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The plot to fail ⇒ read on the photo of the enemy, how to take off with candles, salt

There are a number of rituals that are conducted only with the help of black magic. These include conspiracy to fail.

This is a program that confuses the thoughts of the victim, leads him away from the bright road. It is not recommended to be engaged in such things to kind people.

After all, you have to pay in any case.

The plot to fail ⇒ read on the photo of the enemy, how to take off with candles, salt

There are only situations in life where it simply does not work out otherwise. And the anger in the soul rages.

After all, evil is not a friend.

A conspiracy to fail is read, as a rule, on the enemy. Someone who has already got his evil deeds and negative feelings.

If you are in this situation, try to follow some precautions exactly as described below. Do not tempt fate.

Before you perform any black rite, go to church. Pray for your enemy. Forgive his soul.

Also ask the Lord forgiveness in advance for taking up his role.

Prepare thirteen coins of the same value. They should be very small. For example, ten-kopecks are fine.

They will pay for the rite.

Also note that almost all the rituals are performed deep in the night, all alone. About your witchcraft do not tell anyone, even the most trusted persons.

Do not lead your loved ones into sin.

But they themselves, once decided, do not condemn their actions. Maybe it is the Higher Forces that you are leading in this case?

Their paths, you know, are inscrutable.

How to read a conspiracy to fail

Let us touch on a few words on how to tune in to the rite. The fact that you should not have negative feelings at the time of reading the plot, has already been said.

About the secrecy of the operation mentioned.

In addition, you need to dress in dark clothes. Conduct a ritual by candlelight. At least one of them should be illuminated in the Temple.

If it does not, you will be left unprotected. Remember this.

In order not to attract failure to yourself, make everything easy and fun. If possible, of course.

To candles and other attributes used in the ceremony, touch as little as possible.

The plot to fail ⇒ read on the photo of the enemy, how to take off with candles, salt

After, take a shower. You will need to wash away the negative.

At the end of the procedure, pour a glass of holy water on your head.

And do not forget to make payment. To do this, you need to throw the prepared coins at the intersection.

How to make a photo

Now consider one of the simplest options. He is carried out with a photo of the victim.

Cook the candles. Six of them must be black.

Still need black ink, but better tar.

In addition, pull out three feathers from the pillow or featherbed. Of course, it will become stronger to act, if you succeed in pulling them out of a living bird. But, decide there yourself how you prefer.

  1. Light the candles by placing them in a row in front of the mirror.
  2. Behind them, put the photo image to the reflective surface.
  3. Extinguish the light in the room.
  4. Windows and doors firmly lock.
  5. Read the plot words.

“As in a black land, there is a non-famine and famine, so you (name) will fall into a net, wrap yourself in a tangle, make friends with the devil, live a century in need!”

Now take the photo in hand. Smear the enemy’s face with tar.

Stick feathers into it.

On each one more time, uttering the words of the plot. After the photo put on the floor in a dark place.

But so that no one has found.

To fail the enemy

On the waning moon, say after your enemy the words of conspiracy. Then spit.

Consider: the formula can be pronounced mentally or whispered, but you have to really spit.

Therefore, select the moment when it will not cause a scandal. The words read the following:

“Just as a snake does not fly, so you (name) cannot see good luck. How not to walk the fish on the ground, and you have to suffer forever, and not to know the reasons. Whoever drinks my spit will take the curse off of you (name)! ”

To fail at work

If the enemy you wound up at the place of service, then there is such a rite. You will need ash and salt.

They need to be heated in a frying pan.

Take a couple of chips, mix and throw in the pan. Mix them with wood chips, saying:

“Damn, come to the feet of the Lord slave (name), in the hands, in the head, in the mouth, in the body, in his business. There, manage, rejoice, throw at your feet. Case (name of the person) break! «

The plot to fail ⇒ read on the photo of the enemy, how to take off with candles, salt

Carefully pour the mixture into an envelope without touching it. Scatter it where the enemy walks (sits).

Not necessarily all. Little.

But do not overdo it.

Others from this rite can also be hurt. And for this demand from you will be.

The enemy must first touch the mixture. He will take the damn energy himself.

Per person

Looking into the victim’s eyes, think like this:

“I am taking away your happiness, giving my troubles. Do not be you with a victory! Amen!»

Then go away. Do not talk more with the victim on this day.

Just do not forget about the payment.

After each ceremony it is necessary to scatter the prepared coins at the intersection.

To fail in business

To kill things from competitors, buy a wooden horseshoe.

  1. At night, light the candles black.
  2. From one wax take.
  3. Rub the horseshoe, saying:

“I put down on (name of person) a heavy one. So that the money flowed past, so that the clients failed, the friends looked evil, did not want to help.

Horseshoe horned, will life humpbacked. Amen!»

He will, of course, throw it away. It will be enough if she lies there one night.

For the reverse process, that is, getting rid of induced damage, prayer is best suited. It is read with church candles.

«Lord Jesus!

Take away the evil spell from Thy servant (name). Bury them in graves.

Let not wander around the world. Let them go to hell!

Forgive the sorcerers, not sparing the shackles. Lord, forgive me! Amen!»

Before reading such a conspiracy, it is necessary to pronounce “Our Father” three times. After — the ninetieth psalm.

The plot to fail ⇒ read on the photo of the enemy, how to take off with candles, salt

And yet, if you find that you are the victim of a conspiracy to fail, then do not stop at one ritual. You may simply not have enough strength to get rid of damage.

Spend at least seven rites during the week.

How to remove with salt

Requires a church candle and glass.

Fill it with salt. Stick a candle into it. Light it and say:

“Set fire to the holy with salt, take damage. Holy power of the Lord! Enter me, get the devil by the horns!

As white salt, so my soul is pure, my way and thoughts. Amen!»

Candle must burn out completely. Put the salt in a secret place.

She will protect you.

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