becomes ill.

Plot on dirty clothes

This ritual is easy to conduct at home without arousing suspicion from her husband.

You will need dirty clothes that are worn close to the body (panties, T-shirt or socks).

The wife, erasing her by hand, in parallel puts a plot. In it, she pronounces all her wishes regarding her husband.

Then she gives him one thing each day so that he constantly goes into the conspiracy.

Teschin conspiracy

The ritual of obedience can also be carried out by the mother-in-law. In order for the son-in-law to be guaranteed to respect and obey his wife, it is necessary to cut a thin twig of a young birch and lightly strike a sleeping man with them, pronouncing the words:

“Maternal love is strong and harsh. As a mother protects her child, so you will protect your wife.

As a mother carries her child in her arms, so you will carry your wife in your arms. The word of the mother is firm and unbreakable. Amen!»

After that, the rod is buried in fertile soil.

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