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Divination ball predictions reveal all the secrets

Guessing the ball of predictions will help to find out everything that was hidden up to this point from you. Using this simple method, you can determine what to expect from the future, what to watch out for and how to correct your destiny.

Divination ball predictions

It is possible to guess on a crystal ball online free of charge or independently at home. This is a common way of foreseeing the future, having the same long history as working with tarot cards.

Divination ball predictions reveal all the secretsThis method of predicting the future has been popular for many centuries. They used it in the ancient Middle Ages of the witch, when they wanted to know what would happen in the lives of their clients.

In order to begin the ritual, it is necessary to deal with several important aspects.

First, you will need to arm yourself with a ball of glass or crystal. The diameter of it should be at least 5 centimeters. Secondly, it is important to whom you will contact in the process of conducting the ceremony.

This can be done in various ways. Many witches turn to the Higher Forces, begging them to reveal the secrets of the future.

If you have already passed the rite of initiation into sorcerers, witches, you can turn to all the magical mentors who followed the initiation rite. Thirdly, it is extremely important to correctly manipulate the magic attribute.

A full moon ritual is being held, exactly at midnight. Of course, experienced magicians simply hold the correct rite at any time of the day, regardless of the phase of the moon. But if you are a beginner, then do not neglect these rules.

Otherwise, the result you get may be incorrect or absent altogether.

A ceremony is held all alone, in the dark. As a light source, you can use two wax candles.

Crystal must be put on a special metal stand. Of course, you can just hold the magic attribute in your hand, but in this case you can miss it, your hands may get tired of holding it, and so on.

Therefore, it is best to use the stand. It can be covered with black velvet fabric.

It is important to make sure in advance that the ball does not reflect.

Otherwise, you can take it as a prediction.

Preparation for the ritual

Divination ball predictions reveal all the secretsBesides the fact that you need to prepare in advance all the attributes used, it is also extremely important to tune yourself correctly. To do this, you can meditate a little, perform relaxation exercises, you can use incense sticks to make it easier to tune in the desired fashion.

Breathe deeply, enjoy the calm, get rid of unnecessary thoughts. Perhaps the first time it will take a long time to reach the desired state.

When you feel that you are already relaxed, you can start looking into a magic ball. It is still too early to ask questions, the first few times you just need to make contact with the magic thing, concentrate, feel the magic attribute.

About 10 minutes look at the crystal ball, after which you can tear yourself away from it and take some rest. At the time of the fourth attempt, you should see a slight fog inside the ball. If this happened, then wait a little bit.

Usually during the fifth workout, you can achieve the desired focus and even get an answer. When you see the fog, you need to ask an exciting question.

Make sure that it is clearly set, that it cannot be regarded in two ways. Otherwise you will confuse the Higher Forces.

You can at this point ask for help from your magical mentor. Do not be afraid of the magical attribute, if you experience fear, he will feel it and give a complex vision.

Therefore, if you are afraid to see something, just don’t grasp it.


Divination ball predictions reveal all the secretsAt the beginning, it is very difficult for newcomers to understand what they see, because the information initially comes not in the form of clear pictures, but usually in the form of multi-colored clouds. If you still cannot see concrete images, but only fog, then know that this can also be regarded as a sign from above, but they must be correctly interpreted.

    • Clouds gold colors promise prosperity, financial stability and independence.
    • Fog dark gray color is often a bad sign. Perhaps soon you will receive not entirely good news.
    • The black fog — a series of bad events is expected.
    • Green Clouds foreshadow happiness, success, health.
    • Red Clouds warn you that you need to be more careful how you can expect trouble.
    • Orange Clouds talk about anxiety, possible aggression, irritability.

Divination ball predictions reveal all the secrets

Divination ball predictions reveal all the secrets

  • Light gray smoke indicates that the situation will change in the near future, difficult times will pass, and success awaits you.
  • Whites Clouds say that in the near future fortune will smile at you.
  • Yellow fog warns you that many troubles will haunt you on your way to your goal. Someone will try to prevent the implementation of their plans.

Guessing on the ball of fate is quite simple, but in order to get an exact answer, you need to be able to concentrate, ask clear questions and be able to correctly interpret the received signs.

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