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Runic damage: how to bring and remove

Magic surrounds a person, even if he does not believe in it. Runic damage, like any other evil eye works purposefully, worsening the quality of life of the enemy or foe. To remove the damage and detection of the evil eye will require special skills and rituals that can be performed at home. How does runic damage work?

Runic damage is a negative program induced by another person. With the help of special attributes you can punish the person who harmed personal or professional life. Runic damages are serious and complex rites. They work instantly, not leaving a person a lot of chances of salvation. How does damage work? Eyes interfere in all areas of human life. Starting with work, the turmoil at home, ending with the state of health of enemies. Runic damage is difficult to remove, and for their detection will take a lot of time and effort.

Learn about the evil eye will be on a number of symptoms that are not visible from the first days of targeting damage. To recognize the real threat will help external signs, increasing with time:

  • deterioration in the quality of life — constant malaise and apathy;
  • sleep disturbance (a person sleeps during the day, and insomnia torments him at night);
  • unreasonable pain in the body;
  • deterioration of tactile feelings, perception of the world through sight, hearing;
  • migraines (pains in different parts of the head) that do not decrease after taking painkillers;
  • spoiled relationships with family, friends and colleagues.

Will start to work quickly, gradually ruining the person in the spiritual and material terms. Damage affects the monetary part of human life. Ruin is one of the most common effects of runic damage. Complications from a strong evil eye:

  • crash;
  • accident, injury at work or at home;
  • a person can be fired without explanation;
  • death to the enemy;
  • severe ill-wisher disease.

What is important is the message with which the conspirator turns to the runes. Destroyer of female and male happiness — runic damage, work in most cases. Begins to influence the chosen by becoming the disposal of energy protection. Sacrifice outside the home and work weakens, becomes sluggish and lifeless. Without finding out the meaning of ailments and problems, the person suffers and cannot get out of this situation on his own.

Find a negative program can not only by symptoms. Before the beginning of the first signs of the evil eye, runic damage can destroy all spheres of human life. For work, the state of affairs is still fixable, but for personal life, changes are disastrous and irreversible. Signs indicating damage are easy to skip, take them for normal processes and problems. In fortune-telling on cards or runes, you can find the truth, the answers to the problems encountered. The prediction «fleece» — only one way to determine the effect of negative energy.

  1. The runes, literally burning all the victories and successes of a person, make it difficult to find the way out for work, partnership and rest.
  2. Personality is exhausted by leaps and bounds. Energetic old age is death for a person as a social being.
  3. Runes contribute to the death of a man or a woman, but physical death occurs much later.
  4. Diagnostics on existing stavy is very important, it allows you to see the truth and remove the negative disastrous problems.
  5. For a negative program there are no boundaries, and the distance does not threaten it.
  6. You can do damage for a hundred kilometers from the victim.
  7. The ritual of spoilage, which is done according to the rules, does not go away on its own.

Rassorka can be done at home or to seek help from a professional magician, but can not be inactive. Strong protection against damage — your character, will power in the best outcome. As the mother’s bosom protects the child, so the perfect rites and amulets keep the person from the tricks of the enemies.

Damage runami committed one day or several days in a row. The power of the magical effect and the ritual itself depend on the rune (stavs) used and the magician’s mastery that causes damage. Strong ancient runic spells work without delay. Runic damage to the loss of property is difficult to remove, if not impossible. Why is this kind of magic so powerful? Runes run from a person, from his inner desires. If the enemy sincerely wishes death or misfortune to the victim, then the stavy will work for a long time without feeding. With the help of ancient symbols, a person can damage a person. Without exception. In secret magical rituals, additional magical attributes are used that violate the energy defense, even the strongest.

Runes are opportunities, chances, weapons in capable hands. It is difficult to bring the evil eye, especially for a beginner.

Not all experienced magicians commit rapid damage, fearing the consequences. What harm can staves do? Losses for money, poverty, a cross on love, any failure. To clean this program will need a lot of effort. Will remove the plot on the runes and the victim, if he is able to recognize the danger in time. Suitable for cleaning the house, workplace and street. A strong ritual of cleansing from the evil eye (remove any program) is carried out with reservations and only after careful preparation. Done damage will be difficult to undo or return, so before applying it you should think twice and evaluate your own strength.

Runic signs are applied in a certain sequence. What is for cleaning, what is for protection or guidance — any task will be executed by symbols printed in the correct order. The strongest cleansing helps to improve the condition of the victim, but the program cannot be corrected without the performance of the turn-up rites. For the guidance of the disastrous program, the master or runologist will need a picture of the victim or any of his things impregnated with energy. So the damage will get the strongest peg. Universal becoming, acting as the evil eye, when the customer has no specific goal. Such runic locks can worsen the life of the victim as a whole from all sides.

Deadly damage on the runes — this is a complex order, which is not taken for every magician. Women’s diseases and infertility is induced by inverted stavity fertility and strong unions. It is enough to put the necessary symbols on the victim’s picture and hide the photo in a secluded place. The victim in his eyes will lose energy, confused in the problems that will arise from nowhere. The whole ceremony is based on constant exposure from day to day. During the rite should protect themselves. To do this, the body is applied becoming protection.

Damage «Pan» consists of several characters, which are combined into one whole picture. You can draw several different evil eyes on a photo, but such an impact will also affect the customer. It is unreasonable to commit any actions to yourself at the expense, no enemies, foes and rivals of such big sacrifices are worth it.

To protect the runes will need the most superficial knowledge of how staves work. Magic protections (rituals of different strengths) are engaged in the return of negative programs that are directed against enemies. For the guidance of response eyes, such protection will not work. The curse is lifted using the inverse of the formula that leads the evil eye. Through a combination of runes, you can restore the old state of mind and body. Health, lost from external influence, a person will no longer be disturbed. Withdrawal programs need special formulas. For such witchcraft, you need faith in fast healing and the help of an experienced magician.

For serious cleaning you need a runner, but to remove the program you will need proven formulas to protect your health. The sign Hagalaz is suitable for home cleaning. Slavic signs cleaned the house and own body. Hagalaz is applied directly to the skin with a waterproof pen or paint. It is important that the sign of Hagalaz is not turned upside down on the human body, otherwise the rune will give the opposite result.

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