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Divination by hand — the value of the lines on the palms

Palmistry, which is a fortune telling hand, has been popular at all times. And today, the predictions in this way remain relevant. Palmistry, with its roots, goes back to Old Indian and Gypsy culture.

Guessing on the hand is a difficult process. To interpret the lines on the hand and associate them with the fate of a particular person is not easy.

Therefore, of course, only professional sorcerers can accurately predict the fate. But the main signs can be seen and understood independently, if you master the basics of palmistry.

Divination by hand - the value of the lines on the palms

The main characteristics of the human palm

The first predictions for the future can be made already on the basis of the initial examination of the human hand. Practice beforehand should be on your own hand.

Guessing on the hand always begins with an inspection of the hand, which is considered to be leading. Rough dense skin on the palm characterizes you as a direct person, not able to dodge and cheat.

If the palm is thin and very smooth skin, then this indicates the refinement of nature.

Other features of the brush indicate the following:

  • A square-shaped palm indicates practicality;
  • The elongated shape of the palm indicates impressionability;
  • Short fingers emphasize the superficial character;
  • Long fingers accent persistence and hard work.

After analyzing the information received, compare it with what you think about yourself. Be sincere, because, according to experienced palmists, the hand can tell a lot about a person.

Treatment of lines on the palm

Divination by hand or palmistry, the meaning of lines, decodes differently on each hand.

Most often in palmistry is considered:

  • The destiny that is inherent in a man from birth is reflected in women on the right hand, and in men on the left;
  • All changes in the life course of women are reflected in the left hand, and in men — on the right.

Palmistry offers different approaches to predictions. In some cases, it is believed that the dominant hand is associated with past life events and with the present, and the future is reflected on the other hand.

Divination begins with the line of the heart, which is located in the upper part of the palm. It is believed that she carries all the basic information about a person and his emotional background.

Divination by hand - the value of the lines on the palms

If this line starts:

  • Under the index finger — in the love sphere you are all well;
  • Under the middle finger — you are selfish in love and only accept, but do not give;
  • From the middle of the palm — you have an amorous character;
  • In the area of ​​the little finger, there is no place for romanticism in your soul.

When interpreting the line of the heart, consider the following:

  • If it comes into contact with the life line, it means that you are a very vulnerable nature and it is easy for you to break your heart;
  • Emotional people who find it very difficult to control their emotions have a long line;
  • When there are gaps or vertical lines on the line, this means that there will be emotional injuries in life.

The head line is located below the heart line. It displays the intellect of a person and his mental abilities.


  • The large bend of the line focuses on the propensity to make spontaneous decisions and points to the creative nature;
  • The straight line emphasizes practicality and rationality.

Divination by hand - the value of the lines on the palms

For people who prefer physical work, the line of the head is short. The presence of circles or crosses on the line indicates an emotional crisis.

When this line is practically invisible, it emphasizes the intellectual underdevelopment of man. The more forks on this line, the more ideas a person can successfully bring to life.

The life line runs in an arc around the thumb. It reflects the state of human health and general well-being.

In addition, it shows key changes in a person’s life, for example, it can be a change of residence or physical injuries that have changed life. You should know that its length is in no way connected with longevity.

The main interpretations are:

  • Close proximity to the thumb — severe fatigue from life;
  • Great length and depth — resilience and ability to withstand the blows of fate;
  • Small length — susceptibility to the influence of other people;
  • Distinct semicircle — self-confidence and willpower;
  • Interruptions — abrupt changes in lifestyle;
  • Circles — a serious disease.

The line of fate, which is perpendicular to the other lines, indicates the destiny of a person in this world. It is not for those people who do not understand why they live.

It does not appear immediately after birth, but arises only when a person has understood the meaning of his life and has set goals for himself.

If the line of fate connects with the line of life, it means that you have ceded to the interests of other people.

A deep and long line of fate indicates that you are a very strong person and control all the events in your life.

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