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Divination for the future of relations with a loved one

Guessing for the future, according to professional magicians and sorcerers, is a very successful way to solve many life problems. Therefore, one should hardly be skeptical about fortuneteering rites.

Divination for the future of relations with a loved one

Various ways of divination for the future

Most of the rituals associated with fortune telling are rooted in antiquity. Mankind has long sought to open the veil of the future. Many ceremonies are simple, so it is not necessary to turn to sorcerers and fortune-tellers.

After all, fortune telling for the future, the most accurate, can be carried out independently at home.

Easy way to know the future

There is a universal way that will allow us to find out not only the near but also the distant future. For such divination, you should use a new deck of 36 cards.

Alignment is performed after a thorough shuffling and three times removing cards towards you.

Previously, a card is drawn from the deck, which will symbolize the person on whom the divination is being performed. After that, 16 cards are pulled out of the deck at random, which are arranged in four rows above the selected card.

It is these cards that will foreshadow the events of the near future.

On top of the four rows, another map is laid out, which will determine the most important event of the days to come.

Then, in the same way, another 16 cards should be selected, which should be decomposed into four rows under the card, which determines the identity of the person to whom the fortune telling is performed.

After such a deal, two more cards are removed from the deck:

  • One of which determines the events of the near future;
  • The other points to a person who will forever leave the fate of the person they are wondering about.

After performing the alignment, you need to begin to interpret the values ​​of the laid out cards, listening to your own intuition. Decryption of each card can be found in the article Value cards for divination.

Divination for the future of relations with a loved one

Divination for the future relationship with a loved one

Almost all people are interested in the question of how to develop a relationship with a loved one in the future. And you can get a forecast using fortune telling.

There are many simple variants of divination, which may well be carried out independently at home.

The easiest way is to use a deck of 36 cards for fortune telling. We need to pick up a new deck and carefully shuffle it.

Next, you need to do the following steps:

  • With your left hand in the direction of yourself, you need to remove several cards from the top of the deck, which are then shifted to the bottom;
  • After that, the cards should be laid out in a row in random order, their number should be equal to the number of letters in the full name of the person on whom the divination is being conducted;
  • Then the deck is carefully shuffled again;
  • Then a short row is laid out in which the number of cards equals the number of letters in the name of the person on which the divination is conducted;
  • Again, the remaining cards are shuffled;
  • The third row is laid out from the cards, the number of which should be equal to the number obtained as the sum of the letters of yours and the name of the person on the relationship with which divination is carried out.

Guessing the future of relationships with your loved one

After the alignment is complete, all cards are collected from top to bottom. After that, they are laid out in pairs.

In this case, paired cards are set aside.

This action should be continued until all unpaired cards remain, after which you can proceed to decipher the pair cards.

Divination for the future relationship with a loved one can be interpreted by the values ​​of such cards:

  • Peak and club aces indicate that you and your chosen one are not destined to be together and separation will occur soon;
  • The diamonds and hearts of aces foreshadow a long and happy future together;
  • One ace from red and black suit — indicates that in your life together there will be an equal number of both pleasant and sad events;
  • Kings accentuate that your chosen one is ready to move mountains for your sake;
  • Ladies emphasize the fact that in developing relationships you will always occupy a leading position;
  • Jacks of the red suit foreshadow the appearance of the desired child, a dark suit — wait for the objection of the beloved against the replenishment of the family;
  • Dozens — you keep a sincere relationship for many years;
  • Nines — in the future, relationships will develop very well in all spheres of life;
  • Eights foreshadow a quick wedding and future family well-being;
  • Sevens signify mutual interest and strong love;
  • The sixes of the red suit foreshadow stable long-term relationships, and the dark suit warns of a possible parting.

But no matter how you decode the cards, remember that your destiny is in your hands.

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