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Guessing on Gypsy cards for the near future and its events

Gypsy fortune telling has a long history. Perhaps, therefore, it is believed that guessing on Gypsy cards for the near future provides necessarily reliable information.

But for this you need to know the features of fortuneteering rites and follow all their rules.

Guessing on Gypsy cards for the near future and its events

Simple gypsy alignment

A simple fortune telling on Gypsy cards for the near future can be easily carried out independently. For it uses the most custom deck, consisting of 36 cards.

In order to get a truthful forecast, you should retire in a separate room, turn off artificial lighting and light a candle. It should be remembered that a positive mood is an important condition for the success of the rite and for obtaining reliable information.

If you are annoyed with something, then the fortuneteering ceremony is better to be postponed for another time.

Gypsy fortune telling on the cards for the future always provides an indication of the period for which you need to get a forecast. It is better if it does not exceed three months.

Before laying out the deck of cards is carefully shuffled and removed from the top of the deck with a hand a few cards towards itself.

They are then shifted down the deck.

Then you need to say out loud the period for which you plan to guess.

After that, the cards are laid out alternately on the table, and this process is accompanied by the words «Six, seven, eight ….». That is, the names of the cards are spoken.

If the card, taken from the top of the deck, coincides with its name, then it is put aside. After the deck is over, you need to shuffle it again. The cards matched with the names remain to one side.

The described actions are repeated twice. As a result, two piles of cards are formed on the table in front of you.

Guessing on Gypsy cards for the near future and its events

Interpretation of fortune telling

Free fortune-telling for the future on Gypsy cards in this case provides for decryption of cards that coincide with their names.

You should take advantage of the following basic values ​​of card value:

  • Six foreshadows journey or trip. In terms of colors, its meaning can be clarified as follows: a traditional road, diamonds — a useless and absolutely unnecessary trip, worms — a personal journey, perhaps a wedding trip, peaks — a late or not very good journey.
  • Seven predicts a date or appointment. In terms of interpretations, the following can be seen: worms are a pleasant, enjoyable meeting, spikes are an unpleasant meeting, a deception during a date or an unfair game of clubs, an official meeting, diamonds, a meeting that is held to resolve financial issues.
  • The eight warns that an important conversation will take place. In color: spikes — an unpleasant quarrel happens, a scandal, worms — a conversation about love, diamonds, rumors and gossip, baptizing — the conversation will be businesslike, important, agreement or agreement.
  • Nine predicts sad events, may be a precursor to the receipt of small profits, and also indicates that it will have to deal with government affairs.
  • A dozen indicates any interest. When interpreting, it is important to pay attention to the suit of the cards: clubs — business interest, diamonds — interest associated with big money, peaks — intimate interest, and worms — love interest.
  • Valet predicts upcoming efforts. In terms of color, meanings may denote: worms — troubles related to love relationships, diamonds — empty chores, peaks — efforts associated with the organization of a feast.
  • The lady always symbolizes the woman. By the colors, one can judge its characteristic features: peaks — insidious gossip girl, worms — a close friend, most likely married, a club — an elder relative, a bubonic young acquaintance.
  • The king always symbolizes a man. By the colors one can judge his characteristic features: peaks are an evil man, worms are a lover, clubs are a business man, maybe a senior relative, tambourines are a windy not serious man.
  • Ace always symbolizes the house. Worms — home, tambourines, news from home, spades and clubs — state house.

Traditional fortune telling for the near future

This fortune telling is also simple, its rules are the same as described above for simple fortune telling. For fortune telling, a regular deck of 36 cards is used.

Before you perform the alignment, you need to select a signification card that will symbolize you. It needs some time to hold in the hands and in the process of this guess the next period for which you want to get a prediction.

After this, the significator card is returned to the deck, which is carefully shuffled for a few minutes. There should be a feeling of energetic connection with the cards.

After that, cards one by one are laid out in four piles, each of which will contain 9 cards. To obtain a prediction, you will need to use a stack of cards in which there will be a significator card.

Guessing on Gypsy cards for the near future and its events

Treating the layout

To decrypt cards, you first need to consider the value of each card separately. A classic description of the meanings of maps for gypsy divination can be found in a special section on our website.

The basic values ​​of the cards for beginners are listed below:

  • Six: worms — a meeting that will bring happiness, as well as improving the quality of life, clubs — taking care of people close to you, a long trip, diamonds — all plans come true, so you need to act, peaks — parting with a loved one for a long time.
  • Seven: worms — hopes for a change for the better, clubs — there is a period when the risk will be justified, diamonds — you need to value friendship, peaks — deterioration of the situation in society, which will adversely affect the quality of life.
  • Eight: worms — joyful events, clubs — receiving an important message or a pleasant gift, diamonds — receiving good news, spikes — chagrin and tears.
  • Nine: worms — harmonious love relationships and faithful friends who can be trusted, clubs — changes are possible that will change your life in a positive way, diamonds — the need for business negotiations, peaks — the development of a mild disease that can disrupt plans.
  • Ten: worms — making good profits and generally a positive development of the life situation, clubs — the emergence of not critical financial problems, diamonds — luck in the financial sphere, peaks — condemnation of your actions by close people.
  • Jack: worms — getting timely help from a friend, clubs — minor problems that will not affect the course of life events, diamonds — troubles that will be fun, peaks — the beginning of a losing streak.
  • Dame: worms are a woman’s favorite or a rival, a club is a close relative, possibly a rich and powerful friend, diamonds are a young lady, a fan or a pleasant friend, spikes — you are in the center of gossip and surrounded by envious people.
  • King: worms — a favorite man or a competitor, a club — a close relative, perhaps an overbearing person with connections, diamonds — a boy, a familiar man or a fan, spikes — an unpleasant man who can bring a lot of trouble.
  • Ace: worms — happy life span, harmonious family relationships, clubs — state house, possible timely financial support, diamonds — inheritance, peaks — strike and grief.

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