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Suspension from the evil eye and damage

Anyone who has the skills of black magic or has turned to a specialist in these matters can inflict on the person the evil eye or damage. Unfortunately, without securing yourself from evil intentions, you can easily become a victim. Suspension from the evil eye and damage is one of the ways in which you can protect yourself from nasty people.

Suspension from the evil eye and damage

Despite the fact that, on the one hand, this is just a decoration, it is able to provide people with the necessary halo of security. Before you buy such a valuable attribute, you need to understand how it should be. One of the options can be a gold pendant as a talisman.

For a start, it is important to find out what is the difference between two similar concepts. Corruption is called a deliberate destructive program, which is impossible without the use of conspiracies and ritual. Unfortunately, the desire to harm is so strong that the victim may even die. So how to deal with damage is hard enough, you need to warn yourself in advance with the help of the amulet.

The evil eye, in turn, called the generated malice and hostility, which does not require any additional rituals and conspiracies. Sometimes a person, without realizing it, is able to jinx himself. There are cases when the evil eye comes from a loved one as a joke. It is much easier to get rid of the evil eye than damage, but in the first case mood deterioration, depression and fatigue are always observed. Properly chosen amulet can prevent unpleasant and disastrous consequences. How to choose it?

Choose a suspension that provides people with maximum protection is impossible without prior preparation. Such an uncommon decoration, being in full view of everyone, can drive away even the most negative energy. The best option is to purchase a suspension with certain elements.

  1. Chicken eye. The eye is able to protect people from energy failures and to bring down the negative thoughts of the enemy. Amulet is considered the most popular for use against the evil eye. There are no rules for wearing the suspension: it is enough that it is visible to everyone. By the way, the chicken eye is often found on bracelets and other similar jewelry.
  2. Icon. It is considered the oldest and proven amulet that warns against black magic. When choosing a pendant with an icon, you need to give preference to the image of the saint, to whose help you usually appeal. The suspension is also suitable, where the guardian angel of one birthday with you is depicted.
  3. Cross, which is an important attribute in the fight against damage. Suspension with a cross should be kept away from the eyes, and it is better to always wear under clothes.
  4. Precious «handsome» with magical properties.

Not fundamentally important, but also the material for the manufacture of the charm is worthy of attention. So, the gold pendant is considered much more efficient because of the sun’s energy in it. Gold is a metal that attracts success, luck and positive energy to a person’s life. However, it is important not to overdo it. Excessive wearing of gold leads to the attraction of negative. Gold jewelry can get rid of the evil eye, thanks to the accumulation of energy around. Because of the mass of useful properties and precious material, the price of such pendants will be much more than usual.

Sometimes the pendant may not represent an obvious talisman by type, but look like a usual decoration. This happens when your choice falls on a precious or mineral stone. Even in ancient times, the mysterious properties of stones were studied and comprehended by sages, because now a person has the opportunity to choose the right mineral or crystal from damage or evil eye. Using these amulets unknowingly is very dangerous, because sometimes there is a risk of invoking negative energy.

An appropriate choice would be the suspension that matches your horoscope. It is also believed that when choosing any magic attribute, it is important “to be on the same wave with it”. This means that, while in the store, you need to look through all the existing options, touch each of them in order to feel powerful energy. The one that will attract you with its power, and will be the best talisman. When the “attribute” evokes joy, peace and aesthetic pleasure, acquire it without thinking. If there is a feeling of anxiety and anxiety, the amulet should be abandoned.

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