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Divination with a pendulum

Divination with the help of a tnik is an ancient art used by ancestors in the VIII century BC. er The mention of tnik remains from the times of ancient Rome, Greece, Babylon and Mesopotamia.

Divination with tnik — preparation

How to use the magic attribute? Before embarking on the process of divination, choose the right tool with which the magician will work.

Attributes set.

Divination with a pendulumThe tool is made independently or purchased in the store. The needle operates on the principle of a needle, which is suspended by a string.

Often it is replaced with a ring, a magic stone.

If tnik is used to obtain information from the Higher Forces, stop the choice on a copper artifact that is susceptible to receiving energy information.

The finished attribute is fastened on a chain 20 cm long. The shape of the tunic is important: preference is given to a drop. It is desirable to have a pointed end so that the artifact can better read tables, maps, etc.

Before undertaking the rite, the magic helper must be cleaned with water and fire. The attribute is placed in the sink to lay for some time under running water.

The tool is wiped and held over a fire.

For three days, carry with them. The artifact should absorb energy, get used to the magician as the owner.

Prepare a separate bag or box, where they keep the magic assistant. tnik is a witch’s personal thing. The attribute should not be given to strangers; it is forbidden to lend it to another person for work.

The more often the artifact interacts with extraneous energy, the worse it works.

How to work with the attribute

Divination with a pendulumWith tnikom should work properly. You can not guess from 18 to 19 in the evening and from 22 to 23 hours.

If you need to work for a long time, be sure to take a break every hour. At least five minutes per hour, the artifact should rest, it is better to wash the attribute under running water, let it lie in its designated place for storage.

At the beginning of the work, thoughts concentrate on ritual. You can not ask a question to the Higher Forces, but at the same time think about everyday affairs. Regarding questions, they cannot be formulated ambiguously.

Requests need clear, well-formulated, it is desirable to write out the things of interest on the leaflet in advance.

To understand how a person is set up, ask simple questions with the answers “yes” or “no.” Pre-attribute explains that the movement from side to side — «yes», back and forth — «no.» Options for questions:

To get clear answers, take the correct posture. Feet should touch the floor, but not cross.

It is advisable to put the elbow of the working hand on the table, and put the other hand next to it with the palm up.

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