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Prayer prayers from damage in the church

Belief in God is the best protection against the influence of dark magic, but there are exceptions in which it will help you to read prayers against corruption in the church. Prayers can help at home, but severe forms of magical exposure happen, and the only way out is to do it in the church. The servants of the temple do not allow to conduct rituals to remove damage, because they consider it a great sin to use witchcraft methods of dealing with evil. God does not bless on such matters. But, there are ways that priests are more loyal.

Prayer prayers from damage in the church

Such a damage report is the safest. There are 3 levels of prayer prayers: visiting one temple, three or seven.

Attending a church involves several steps. Preparation: wearing a cross, you need to read the Our Father prayer three times in a room where there is at least one icon, a candle and consecrated water. After the prayer, you need to think about who caused this damage, try to understand the reason and forgive. After that, you need to wait until the candle goes out. At this time you need to think about God. When the candle goes out, go to sleep without talking, watching TV or other things that can clog the thoughts that have been cleared.

In the morning, before the service begins, it is necessary to come to the church, buy 8 candles and place them at the icons of Panteleimon the Healer, All Saints, the Holy Matron, Jesus Christ, the Theotokos. The remaining three candles to put behind the rest of the dead. After that, stand in front of one of the icons and read the prayer 3 times:

“God, please, forgive me, with faith, hope, I pray thee. I will start writing from today, on Sundays in the Temple. Deliver me and my relatives from damage, I ask for protection from the evil spirits of others. I wish my enemies only happiness, forgive them, save them from bad weather. Amen! Amen! Amen!».

After reading this prayer three times, you should be baptized as much.

If a stronger spell is imposed, then instead of one temple you will have to do the rite in three. Features of this method:

  • you need to choose in the calendar 3 Sundays in a row so that the days do not coincide with the Orthodox holidays;
  • On the first Sunday, you must visit one church, on the second the same temple and another, and on the third Sunday you should visit the first church, the second and the third;
  • one more point is added to the ritual suitable for visiting one temple — to put a candle in your health.

Attending seven churches — this method is only suitable for those who want to get rid of the crown of celibacy. The ritual does not differ from the method of visiting 3 temples, the only thing that increases the number of Sundays and temples.

This method of getting rid of damage is usually used for other purposes. After the death of a person, the priest prays for the redemption of sins and the repose of the soul, for 40 days. In the case of spoilage, sorokoust can be ordered to a living person. Sorokousta has a certain number of rules that the priest adheres to during the whole time. Severely ill people are frequent customers of this rite. Otchitka prayers in the church is considered the strongest opposition. But, there are a number of reasons why a powdered tooth does not help.

  1. If a person does not have faith in God, no prayers will help him.
  2. With a strong damage or obsession with a person, holding a forty-square in one temple will not work, then you can try to hold this rite in three temples, but there is no guarantee that everything will work out.
  3. When ordering a forty-square in the temple, where there are a lot of parishioners, it is risky: this complex rite must be observed for forty days without interruption and interference, and when the church serves a large number of people who have their own problems, who also ask for help, do not interrupt the rite. There is a possibility of poor-quality reading. To reduce the likelihood of reduced holding of sorokouta, it is better to choose a temple in a small village and pay back there.
  4. In order for the ritual to pass at the proper level, the priest should be focused on prayer, his thoughts should not be about something abstract. Not always the priest is a spiritual person who is 100% given to God. You need to take this fact into account when choosing a performer.

Otchitka — the expulsion of evil spirits from man. When the report is applied:

  • a disease of any nature, it can be a mental and physical illness;
  • abuse of alcohol or other harmful habits;
  • personal failures.

But, the impact of these problems must be very great. Priests with great reluctance to use this method, only in extreme necessity, when other methods do not help. Reading the birth curse is an important point. It happens that a curse is imposed on the whole race, and it is impossible to get rid of the evil eye by any means. Only one way out — to make a prayer ritual at home, then in the temple, after having made a family tree. The more ancestors will be inscribed, the better. The main condition that the name of the person with whom the curse began, must be present. It is desirable that there were photos.

In addition to the family tree, you need to take a thick church candle and water. To conduct the ceremony should the female half. Ideal — mother and daughter. Mother reads a prayer, the daughter should listen and repeat, but about herself. In the morning, the mother lights a church candle and holds it in her left hand. Daughter is standing in the back. Words such as: (first for yourself)

“God, I ask you, clear all my spiritual plans, including. Amen».

Then for the mother:

“I thank my mother for the life that was given to me. I forgive all the insults caused by it to me. Forgive you also her sins. Clear all her spiritual plans as well. Amen».

And then for the father, in the same way, only the words in favor of the father change. Then for the parents of the mother, for each separately, etc. During this otchitki, very thirsty. But, to be able to quench thirst only in the intervals between them. Then you have to go to the temple, confess, put as many candles for the rest as there are no living relatives mentioned in the prayer. Then, put candles for the health of those relatives who are alive.

Clearing obsessed in church. In the most severe cases, the ceremony of cleaning is carried out in the temple. The permission is given by the church diocese, agreeing that there is no other choice. This ritual is the expulsion of the most evil spirits who have settled in the soul of man. If such a grief happens to someone, you must immediately go to the temple and ask for an answer. This also applies to seriously ill patients who are addicted to alcohol, drugs that must be exacted. This method is an extreme case. After him, you need to become a spiritual person, go to the temple, and observe a righteous life. If a person returns to his own rut, punishment from above will come, and it will be much more difficult to live than before the reading.

Reading with the help of holy water is effective. With the help of holy water, you can rid yourself of the evil eye caused by negative magic. It is necessary to come to the church with clean spring water. The volume depends on the wishes of the victim. Buy 12 candles. The priest will read the prayer 12 times. After each reading, he lights one candle. This water is given to the person on whom the damage. Every day, before bed and after, drink three sips of holy water.

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