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Guessing on numbers: meaning with a table

A lot of fascinating divinations exist today. Fond of divination and the youngest person — young girls, which means that the method of fortune telling should be clear to them and harmless.

Such divination exists — it is divination by numbers.

Guessing on numbers: meaning with a table

Guessing on the numbers

The principle of divination by numbers

Guessing on numbers: meaning with a table

How to guess

Such divination includes divination by numbers from 1 to 99. When such divination was carried out by our grandmothers in their early young years, then such ancient divination with a table of numbers always gave a truthful result.

It will take only a piece of paper from a notebook in a section and a pencil. You need to know the name of the boy, about which the girl is constantly thinking.

Write it in full version. For example, not Alex, and Alex.

Then, in rows (if Alexey has seven letters in the name, it means that there should be seven letters in each such row) you need to enter numbers in order from 1 to 99, but excluding zeros.

After the recording, you need to draw vertical and horizontal lines and cross out all repeating numbers. Then you need to cross out the numbers that, when added, will form the number ten.

Then the remaining numbers need to be arranged again in the rows under the name, not forgetting that in each row there must be strictly such a number of digits as there are letters in the full name of the boy. And then repeat the deletion again, as you did it the first time.

Such deletions should be carried out until there is nothing left to delete and it will be necessary to decipher the final version.

Deciphering divination by numbers

Guessing on numbers: meaning with a table

Numerical values ​​for guessing on the figures, remaining in the final version, will mean the following.

  • The number 1 means that the boy is not interested in the girl at the moment.
  • The number 2 says that the girl should call her lover, and then, perhaps, he will pay attention to her, but for this she should take the first step.
  • The number 3 means that the boy finds the girl very attractive and cute, and also wants to show signs of attention in the future.
  • The number 4 indicates that the boy is in love, but not enough to make a further impression and fascinate the girl. He does not deny that he may like other people.
  • Figure 5 talks about the boy’s problems. He is certainly not up to love at the moment, but rather pay attention to study.
  • The number 6 is not a good option for those girls who fully believe that they are cute to the boy. This is not true. They are indifferent to him.
  • The number 7 means that the boy is ready to be friends with the girl, and then everything will fall into place and, perhaps, they will start dating.
  • The number 8 is completely screaming about how the boy achieves the location of the girl. Not only does he like her, but he needs constant communication with her.
  • The number 9 is the number that would not be desirable to leave in the unspoiled version of divination. This suggests that the girl has an envious friend who laid eyes on her boy.

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