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The plot on the nails ⇒ beautiful and healthy, on love, binding

Many magical rituals are carried out using parts of the body of the one to whom the intention is directed. Of course, there is no need to cut off pieces of meat or organs.

For the fortuneting of old, used nails or human hair. They possess the energy of their master, are connected with him continuously.

The plot on the nails ⇒ beautiful and healthy, on love, binding

Therefore, the magic formula, pronounced on them, directly affects his aura.

Consider: a ritual with nails can be, both light and black. The latter is not recommended to resort.

The fact is that damage caused by nails will definitely work. But both for the victim and the magician will have to answer for its disastrous consequences, eat them with a “full spoon”.

This is extremely dangerous.

Clearly, it is better to conduct light, white rites. They give both the wizard and his sacrifice only joy and happiness.

For this, a «reward» from the higher Forces is laid.

We collect nails

Many questions arise about what exactly to read the plot: on the nails located directly on the fingers, cut off during hygienic procedures or specifically for the ritual.

This, it should be noted, makes no difference. In any case, the nail (its particle) does not lose its energy connection with the object.

Therefore, the method of extracting the magic attribute is not important. The purpose of the ceremony is important.

Husband’s plot

Women almost always want to secure additional confidence that the faithful will not abandon them, will love and cherish. The magic for this is a sweet affair.

  1. First, there is no need to involve outside people in your life.
  2. Secondly, the rite will fill the beauty itself with optimism, making, therefore, more attractive.

And the husband, after the meeting, will change, he will feel a surge of tenderness.

Important! Plot on the nails spend only with the growing moon.

Avoid these rituals during any eclipse. It is not known what the consequences will be faced.

The plot on the nails ⇒ beautiful and healthy, on love, binding

The powerful energies of eclipses are beyond the mere mortals. They can bring in their intentions their ancient, frightening notes, thereby deploying events in a completely unpredictable direction.

  1. Collect the spouse’s nails with a small container.
  2. At midnight, light a church candle. Read the prayer, “Our Father,” for example.
  3. Bend it over the nails and drip wax directly on them, reading the formula. This should be done until the crop is completely covered.

“Let the Lord slave (name) with the Lord a slave (his name) be united by body and soul, Let him worship, for the caress of thanks. Let only it overcame her, no one will spoil the connection. Just as a nail with wax unites, so our (names) destinies are intertwined.

Do not break this connection! Amen!»

The next morning, the resulting lump of nail scraps with wax should be buried under a large tree. Until he rests underground, your relationship will be in danger.

It should be hidden so that no one can melt the wax and pull out the nails.

On the nails of the beloved

For this ceremony it is customary to use a nail clipping with a little finger. It is also carried out with the growing moon.

  • Place the extracted (invent your own way) magic attribute in the mortar.
  • Interpret it by repeating the words of a formula.

It is necessary to turn the nail into dust. To do this, you can use any methods.

The conspiracy words are:

“With your strong earth legs, I measure firmly. Going on this life proudly.

My legs are always with me. Hold me confidently on the ground.

So you (the name) can not get away from me.

From our love does not get out. All obstacles in the dust will erase.

Love you! As my heart flies, so your flesh melts from mine! Amen!»

The resulting dust must immediately dispel the wind. Wash the mortar and pestle and wipe dry (as well as other objects and tools used in the ritual).

The rite of submission and binding

To subdue any person for a while, even a small part of the nail is enough.

  1. For the rite cut a little from the nails of the index fingers.
  2. Wrap both pieces in the paper on which to write the name of that person.
  3. At midnight (the moon grows) burn the nail paper, saying the conspiracy words three times:

“I will obey the will of the Lord slave (name). I determine what to do and think.

I cleanse and blind with fire. I obey, I command! Amen!»

Consider: your power will not last long.

Although, there are cases that a conspiracy leads to complete dependence of the victim on the mage. But this is a rare case.

Plot on strong nails

There are completely different rites. That is, they have a completely different goal.

Not all of us affect other people. You can think a little about yourself.

For example, let’s consider how to make nails strong, not breaking. This rite is also held on the growing moon.

It is recommended to do it monthly.

The plot on the nails ⇒ beautiful and healthy, on love, binding

  1. Buy sea salt.
  2. Make a brine (saturated solution).
  3. Put your hands into it at sunset.
  4. Speak like this:

“Aphrodite came out of the foam of the sea. She looked at the water longingly.

Beauty did not want to lose. She bequeathed her to me. Sea salt nourishes the nails.

So as not to break, do not spoil, were strong. So that the problems are completely forgotten. Amen!»

On beautiful

And in order for your little ones to cause admiration, you need to learn a very simple formula. He is spoken whenever a nail is cut, polished, or another procedure.

In this case, note: with each need to talk separately. Cut, say these words ten times, for each finger.

And those on your feet do not forget.

Don’t forget: the formula works on a growing moon.

“Forest blue along the river, the devil ran light. He pounded his hooves on the stones, took out the moon with his horns.

From the cliff fell, all the claws broke. To be a devil without claws, but for me to admire the beauty of the nails. Amen!»

The plot on the nails ⇒ beautiful and healthy, on love, binding

Those who have serious problems with nails, it is recommended to read the above words whenever you do your hands. Even when you wash.

Over time, everything will change.

Even moms should pay attention to the nails of their beauties. As soon as you cut them off, read the words of the conspiracy so that the daughters do not suffer.

By the way, conspiracy does not affect extended nails (well, you know, probably)!

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