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Toothache plot

A toothache plot is a very popular magical effect. Sick teeth are one of the most common health problems encountered in the modern world.

Sometimes there is no way to allocate money for treatment on the same day, when pain appeared, and painkillers do not always help.

A toothache plot for a young month

Toothache plotThis toothache plot is not done when the pain has already appeared, but to prevent it. But to get rid of the pain, he also helps, another thing is that for this you will have to wait for a new month.

Repeating the reading of the plot is necessary every month on the growing moon, and then you will forget about the problems with your teeth for a long time.

You can read in the evening or in the morning, as long as the moon is clearly visible in the sky. You need to go outside, draw a circle around the jaw clockwise with three fingers and speak:

The holy month flies on a lap, Adam’s children are watching. In those children, neither lips, nor teeth, nor bones hurt. So I would have a servant of God, neither my lips, nor my teeth, nor my bones would hurt.

Key. Castle.

Tongue. Amen.

Doing so for three days in a row

Hexing toothache

Go outside and wait until you see an old woman. You have to go to meet her on the left side and read three times:

Not by water, not by land,
A field of fragrant, but meadow clean.
An old woman to meet me
— Old-old woman, where are your teeth?
Give me your fallen,
Wolf take.
Tooth pain I speak,
A strong word, but a matter of art.
And now, and ever, and forever and ever. Amen.

You can read in a whisper, it is desirable that no one heard you. This slander helps only from pain, the teeth themselves will not become healthy again, and new ones will not grow.

Toothache Conspiracy

Toothache plotIf you have a toothache and you cannot go to the hospital, this plot will help you to calm the pain. You will still have to contact a dentist, because a simple conspiracy against pain cannot return broken teeth and get rid of caries.

It is necessary to read when a tooth aches or several at once. The plot helps very well those who often suffer from such pains.

You need to read as much as you need, until the pain passes.

As the Mother of God, people treated her teeth, but cooked herbs, so the servants of God (your name) will not hurt or rot your teeth.

Teeth sometimes hurt for other reasons, such as the evil eye or damage. Therefore, if conspiracies against pain do not help you, try other methods.

A plot of toothache on the water and the roots

You will need to dig up three strawberry roots. Put them in clean cool water and say three times:

As this strawberry withers and dries, so let the teeth of God’s servant (name) become numb and freeze. Amen.

The roots will have a little chop, but do not make powder from them. Water give a drink to those who toil for toothache.

Pieces of roots applied to the bad teeth.

Slavic toothache plot

Slavic conspiracies are addressed to the ancient pagan gods, and not to the Christian saints. At the same time, the magic of the ancestors is still strong in every Russian person.

The next conspiracy was used in antiquity to get rid of the aches and bones.

Take a small piece of bread. It is placed on a bad tooth, and if all your teeth are cracked at once or several of those that stand nearby, then a piece of bread should be appropriate. After this, the plot is read:

On the island of Buyan, in the blue of the sea,
Alatyr stone is white and combustible,
On the stone that a mature man is sitting.
Like an old man
Bones do not hurt, but teeth do not ache,
So would Dazhbozhogo grandson (name)
The teeth did not ache, but the bones did not hurt!
From now on and finish! Goy

A strong conspiracy for toothache on nettles

We need to find where the nettle grows. You only need one bush.

Nettle should not be grown by you; finding a shrub of this plant is not so difficult. It must be tied to something so that it bends to the ground, with these words:

Holy-tree, Mother nettle! The servant of God (name) has worms on his teeth, bring them out, and if you don’t bring them out, then I’ll freeze you!

And if you bring it out, then on the third day I will set it free!

On the third day, be sure to do what you promised by saying this conspiracy — go back to the place where the nettle grows and untie the bush where the words were read from toothache.

Charm for healthy teeth

Toothache plotYou need to find somewhere on the street bone, which preserved teeth. Of course, the bone must belong to the animal.

It must be brought home, cleaned of dirt and put in some dry and clean place. Where bone-charm is stored, it must be warm, you do not need to store it in the refrigerator or under furniture, where there is a lot of dust. These words are read on the bone:

Bone you, tooth bone,
protect you from the pain of the teeth
and I will deliver you from the dirt and phlegm.

Bone can also be used as a decoration if coated with varnish. Do not forget to sweep away the dust from it and store only in a place that you promised her in a conspiracy.

The bone will not act immediately, but as soon as you rid it of dirt and dry it, you will be able to forget about problems with your teeth.

Plot on strong teeth

Toothache plotFor this plot you need to bite something hard. In the past, they did that with the porch, but for a modern person it is a little wild.

Moreover, at present you can be arrested for disturbing the order, if you begin to bite buildings.

So find any hard stone.

Perhaps there is a marble statuette in your house. It makes sense to buy something solid stone or find a piece of granite on the coast. It will be your guardian, which should be kept at home or always be with you.

If you are sure that you want to bite the church porch, you can try this option.

So, bite three times (not hard) hard stone that you have chosen and say:

How strong and unbreakable is this stone, so stone and strengthen my teeth, stone hard stronger than that stone.

You can also bite the corner of your home. If you are concerned about the hygiene of this procedure, then no one forbids washing this corner.

If the house is destroyed, you will have to speak again.

Tooth rites for children

Toothache plotThe time when the baby’s first milk teeth begin to erupt is considered a very dangerous period in the baby’s life. During the appearance of teeth, the personal energy becomes weaker, and it is at this time that the child is more susceptible to evil eyes and other negative magical influences.

You can protect the child through simple actions. You need to create a talisman (you can have several, from each family member, for example).

Good material for him is that which is rich in calcium and created by nature. For example, sea and river shells,

Toothache plot

Toothache plot

In order for the teeth to be cut without pain and other troubles, it is necessary that the child be presented with silverware. Usually, relatives or friends of parents are asked to do this; parents themselves cannot do this.

Most often, such a gift is a charm. Nowadays, you can buy a silver spoon with an engraved child’s name — and a good gift, and you can use it as a talisman.

A spoon or other object should be used by the child, or his parents, when preparing his meal.

It should be remembered that conspiracies can save from pain or prevent the emergence of problems with teeth, but new teeth will not grow from them, and already destroyed teeth will not be restored. Therefore, you should never neglect the treatment at the dentist.

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