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Guessing on ordinary maps

Guessing on ordinary maps

Ordinary playing cards, which will surely be found in every home, can provide answers to the most exciting questions and predict the future. Guessing on the cards can be carried out on love, happiness, work, money, desire and much more.

Success and results are directly dependent on your mood and compliance with all rules. Each of the divinations described in this article is accompanied by specific techniques of conducting and interpreting the result.

It is best to choose a new deck of cards that has never been in the hands of another person. Then the result will be the most honest and truthful. We also advise you to use the paper rather than the plastic version.

Clearly formulate your question and do not try to lie to the cards. Focus on what worries you the most and ask for yourself the help of cards.

Guessing «Black Rose»

After conducting this ceremony, you will receive an answer to your question or find out whether your cherished dream will come true. Of course, you can not talk about 100% accuracy of the result, but you will learn a lot.

This fortune telling can easily hold a novice, because it is easy.

Prepare a deck of 36 cards, think about an exciting question or desire, shuffle it and remove one card. Now interpret its value based on the values ​​described below.

Ace is a bad sign, meaning that your dream will remain a dream.

King, Queen, Jack — the chances of fulfillment of desire are very small.

10-6 — probably your wish will come true, but this is not certain.

Ace — your dream will not come true.

King, Queen, Jack — the chances are equal and our plans will probably be fulfilled;

10-6 — the probability that you will realize your dream is minimal.

Ace — a great deal that guarantees the fulfillment of desire.

King, Queen, Jack — you will not be disappointed with the outcome of the situation.

10-6 — the desire is likely to come true.

Ace — conceived come true, but probably not soon.

King, Queen, Jack — on your way there will be many problems and obstacles, but the dream must come true.

10-6 — because of a large number of problems and uncomfortable you will not feel relief and happiness from the fulfillment of desire.

Gypsy fortune telling

Guessing on ordinary maps

To look into the future and be warned about friendship and love, you can turn to gypsy fortune telling. Take a deck of 36 cards, shuffle them and mentally think about the question you want to ask the cards.

Guessing for yourself, remove the cards yourself. If you do this for another person, he must shoot them.

You need to create 3 rows, each of which will be 9 cards. When you do this, you can begin decoding the layout. 1,2,3 — the numbers that tell about your past, 4,5,6 — about the present, and 7,8,9 — about your future.

We proceed to a detailed interpretation of the cards.

Ace — symbolizes the alcohol and drinking;

King — is in the divination of a noble man, a good employee;

Lady — is the enemy, symbolizes jealousy and anger.

A jack is a waste of effort to achieve a goal, an act wrong in the cortex.

10 — your intended plans will not be fulfilled.

9 — symbolizes the disease.

8 — an invitation to visit is expected, a celebration of an important event.

7 — you will face grief and frustration, there will be a lot of tears.

6 — expects a distant trip.

Ace — you will soon have to solve an important matter.

The king symbolizes the male employee, the boss, the father, etc.

The lady is a symbol of mother, the neigbour, the employee, etc.

Jack — you expect problems and troubles, it is best to turn to a loved one with a request to help.

10 — mean fast profit and solid income.

9 — your attachment to an animate or inanimate object.

8 — business meetings, solving cases.

7 — meetings with colleagues and partners.

Ace — summarizes home and family relationships.

The king is a married man, sometimes a divorced man.

The lady — symbolizes a woman who loves you, can sometimes act as a mother;

Jack — issues that bother you the most and that you are trying to solve at the moment;

10 — your goals and dreams;

9 — the birth of a love relationship or a romantic date is expected;

8 — by value it is similar to the previous item, foreshadows romance and meeting.

7 — conversation or serious dispute.

6 — travel trip.

Ace — foreshadows an incredibly important news that relates to work, earnings, business networking.

The king is a symbol of a young youth.

Lady — personifies a young girl, girlfriend, beloved.

Jack — anxiety, problems.

10 — a romantic relationship with her lover.

9 — increased attachment.

8 — an important meeting, an interesting conversation.

7 — conversation, romantic date.

6 — a short trip is expected soon.

Divination for the future

Pretty simple fortune telling with a deck of cards. Prepare a deck of 36 components, shuffle it and ask a question about the future.

Remove one card and analyze only its suit.

  • Tambourines — if you put a lot of effort and time to achieve your goal, it will almost certainly be fulfilled.
  • Hearts — are you sure that your goal is what you really need? This is not true.
  • Clubs — no obstacles will be on your way to achieving the goal.
  • Peaks — your goal will be very close, but some circumstances at the last moment will prevent you. Do not worry, all the better.

Birthday fortune telling

Guessing on ordinary maps

Once a year you can spend a unique fortune telling. It is important that no one is near you. Turn off mobile devices and focus on the ritual.

From the deck of cards draw 7 pieces and lay out in order in a row. What you decode will be waiting for you this year.

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