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Guessing on paper — easy to carry

Guessing on paper is a very popular rite that allows you to predict future events. Young girls often use this type of divination to predict a relationship with a loved one.

An attractive feature of such rites is simplicity. For the ceremony you will need only a pen and paper.

It is important to remember that for the success of divination, you must have a sincere strong desire to get answers to all questions.

Guessing on paper - easy to carry

Rites using paper

There are many very different rites using paper that can give predictions of various types. You should not treat them as a game, because fortune-telling on paper was used in ancient Greece and Egypt.

Such ceremonies can give predictions for the future, suggest whether your wish will come true and how your relationship with your loved one will develop in the future.

Divination for a particular day

With the help of this fortune telling you can find out what can be expected from the events of a particular day. It is necessary to take a blank white sheet and write on it in one line the full date of your birth, as well as the date of the day on which the divination is held.

After that, all the numbers add up until a single number is obtained. This number is the result of divination, which must be interpreted.

The decryption may be as follows:

  • “0” — nothing significant will happen on this day;
  • «1» — you are waiting for a successful day and you have nothing to fear;
  • “2” is not a very good day, there will be events that will disappoint you greatly;
  • «3» — you have to travel or serious conversation;
  • “4” — on this day we should expect news that may not be necessarily pleasant;
  • «5» — an unexpected meeting is possible;
  • “6” is a very unsuccessful day, since all plans will have to be abandoned;
  • “7” — everything planned for this day will come true;
  • «8» — on this day, wait for trouble from detractors;
  • “9” is a day when dreams come true and miracles happen.

Guessing on paper - easy to carry

Classical guessing «Question — answer»

For this ceremony should be prepared:

  • A sheet of white paper;
  • Church candle;
  • Ceramic saucer.

Divination is carried out after sunset in a separate room. The candle should be installed next to the light wall, so that the shadow of the flame of the candle is reflected on it.

After that, you need to light a candle and, looking at the flame, concentrate on your question to which you want to receive an answer.

Then, your question should be written on a piece of paper, crumpled and put on a saucer. After that, you need to set fire to the sheet from the flame of a candle and observe how the paper turns into ashes under the action of fire.

That he will contain the answer to your question.

In order to properly decipher the information received, it is necessary to carefully study the resulting ash. For this, a saucer with bulk ash must be placed between the wall surface and the candle flame.

Looking at the bizarre images, you need to define one of the following figures.

Seen figures can be interpreted as:

  • The animal warns that in life you may face deception;
  • The person symbolizes a quick acquaintance that will affect your future;
  • Flower foreshadows the beginning of a new relationship, which may end in marriage;
  • The lanes are a precursor of a long journey or change of residence;
  • The cross foreshadows the beginning of a strip of disaster and failure.

Guessing on paper - easy to carry

Divination for love

This method of divination allows you to find out how your loved one treats you. To conduct divination should retire in a separate room and sit at the table.

Before you need to put a sheet of paper and take a pen.

Start drawing simple lines on paper, fully focusing on the desire to learn the thoughts of you about your chosen one. It is necessary to draw three rows of sticks.

After that, you should cross out three sticks from each row and write down the remainder, which will look like three digits.

They are interpreted as follows:

  • 000 — your chosen one dreams to be always near you;
  • 001 — a loved one is planning to date you;
  • 010 — the guy is very in love;
  • 011 — the guy you like has strong feelings for you, but he is trying to hide it;
  • 100 — do not like you;
  • 101 — your chosen one has another woman;
  • 110 — a loved one wants to kiss you;
  • 111 — the elect cannot declare his love to you due to circumstances beyond his control;
  • 002 — you really like your boyfriend;
  • 020 — the elect is indifferent to you;
  • 022 — the guy you like can only offer you friendship;
  • 202 — you are just a great couple and you can build a strong relationship;
  • 200 — your elect genuinely sympathizes with you;
  • 220 — in the near future your beloved will invite you on a romantic date;
  • 222 — your chosen one loves another woman and does not pay attention to you;
  • 012 — only friendship is possible between you;
  • 102 — the person you like has no plans to establish a serious relationship with any of the girls;
  • 112 — the chosen one is in love with you;
  • 120 — you are the perfect couple with your chosen one;
  • 121 — the person you like will soon tell you about his feelings;
  • 122 — a letter from a loved one will soon arrive;
  • 201 — your chosen one does not believe anyone, so you have to spend a lot of effort to build harmonious relationships;
  • 210 — your chosen one is constantly thinking of you;
  • 212 — a loved one is very jealous;
  • 211 — the elect has pity and sympathy for you;
  • 221 — your boyfriend likes you, and he sets you apart from others.

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