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Guessing that the heart of a loved one?

Guessing what’s in your heart will tell you what your man feels. Using these simple rituals you determine exactly what is happening in the soul and thoughts of a young person.

Guessing that in the heart

This is one of the easiest ways that allow you to tell fortunes to the person you like. To conduct this ritual, you need to know the name of the guy you guess.

Guessing that the heart of a loved one?Think about it a little, visualize it, and then draw a heart on paper. It is advisable to use a tetrad sheet in the cell.

The drawing is depicted by a non-working hand (the right-handed person draws the left, the left-handed person — the right)

After the heart has been drawn, select the outlines of all the cells that have fully entered the heart. After that, start striking out four cells at a time until 1, 2, 3 empty cells remain (it may be that there are no empty cells left at all).

After that, you can begin to decipher the results.

  • Three cells — you really like a guy, and in the future it is possible to develop this relationship.
  • 2 cells — at the moment he does not feed particularly strong feelings towards any girl.
  • One — he is cold enough for you, perhaps he likes the other.
  • Not a single cell — no doubt he loves you.

Heart Ritual

Guessing that the heart of a loved one?There are a wide variety of fortune telling that will allow you to determine exactly what a particular person feels. To do this, you can use tarot cards, virtual layouts on love, rituals with paper, saucer, divination on flowers, etc.

To determine the authenticity of feelings, you can use this simple ritual. Before embarking on the rite itself, make 13 paper hearts in advance.

On each of them you need to write the appropriate «message». Most often write such:

Paper attributes can be bent so that the word written on them is inside, hidden. The rite itself is held late at night. Also, you should arm yourself with three wax candles that need to be placed a triangle and set on fire.

All paper attributes are located between the candles. Close your eyes, imagine the image of a loved one in front of you and ask:

Perfume help, tell me what is in my heart (name).

After that, you should randomly get any heart from those that lie before you. This will be the answer to your question.

Rite with buckwheat

Guessing that the heart of a loved one?Products often become magical attributes that help to know the future and lift the curtain of secrecy. For example, beans are often used to determine future events. For this ritual you will need to prepare 2 cups of buckwheat.

Each of them is placed in a small vessel and placed next to the bed for the whole night.

It is believed that the ritual can only be carried out the next morning with flowering, if you decide to guess the next day or evening, the result will not be true, as the power of prediction will dry up. Before embarking on the ritual itself, be sure to ask the question:

After that, start to go through buckwheat. If there are an even number of black grains, the answer to your question is negative. If odd, then positive.

If the answer is «yes», then all the black grains are thrown into the window, but if the answer is «no», then the grains are buried in the ground.

Ritual with a church gate

This is a rather simple fortune telling, but only a brave person can decide on it. In order to get an exact answer, whether a young man loves you and whether you will be with him, it is necessary to go to the church gates exactly at midnight and listen.

You will surely hear church singing. The result depends on whether you hear the wedding or funeral song.

If it is a wedding, it means that the young man loves you, is ready to take you down the aisle and your life will be happy. If the funeral song is heard, this is a sign, the man does not have special feelings for you, if you continue to pursue it, then grief, tears and problems await you.

Rite with a spoon

Guessing that the heart of a loved one?This is one of the easiest old ways of divination, which will help you to know the exact and precise answer to the question posed. In order to conduct this ritual, you will need to prepare a silver spoon, a large glass, spring water and string.

Immediately attach a long thread to the spoon so that it can be held. After that, pour water into a glass and dip into it a spoon, suspended by a thread.

It is important to make sure that the attribute does not touch the bottom. After that you can ask a question:

What is in the heart of (name)? Does he love me?

If the spoon begins to swing and beat against the walls of the container, then the answer to your question is “yes.”

If the attribute is fixed, then the answer is «no.»

How to find out what’s in your heart with your beloved with the help of hypericum

Guessing that the heart of a loved one?Over the years, various plants helped our ancestors to find out what was originally hidden from them by the Higher Forces. Girls chose St. John’s wort and often used it for magical rituals.

Previously it was believed that this plant is associated with love witchcraft.

There is also such a legend regarding this Hypericum for a long time that not far from the cross of Christ a yellow flower suddenly grew, which was drunk with His blood and received an amazing power. Therefore, one of the ancient names of Hypericum — «God’s blood.»

In order to find out with the help of this plant what your young man feels, it is necessary to pick a flower early in the morning and twist it with such force that the juice will come out. Depending on what color it is, the guy feels about you.

If the juice was transparent, then the man does not have special feelings. But if it is red, you can be sure that you are loved and desired.

If you need to know what is in the heart of a loved one, take advantage of these simple and safe rites. But even if the result did not please you and turned out to be negative, you should not despair, since everything is in your hands and you can drastically change your destiny.

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