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Cyprian’s prayer from corruption, the evil eye and witchcraft

Cyprian’s prayer of corruption is considered one of the best methods of dealing with damage. It is believed that a powerful magician is able to bring into life any person a lot of witchcraft and damage, the only protection against which remains prayer. In ancient times, the honor of all righteous Christians was Saint Cyprian, who was able to protect every person from demons and evil spirits. By praying to the great martyr Cyprian, you can protect yourself from any damage. It is enough to memorize the words before speaking to ensure the protection of your own life and family.

Cyprian’s prayer of corruption

It is up to you to trust Saint Cyprian or not, but his strong personality remains one of the most interesting, and prayer proves its effectiveness since the 4th century. What contribution has this sorcerer made to modernity?

The life of the martyr dates back to the 3rd century. This man did not represent a sample of a righteous Christian, because he was born in a pagan society. His training up to 30 years involved the famous warlocks, who taught him dark magic. Thanks to the teachings, the name of Cyprian became known to the whole world. According to sources, St. Cyprian even managed to sign a blood treaty with the Prince of Darkness. It was believed that the power of sorcery of the martyr was so great that even the most powerful sorcerer could not harm it.

Cyprian training took place in ancient Greece and Egypt, where he was able to get the most valuable secrets of magic from the gods. Any Greek and Roman god at that time was considered the representative of the devilish world, the assistant of the devil. It was at this time that the saint achieved his greatest impact. His power attracted crowds of different people who wanted to get his attention for any, sometimes unthinkable, amounts. The main areas of activity of the martyr were spells, punishments, spells, and even killing with the holy word.

However, Saint Cyprian was not destined to continue his previous activities. Once, an unknown philanthropist approached him, ready to pay any amount for the fulfillment of his desire. His desire was in the righteous and innocent nun Justina. He wanted not only to marry this incredible woman, but also to get the maximum of love and passion from Justinia, to achieve the departure from the monastic cloister. Here began the failures of Cyprian. Every time he began to read the text of a conspiracy, he was defeated, because black magic did not act on an innocent nun.

This case became decisive in the fate of the martyr, after having been amazed at the power of Christ, he wanted to know what the secret of this faith was and why his tricks did not affect it. After realizing the power of Christ, she terminated the devil’s treaty, put the house up for sale, and decided to turn to the Lord. After leaving the church, she directed all her fervor to seek forgiveness from God and the absolution of his black sins. The strongest endurance and immense piety led to the fact that Cyprian was chosen to be the Bishop. The last years of sorcery, he sent to the writing of Orthodox works, which told about the importance of dealing with trials, and to stand against the devilish world. However, the reign of Emperor Diocletian led to terrible persecutions of the Christian people, because the saint was tortured, then they were killed for supporting the Christian faith. St. Cyprian was subsequently canonized, making him a Holy Martyr.

The prayer to Saint Cyprian from corruption and witchcraft is not just a text. Prayer is considered a real conversation with the Lord, when a person sincerely asks for help, to stand up for his life. When reading a prayer, a believer can achieve:

  • healing diseases;
  • protection from all detractors;
  • eliminate evil spirits and witchcraft;
  • directions to let true;
  • help in a difficult situation.

You can pray to Cyprian from damage, being in your home walls, standing in front of the icon. Let it be a talisman from the effects of evil forces. How to pray at home, you can see on the training video. The important moment of the martyr’s fate is that he managed to repent of sins and gain real faith, for which he gave his own life. He loved religion so much that he supported everyone who wanted to take the right path.

Remember that by engaging in black or white magic, you interfere with destiny, and even the simplest prayers can completely change more than one life. Therefore, starting reading these or other plots, plotting various witchcraft or similar acts, you need to remember the possible consequences. No tricks will help you to combine black magic with white, because for the transition to the «bright» side you need to cardinalize yourself, your subconscious, faith. Cyprian believed that only Orthodox prayer and the Lord can help a person to improve.

Cyprian’s prayer of corruption must be pronounced in special situations and is not suitable for everyday reading. Prayer provides the person with the necessary protection, removing the already imposed damage. Despite the fact that it is quite large, it is impossible to read it from a leaflet. To remove the damage from someone else you need to learn the words entirely. It is believed that the reading of the prayer to St. Cyprian from damage and the evil eye has a great influence on children. Before proceeding with the introduction of prayer, you need to understand the following rules:

  • when finding damage or an evil eye to you, you must read the prayer yourself the appropriate number of times;
  • When spoiling a child, prayer is read by the closest relative;

Reading a prayer to St. Cyprian against corruption can be done:

  • under the threat of imposing damage on you or in the ongoing attempts to do so;
  • if an offended or angry person has defiled your honor, uttered many evil and unpleasant words, filled you with negative and evil;
  • if you or your children have a large number of detractors;
  • if there are people in your environment who are addicted to magic.

The great advantage of the prayer of the martyr is that unusual or specific objects are not needed to read it: some church attributes will suffice.

Cyprian’s prayer from damage and the evil eye, like any other, has a number of rules that are important to follow before reading. You need to remember the following:

  • you can get rid of the damage and the evil eye through prayer on the day that suits you;
  • There are no restrictions on reading: you can read it until you get tired;
  • when reading a prayer to remove the evil eye from a child, do it while standing over the brow of the defeated;
  • to read a prayer, you can use water, which is capable of attracting only good and light in a person’s life, protecting him from dark influence and any sorcery;
  • after each prayer request, the questioner should bow to God, exhaling deeply.

Full text Cyprianu is a powerful tool to combat damage. To prepare for the reprimand, it is necessary to visit the church a couple of days before the start, placing there some candles to Jesus, the Holy Patrons, Panteleimon and the Holy Mother of God, dedicating to them the akathist. It is also important to observe fasting for 3 days. Refrain from the use of meat products, bad habits. The strongest energy will be only in a purified, spiritualized body.

To read you will need a church candle, which will be baptized and blessed by the priest. Taking it in hand, you can proceed:

“I ask the Lord God the Strong and the Holy King reigning to hear the prayer. I, Thy servant, Cyprian, cry for help. ”

After you need to cross, say the name, ask for forgiveness of the enemy, giving him a chance to correct:

“You, Saint Cyprian, are known for your peace, you have been baptized with holy spirit. As without you, lawlessness has never happened before, and now don’t allow it. Grapes are not born, animals do not prosper until the enemy is punished. Your word is magic, everyone obeys him, I bow down to him to the bottom. «

After you need to cross 3 times, mentally kissing the holy candle. The next step will be a request for forgiveness of your meaningful and senseless sins:

“I ask you, Holy Lord, my God, that you should send all sorcery and deceit to evil devils, punish a sinful man, forbid the creation of a sinner through His power! Oh, great, strong, mighty, benevolent, I ask you, O Lord, to ask for prayer. Unbeliever affirm, powerless and destitute, fortify. Desperate mend, but do not reject every questioner. ”

Cross again three times, kneeling. In case it is readable on a child, it is necessary to put him on his knees. Caution, the following words can lead to pain in the head, abdomen, heart. Thus, you are given to feel how the damage does not want to leave your body. But do not try to stop, because the pain is only temporary, and the expulsion of damage will occur forever.

“I bow down to you, Holy Lord God, I pray your name and ask for help. If there is sorcery in a Christian house, the devils are cunning, let them, after reading this prayer, they will evaporate from the house forever, and problems will be solved. Let the evil spirits basking in their own children are bathed, with envy, flattery, jealousy, hatred filled. Let the evil, poisoned by poisoning. I ask your Lord’s name to protect it from pagan poisons and protect it from spells. ”

In cases where the fire of the candle begins to rotate, inflaming more and more, know that luck is on your side. So dark forces show how uncomfortable they feel inside you. At this particular time, the person who has spoiled your life will begin to feel not only mental, but also physical torments. Remember that no matter how bad you are, stopping the process is prohibited. Having finished reading a prayer, you will forever exorcise damage, and, without having done this to the end, it will be much more difficult to make an exile. Periodically, in the most difficult moments, you can drink holy water. If the damage is expelled from the child, then use it to be sprinkled with holy water.

The following words are among the most important:

“As fire destroys wax, so the face of human prayer that honors all the wicked sorcerers drives away spells. We only know the Life-giving Trinity, we do not accept other Gods. To you, Cyprian, I believe, worship, let me pray. I ask you to protect, defend, preserve, and to prevent evil and black magic from evil. ”

Removal of damage from the child should occur as quickly as possible, especially when it comes to kids up to three years. At this age, even the effects of the lightest and least serious damage are great. Up to the age of 16, the susceptibility of children to dark influences is so high that only the strongest reading of Cyprian will help save them from spoiling. The removal takes place with the help of a church candle, which should be held in the hands of one of the parents, the left hand at this time should be placed on the child. It is necessary to read the text of the prayer three times.

In the case when the child’s age is very tiny, the mother should hold it in her hands, while the pope holds a church candle. It is so strong that it is often used from damage to death, and is ready not only to save the victim, but also to punish the sorcerer, as it should be. You should not resort to punishment yourself, because the greatest merit of Saint Cyprian is in his ability to protect a righteous person.

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