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Vintage plots for money and love

Magic has always seemed attractive to a person, because with the help of her ceremonies it was possible not only to bewitch a loved one, but also to be cured from any disease. The magical power is so strong that many years ago, people did not go to doctors. Healers and sorcerers were increasingly popular. Most of the magical secrets came to our time. People used old conspiracies to appeal to higher forces that could help in any situation.

The faith was so strong among the Old Believers that it was impossible to break it. As a result, only at the end of the nineteenth century, faith began to fade away gradually. But modern humanity is again increasingly seeking help from higher forces. Magic has come and go properties, so it must be constantly maintained. There is no difference between conducting the rite day or night. You can do it when it is convenient for you.

If you carefully consider the old conspiracy for money, you can see in it some features. Their main feature is that the components included in the ceremony should be in huge quantities. It is believed that in this way a person will be able to increase their financial situation. If it comes to the words that sound during the conspiracy, you can hear the following:

  • fish in the pond;
  • stars that are in the night sky;
  • bird plumage;
  • much more.

Sometimes you can find grandmother spells that use things that increase in size. Such a subject can be a suitable dough, or a growing flower or a broom. These items also work to increase profits for a person. Old books contain many different ancient rites. They can be found at our grandmothers. If you get a plant that is called a «money tree», then there is no need to speak it. Its properties and so are aimed at increasing wealth.

For the ritual you need to go to the forest. Now look for a large anthill, and put some coins there. The more coins, the more you can make a profit. Wait for the moment when the ants begin to stamp on the coins.

Then start reading the prayers:

“Higher forces, look how many ants are here. Count their number is unrealistic. There are a lot of letters in alphabets, so please help me in fulfilling my request. Let me have a lot of money that can never run out or disappear. I am a servant of God (your name), I ask for help, and I hope for a sincere understanding of my feelings. To remove my plot is very difficult. Amen».

You should not consider this method as an independent tool. Often, it is used in a tandem with other ways that household wealth can bring. On the eve of Christmas, donate a certain amount of money to the church. Their amount should be proportional to the money that you would like to receive in return. While sending a donation, read certain spells.

“Whoever does not consider the church to be his mother, I will never be a father to him. The church should be an integral part of our lives. We ask for help from God, but in return we never give him anything. It is clear that he does not need anything. But faith must be present in man. A little bit, but it should. I want my wallet does not close on a lot of money. Prayer words are very strong and unchanging. Amen».

This old money plot is fairly simple, but at the same time, quite effective. The result is not long in coming. Soon you will gain the necessary and desired profit.

You can also use effective Slavic rituals that use money. To do this, you need to spell a coin, or bill. Over time, you need to spend it, and instead speak another. Quite often it is possible to meet entrepreneurs who do not allow the first proceeds in use. She is considered a kind of talisman, which will continue to attract the following buyers.

Do not forget that the effectiveness of the ritual affects the phase of the moon. If you need to attract money, then conduct ceremonies during the growth of the moon. If you need to get rid of debt, then use a descending phase. To multiply wealth, conduct the next rite. During the growth of the moon, it is necessary to bake baked goods. It doesn’t matter what it will be. The main thing is that the dough is used.

The dough speaks using special prayers:

“I made a dough that can grow in size, so let my income increase just as well. Let my position in society grow quickly and efficiently too. Let the fame of my abilities let fly for many kilometers. So it should remain forever. Amen».

Thanks to white magic, old conspiracies for love will help you not only to attract the desired object, but also, in principle, to establish relationships with people around you. Their popularity has no limits. If you think that only women are turning to such methods, then your opinion is wrong. No less often they are used by men. Now we need to consider the most popular village ceremonies for love.

With his help, you will be able to bring your husband home if he went to another woman. This love spell is best done during the growing moon. It is necessary to wait for the moment when the sun completely sets over the horizon, and it is necessary to read the plot in complete darkness. Take care in advance that there are no extraneous sounds, and you should not be distracted by other matters.

The plot words are as follows:

“O Lord our God, help me in my difficult situation. I ask Your blessing on spiritual matters. Immerse me in the sacred water. May she be a faithful companion in my life. Fiendish daughters, stand before me. Remove everyday problems from your hair, from your body. The fever from your body should go to the servant of God (the name of your chosen one). Let him be all day cowardly, breaks and destroys in those moments when he is without me. I wish my beloved blood to boil in those moments when he is with me. The treatment does not work back. Let him see no one else but me, God’s servants (your name). Let him suffer day and night without me. Amen».

Wind is considered the strongest of natural symbols. His power is so strong that it is used in most of the magical rites. Usually the plot is read in the open window, so that the wind gets into the room. To enhance the result, you can go out into the open space. Ideally, of course, if you are in a field or in another, well-ventilated place.

The choice of a certain place should fall in such a way that a large number of people do not pass through it. After all, if someone sees or hears you, then the effectiveness of the ceremony will significantly decrease. Wait for the moment when the sun sets below the horizon, and during the rising moon, read the necessary plot.

“Strong-strong wind. What is your true direction? Cancel your plans and go to the place that I will appoint. Send you to the man of my dreams, the servant of God (tell me the name of your chosen one). Take his heart, and put in his place the longing for me. I am a servant of God (your name), I beg you to help me. May he not be able to sleep, will not be able to eat until he is in a relationship with me. Let his body not take water until it is with me. May his life without me be dull, dull, and terrible. Thoughts of a loved one, let them be occupied only by me. I’m sure in my words, I’m not going to change them. Let it be as I ask. Amen».

With the help of good luck plots, our ancestors could correct any situation. Every aspect of life has been corrected by magical influence. The most universal are those Russian rituals that are aimed at attracting good luck. Most of them allowed a person to increase their financial capabilities, fulfill desires, and improve their personal lives.

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