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Wrinkle Conspiracy: a phased recommendation

Plots have been used by the fair sex at all times. They were pronounced in order to achieve the love of an adored person, to force the husband to remain faithful, to preserve his beauty and attractiveness.

Wrinkle Conspiracy: a phased recommendation

Fight over time

And for many centuries, a plot against wrinkles was quite popular — a magic ritual that helps women keep their skin smooth, elastic and velvety. You can take advantage of this conspiracy now, so as not to use the services of cosmetologists and not spend huge money on the latest anti-aging cosmetics.

Plots from wrinkles — from the depths of centuries in our time

Wrinkle Conspiracy: a phased recommendation

Of course, the conspiracy of wrinkles could not reach us in its original form — over the years they have changed and improved. However, this does not mean that by deciding to turn to magic, you can vary the text of the conspiracy on your own — just follow the word order in the sentences and do not allow any deviation from the text.

Only in this case, the plot will act as you would like.

In addition, it is very important to follow certain rules of conspiracy. They are:

  1. Conduct the rite solely at dawn;
  2. Regardless of which type of plot you prefer, remember that you must have water in your field of vision during the ritual (even if you don’t use it). Therefore, if there is no pond or river nearby, just pour some water into a glass or a cup and place it on the table next to you.
  3. To achieve the maximum effect, the ceremony should be held naked, having previously taken a shower.
  4. The water you wash should be cold (or at least cool, but not warm). And the towel is new.
  5. Give up the conspiracy if your close friend or relative has died less than forty days before. This is a very important point! If you decide to break it, you can turn your health into danger!

Who helps conspiracy wrinkles

Wrinkle Conspiracy: a phased recommendation

A special anti-wrinkle conspiracy can help both a young girl who has just experienced the first signs of aging, and a mature woman whose skin gradually fades.

Therefore, it is necessary to spend it on Friday, Saturday or Sunday — in those days that are traditionally considered to be “female”.

But for men the considered ceremony is not suitable, so if you belong to the stronger sex and want to get rid of wrinkles, you will have to look for some other way.

Of course, the first time a magic ritual may not work (especially if you don’t believe in it too much and decide to do it out of curiosity). In this case, wait a while before conducting the ceremony again, and be sure to try to prepare yourself for it.

For a few days for the ritual, give up bad habits and stop eating meat, and most importantly — believe in your own strength!

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