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Preserved from the evil eye and damage with their own hands

Currently, magic has not lost its popularity, a person continues to adjust his or someone else’s fate with its help. Impose damage to detractors, as well as in order to protect themselves. For the latter purpose, most often used amulet against the evil eye. It can be purchased in specialized stores or made independently at home. We will learn about powerful charms in more detail, understand the varieties and features and learn how to make charms from the evil eye and damage to yourself at home.

Preserved from the evil eye and damage

Charm is a subject symbol, which has long been used to divert the negative impact of certain events on the health and life of a person, that is, for themselves or their loved ones. Slavic talisman against the evil eye can be, as a specially made object, and the usual thing from everyday life, which has a special meaning for you and is used while reading plots or prayers. It does not matter, at the same time, what material will be used, or what form the product will acquire. What is important in this matter is only energy charging, that is, your promise.

Man begins to use Orthodox amulets from an early age in order to protect himself. For example, an infant is put an icon in a cradle or, for example, a wolf’s canine, a more adult child can be pinned up with a pin, which serves as a reliable guard against the evil eye. Many of us categorically reject such items, but there are those for whom this is the norm. Also, for charms, such primitive applications were found as protecting gardens from pests, protecting cows from death, and so on. Often you can meet and charms for the wedding to the marriage was happy and long. Such talismans were usually dressed in a wedding doll and placed in the room of the newlyweds. Also, amulets are actively used to protect people from harm (for example, from accidents), failures, curses, for good luck, to protect children and families, animals, protect an apartment or house, and so on.

Now that we have understood what a talisman is as a whole, we need to find out which species exist and what their features are:

  • charms against damage and the evil eye are universal — this amulet will suit absolutely everyone, regardless of age and gender. It can be any material, shape and size;
  • Those used at home — used only at home, designed to protect all households;
  • For children — used exclusively for the protection of small children. They acquire special strength when mother has a hand in their creation;
  • For women and girls, they work only for female people, enhancing its attractiveness and giving protection from the evil eye and envy;
  • For men, they are worn only by men, make them more courageous, strong and courageous.

There is a well-known Slavic amulet, which originates in Slavic culture — it is a horseshoe, although other Slavic amulets are also known against the evil eye and damage. Surely, you have repeatedly seen how this item is located in the house above the entrance door in the corridor, but do they all know what it is for? Horseshoe is designed to protect your home from the penetration of otherworldly forces, evil and envious people. There is also a belief that this amulet helps the owner of the house to gain financial well-being in work, that is, to become a rich person wearing a amulet. However, it is important to know some features of the placement of a powerful amulet, because only under this condition will it work at full strength.

It is important to hang a horseshoe in the middle of the front door and end up, that is, vice versa. Externally, the charm should resemble a bowl without a bottom. Special luck is considered to be the situation when you yourself have found a horseshoe, it is believed that it will certainly bring happiness to you and your family. But at the present time, when horses are not so often walking through the streets of cities, the guard against the evil eye and envy is still easier to buy. Here you will find a wide range of horseshoes — various colors, processing, design and additional decorations. In any case, you should like it not only externally, but also on an energetic level, that is, correspond to the sensations and the state of the soul, it is better if the colors suit you also by the sign of the zodiac.

You must have come across mothers who are trying in every way to protect their child from the evil eye and damage, perhaps you yourself are the same person. It is safe to say that this desire of a woman is fully justified, because the protection of a child is a natural instinct against which the nature of a woman cannot go. In addition, a person can jinx a baby even in the case when he does not want that himself, that is, he does not have bad thoughts. This is explained by the fact that the baby does not yet have energy protection and is too susceptible to such threats. How to choose a guard against the evil eye for your child and which one will be the best?

How can you protect your child and yourself? Firstly, if we are talking about a newborn baby, it is necessary to use a cape on the stroller. This is especially true until the child is 40 days old and he will not be baptized in the church. Try to choose appropriate clothes for your child, it should not be too colorful, the colors should be restrained and calm. Particular attention is paid to the headdress. To consolidate the effect, you need to fix a small pin inside the cradle, which will accumulate all possible negatives that were aimed at the baby.

Separately, it should be said about silver spoons. This metal has long been considered a strong old talisman, and things from it served as protection for our ancestors. Suspensions of this metal can be worn for children at an older age, they will serve as individual protection. A tiny child can hang an amulet in a pram or crib and headboard. In addition, often godparents give a silver spoon for a godchild, it has a special meaning. Not only does silver have excellent anti-bacterial properties, a personal item made from this metal is a charm that protects from damage and the evil eye.

The general rule for making an amulet is the mood and thoughts that are in your head. It is important to get rid of all negativity, anger and other negative emotions, because all of them can be transmitted to the magic object, and this is very undesirable. You should pass on the protection request as much as possible to the guardian, whispering certain words to it. To make the mascot as strong as possible, you need to know the following information about the future owner of the thing:

  • Who is it for?
  • What purpose will be worn charm
  • What is the gender of the person wearing the amulet?
  • Name
  • Age
  • Profession, etc.

This will allow you to choose the appropriate material, shape, size. Of course, if you are new to this business, you may encounter a lot of problems, which will not be so easy to resolve. Therefore, in some cases, it is necessary to entrust the creation of a talisman to professionals, that is, to those who really understand this.

The most popular amulets are universal, as they are suitable for absolutely everyone and are appropriate in all situations. The most effective deservedly is a hand-sewn bag with herbal filling and stones. The fact is that such a guardian draws strength from nature itself, since all its components are 100% natural. Do not be afraid that this amulet is somehow connected with black magic, it is not. On the contrary, its origin is white magic and for protection this option is ideal.

To make such a talisman with your own hands you will need:

  • A small bag of burlap, size 3 to 6 centimeters. The color can be gray, red or black. The fabric should ideally be 100% natural, however, it is allowed to use fabric with minimal addition of synthetics;
  • Inside the bag you need to put salt and a set of herbs — nettle, chamomile, peppermint, yarrow, thistle, and so on. To enhance their scent, you can add a few drops of any essential oil that is right for you to the healing mixture;
  • With regard to the choice of a stone, here you also need to rely on the data of the horoscope, that is, to give preference to the mineral that came to the sign of the zodiac under which you were born.

When all the necessary components are collected, carefully put everything in a bag and sew it with a thread. And it is necessary to sew the amulet with a black thread and do it yourself, that is, do not use the sewing machine. After the shock is complete, tie the loose ends to 7 knots. When setting up the latter, read a prayer or a conspiracy.

The runes are a guardian from far away Scandinavia, which has successfully reached our days and is actively used by modern man. Today, the runes are truly considered one of the most powerful amulets, they are designed to protect us from the evil eye, damage and against other evil spirits and evil spirits. There are twenty-four runes, each of which can be used as a talisman and can be made independently at home.

The basis for their manufacture will be a stone or a tree. However, it should be noted that at home, it is not easy to apply any image, even the most primitive, to the stone, therefore, wood is more often used for making runes. For this reason, here we will talk about wooden runes.

You can often find the image of the rune, which is applied to the body in the form of a tattoo. This tattoo is the perfect individual talisman.

You can wear a charm as a pendant on a thread, or just keep it in your pocket, it will depend only on your personal preferences. However, magicians claim that he possesses maximum power precisely when direct contact with skin occurs. Therefore, give preference to bracelets, beads, pendants and so on.

Which tree to choose? Most often, oak or ash is used for wooden runes, since these species are considered the most compliant. When doing runes, you need to watch out for your thoughts; they must be positive and directed only towards good. It is believed that for a stronger talisman, you need to use a new knife, since this item also has magical power and can accumulate in itself a negative.

Choosing a picture, you can be guided by your preferences, using the decoding of each of the 24 runes. The Algiz rune is considered the most versatile and powerful. It is applied to the stone in the middle, and around have patterns that serve as a kind of aura. It is believed that this charm reliably protects the host from evil, damage and the evil eye, and also gives a constant sense of security and peace that each of us needs.

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