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Divination by the table

This medieval fortune telling on the table. Making a wish, poke a finger at random into a table consisting of numbers from 1 to 100.

What number of fingers they hit is the answer. Below is a table, and further — the interpretation of numbers for guessing on the table

The value of numbers in the divination table

Divination by the table

Values ​​of numbers for guessing the table:

I — your heart will grieve, but trust in God.

2 — there will be a profit, but tears will come.

3 — you have already buried your talent, save the rest.

4 — hope does not deceive you, live honestly.

5 — you will soon experience joy, but be careful.

6 — drive away evil thoughts from yourself, evil is punishable.

7 — not everyone lives in wealth, everything changes in the world: the poor become rich and vice versa.

8 — be bold, do not be afraid: he who seeks finds.

9 — your desire will not be fulfilled, do not rely on the promise. Be a fool of you.

10 — whom you nursed, drunk, that will betray you.

11 — the matter you will think about, will change soon and will not bring you joy.

12 — Avoid the company of bad people.

13 — do not waste money and time: what fell from the cart, then disappeared.

14 — your desire will be fulfilled, but not soon.

15 — the way of your life is safe.

16 — do good deeds, help your neighbors, drive evil thoughts.

17 — someone will shed blood, you will shed tears.

18 — expect a change in your life for happiness, but if you listen to the advice of a woman, you will lose everything.

19 — you do a lot of good, and for your virtue your life will last for long years.

20 — you will have a lot of enemies, but with God you will overcome them all.

21 — what do you think will come true.

22 — a great storm is coming: if you act smarter, it will pass you by.

23 — stop doing evil to people, but you will not experience it yourself.

24 — on whom you hope, you stand behind your back, speaks to you blasphemy.

25 — heart and soul hurt you. Be patient, not long left to endure, there will be relief.

26 — great joy will come to you.

27 — in vain do you desire this, your years go by, live like a Christian.

28 — in old age you will live in peace and joy.

29 — our life, as the sea, worries. The one who left you will be hit by a wave.

30 — what you ask and wish, you will soon receive, but keep your mouth shut.

31 — friends will deceive you, and you repent.

32 — you are hot and touchy, not everyone understands you, but you have a good heart. You will have bright days.

33 — you are deceived, and you, out of weakness, believe.

34 — and tears flow through gold, then you will understand my words.

35 — do not fuss: do not come true, man, what you dream about; you think, will not return.

36 — Throw the crap out of your head and live by the truth.

37 — hide from people, but never from God. An hour will come, remember those words.

38 — you will hear the news and be terrified.

39 — do not let your evil thoughts.

40 — tame your temper.

41 — eat one, eat another, and then eat you.

42 — your wish will come true soon.

43 — you will grieve.

44 — do not always listen to human advice.

45 — look around: someone is much worse than you, and God pities you.

46 — do not judge or transmit false rumors.

47 — time will come, and you will get what you strive for.

48 — you loved to ride, ride and sleigh.

49 — you will be careful in the street, but you will burn yourself at home.

50 — all your sorrows will fade.

51 — you run on the healers.

52 — your evil under the threshold.

53 — do not raise money.

54 — you will love, and you will be beaten.

55 — expect new things.

56 — the tale soon comes to fruition, but it is not done soon.

57 — your hopes are dubious.

58 — wait for separation.

59 — from prison and prison do not repudiate.

61 — give up hope.

62 — nothing bad will happen.

63 — take care of your luggage — there will be no thefts. Watch both.

64 — do not drive at night without work, if you are not tired of living.

65 — you are suspected of a bad act.

66 — get off the road.

67 — quarrel over trifles, make peace.

68 — be afraid to blame the innocent.

69 — whom the heart loves, that will destroy you.

70 — do not worry, there will be no big trouble.

71 — you will pour from empty to empty.

72 — you will get bored a little.

73 — not recognizing the ford, do not poke your nose in the water.

74 — there is a good heart for you.

75 — in vain you will worry, to torment your heart.

76 — your gullibility will let you down.

77 — do not open your mouth on someone else’s loaf.

78 — you will be disappointed in all and in all.

79 — beauty will come down, then health will go away, and there will be a coffin.

80 — love you, and be pleased.

81 — sit by the sea, wait for the weather.

82 — this year is unfortunate for you, preparing a bunch of troubles.

83 — a native native ruins, and a stranger will love you.

84 — old age will be bitter and hard.

85 — the table will be rich, the bed is soft, and life is bitter.

86 — at work you have an enemy.

87 — wait for the gift.

89 — the crown is easy to get, no matter how married one is.

90 — dress up, get ready, and from there you will not return.

91 — you will live very long.

92 — waiting for you to win (but the money is there.).

93 — the mother said, warned, the child in her own way did — who is to blame?

94 — you will have happiness.

95 — the patient will recover, and the healthy will fall ill.

96 — one will save and the other will splash.

97 — widow outfit, who are he happy?

98 — you will complain of health, and you will live long.

99 — you will find solace in your children.

100 — all your fortune telling will be useless if you live not according to truth.

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