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Guessing the future of relationships with a man

Guessing for the future of relationships has always interested many girls. This is not surprising, because the fair sex always want to be sure that their romance will be stormy, exciting, the man will love them and carry them on his hands.

In order to get an accurate prediction of the relationship, you can conduct some simple rites that will tell all about in your novel.

Divination for the future of relationships according to the elements

This ritual came to us from ancient China. Wise men used to believe that the entire Universe appeared due to the existence of six basic elements: water, wood, fire, earth, air and metal.

They were called the great elements. Also, the wise men of ancient China were convinced that it was these elements that provided the basis for the relations that arise between a man and a woman.

Guessing the future of relationships with a manDepending on which element has become the basis of the novel, he will have such a future. With the help of this Chinese fortune telling you can find out the elements of relationships and their perspective.

Before proceeding to the ceremony, you will need to prepare six elements that will be responsible for each verse.

Ideally, it is necessary to take one symbol and one stone, which will characterize one or another element.

  • Land — salt or any square ceramic product of yellow or brown color. As a stone, you can equip with turquoise, hematite, malachite, jasper or quartz.
  • the fire — the necessary symbol is a triangular candle of red, burgundy or orange hue. Stones: diamond, garnet, ruby, aquamarine.
  • Water — you can simply take a container with water, or a shell, aquarium of dark blue, blue color. From stones take topaz, tourmaline, beryl.
  • Tree — house plants or a box made of natural rectangular material in green color. Stone: amber and emerald.
  • Metal — coins, figurines of a round form of gold and silver color. Crystal can be taken as a stone.
  • Air — any flowers from white and blue color, incense sticks. From stones suitable moonstone, beryl and opal.

Divination Rules

You can use either the necessary stones or other described attributes that can activate the necessary verses.

When the selected items are ready, you need to place them on a white surface in a circle in the order in which they are marked. At the center, place a large knife.

It is important that it was cast, all-metal.

The attribute should be rotated clockwise. When the knife stops, it will point with its edge on the subject of elements, which will tell about the possible prospects of your relationship.

If the attribute is stopped between the characters of the elements, you can unleash the knife again.


Guessing the future of relationships with a manThese relationships are really very strong, based on love, care and understanding. Be sure of your chosen one, as it is a very reliable partner in life.

You can be sure that no quarrel or other difficulties can destroy your relationship.

Your affection will be stronger every day. In this relationship you will find a friendly large family, love, support, everyday life will be filled with pleasant troubles, the relationship will bring only joy.

the fire

Guessing the future of relationships with a manIn the union there is a stormy passion. Be prepared for the fact that you will leave forever, return to the chosen one again, vigorously sort things out, ultimately staying together anyway.

The union says that there will be ardent confessions of partners, there will be no peace. You will enjoy a relationship with a man, but jealousy and quarrels are not excluded.

Such an outcome does not guarantee a successful family life. But cohabitation is quite possible. Do not expect gray everyday life, quiet trips to shopping centers, rare dinners, you are waiting for real adventures.

Even if such relationships end, they will leave an indelible mark on your whole life.


Guessing the future of relationships with a manThe detailed result suggests that you have very strong and deep feelings, but it can be rather difficult to coexist. Each of you is ready to understand the other, but does everything in order to preserve the inviolability of your personal space.

Such a course of events implies jealousy, suspicion, as it seems to each partner that the second one is moving away from him.

If you fail to tune in to the general wave, then serious quarrels and even separation are likely. In order to maintain your union, you need to be open with each other and respect the partner’s right to privacy.


Guessing the future of relationships with a manDo not wait for turbulent events, relations will develop very slowly. For a long time, it will be just sympathy, then attraction, then falling in love, and only in the end can it develop into a real strong feeling.

If you do not want to spoil the relationship, then do not rush things.

Feelings should grow stronger, so that the relationship began to bring pleasure to both of you. Take your time, take the time to get to know your partner well.

Be sure that you will not only be morally happy in your family life, but will also be very wealthy financially.


Guessing the future of relationships with a manThis union also does not imply the presence of violent emotions, passions, do not expect romance, jealousy, loud scenes from the relationship. However, you can be sure that the two of you are drawn to each other like a magnet.

It is extremely important for you to learn how to be honest, open with each other, otherwise you will be embarrassed, depressed.

Most often, such relationships are sent to people as a life lesson.

In a similar way, higher powers help you become more relaxed.

If you learn this lesson, then you will have a happy future and a strong family.


Guessing the future of relationships with a manIf the relationship was started under the auspices of this element, they will be full of romance, tenderness, caress. Such novels are very beautiful, graceful, but, unfortunately, short-term.

Very rarely a relationship of such a plan lasts a lifetime. If this is your option, then enjoy what you have at the moment, as it is simply meaningless to make visionary plans and talk about the future.

Divination for the future in a relationship with a loved one

Guessing the future of relationships with a manIn order to conduct this ritual, you will need a gold chain. Back in ancient times, such a metal, like gold, was given great importance.

He attributed a variety of magical properties. Our ancestors were sure that with his help you can tell about the future.

A ritual is held late at night. It is important that everyone at home is asleep and no one can stop you.

Take the gold product in your hands and warm it with the warmth of your hands.

To do this, you can rub it well between your palms. After that, the chain is taken in the right hand, it should be a little shake and throw on the surface of the table.

The prediction will depend on the shape of the shape in which the chain fell.

  • If she has formed a circle, then soon you will encounter a difficult situation. Possible crisis in the relationship, from which it will be quite difficult to get out. But you should gather all your strength and try to solve the problem.
  • A smooth or wavy line speaks of good luck, a life full of love, understanding and luck.
  • A knot, a tangled chain, an incomprehensible figure — maybe you will feel lonely, cold in relationships, you should think about how to bring back the ardor.
  • Triangle — success in love will be just incredible. You will soon be asked to marry.
  • Snake — the appearance of a runt is possible.
  • Heart — be sure of your partner, he really loves you.

Relationship forecast

Guessing the future of relationships with a man

Guessing the future of relationships with a man

After that, both grass blades are inserted into the ceiling beam or in the door jamb. It is important to attach them so that they do not fall.

Now it only remains to wait for the grass to dry out a little.

Over time, blades of grass begin to curl, after which the results of the ritual can be interpreted.

  • If a blade of grass, which symbolized the guy, deviated side, it said that he does not love the girl.
  • If she deviated quite a bit, it said that in life there was a small altercation.
  • And if his blade of grass intertwined with the one that symbolized the girl, it was a sure sign — they were destined to live their whole life in peace and harmony.

Guessing on relationships in the future are very popular. They will help you determine how likely a favorable development of events. But remember, such rituals only lifts the veil of secrets.

The true development of relationships depends on you.

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