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Nodular Magic: How to Make a Bowl

Nodular magic. Naouza — Slavic magic of knots with their own hands: schemes

Nodular Magic: How to Make a Bowl

Naouza — the strongest guardian since ancient times. It protects a person from ailments and damage.

You can knit Nauzy on your own, or you can entrust your beloved to weave.

Naouza, Slavic magic of knots with their own hands

Not everyone knows the ancient Slavic good magic. Some of its secrets can reliably protect a person. from damage and evil eye.

These include Nauzy — an unusual way of tying nodules that can attract to a person positive energy and well-being.

Weave knots of threads, which serve as a talisman for humans. You should not consider such a thing just tied with a thread. Because the bundle is magic tool, able to strengthen or retain something.

This talisman was treated much more seriously in ancient times than in our modern time. Moreover, the bundle is an indispensable weapon of any witch and sorcerer.

the magic of tying nodules

Naouz created not only to protect and save. Another of their purpose is healing or healing.

Except as a bracelet, Nawz can be worn around the neck.

This can be only a thread, and maybe a thread with pendants made of wood, herbs, and figurines.

The ancient Slavs also tied coal stones, salt, sulfur, leather products, bat wings, and even snake heads to their charms.

How does nodular magic? The fact is that at that moment when a person ties a bundle, he will certainly think about something.

If you keep track of your thoughts while creating a nauz and think about what you need, you can instill in your bundle a special power that will be warmed up by your faith.

The basis of the Nouzov is far from the material from which the talisman is woven, but the human faith in its effectiveness and strength from the moment it is woven. It is worth knowing that tying knots is necessary by reading the conspiracies in the ear.

A prerequisite for tying knots is a good mood.

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Nodules pursue a person in his daily life almost always: laces, ties, belts, beads, ribbons, braids, kerchiefs, scarves and more.

A knotted knot can, on a special occasion, symbolize the human way of life.

So, if you make a bundle — you are trying to somehow change your life.

bracelet on hand, nodular magic

Before you start creating a nauz, you should think about what goals you are pursuing. It is possible to tie and create such a guardian for happiness, love and money.

It is possible to carry out a charm from any material, you are free to use both synthetic, and natural threads.

The strongest force for a person is a thread of red color, which is worth wrapping around the wrist three times and tie into three knots. In addition, other colors also carry energy:

  • Green thread — will save you from cheating, will attract financial well-being to you
  • Yellow thread — protects people from envious people and their bad eyes
  • Blue thread — gives a person confidence in himself, helps people to be sociable and interesting
  • White thread — necessary for those who want to change something in their lives, improve the mind, achieve goals

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Before you tie yourself up, you should be aware of the intricacies of its creation. All charms should be knitted only during the growing moon, as it invariably affects all spheres of human life.

In the growing moon, «man gains,» in the waning moon, «man loses.»

In addition, there are some rules for tying knots on a specific day:

  • Monday is to attract love
  • Tuesday — protect against negative
  • Wednesday — to gain success in business
  • Thursday — to attract success and make a lot of money
  • Friday — attract love
  • Saturday — defend against evil and unkind forces
  • Sunday — gain health, heal

Before you begin to weave a science, you should clearly define for yourself all your desires and goals that you strive to achieve with the help of a talisman.

Feel free to say them out loud, for example: “I want to find love, I want to meet a loved one, I want to experience the brightest warm feelings for a loved one.” Speak the words confidently.

You can read a prayer to Our Lady or Our Father so that the charm can reliably protect you.

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Certain specifics on which hand should be protected from tied knots — no. Nodular magic involves wearing a talisman in principle on any part of the body, the main thing is that it touches you.

You decide for yourself whether your amulet will be visible to another’s eye or not.

Most often Nauza, woven from red thread, are worn on the left hand. It is believed that in this way, the guardian will save a person from evil forces that penetrate him through the left side.

You can also wear it on your right hand so that you can find what you want as quickly as possible: desire, achieve a goal, receive a gift, buy a thing, and so on.

Suspension Value:

  • Bird — a symbol of longevity, the stork has strong energy
  • Angel — cleanliness of thoughts, making the right decisions
  • Scales — the ability of a person to make only the right decisions and do the right things
  • Wolf — helps a person to gain career growth, success in business and the recognition of society, human strength
  • Horse, unicorn — symbol of purity, cleans the soul
  • Star or Sun — protection from evil forces
  • Money Sign — attracts financial well-being
  • A heart — attracts romance, feelings, love
  • Arm — allows you to make the right decisions, protects against the evil eye and damage


Nodular magic on black threads

In some cases, it is possible to weave a talisman on the hand not only from multicolored threads, but also from black ones. This amulet will not have a mourning significance.

If you bind the black thread with white thread, the Nauzes will be able to give you wisdom and enable yourself to achieve your desired goals.

If you discard all the negative associations that a black thread causes, you can understand how strong energy it has. No wonder the black threads on the hands in ancient times were wizards, magicians and witches.

But in those days they caused damage to people and, probably, therefore modern black amulets are still scaring off.

It is worth knowing that the black thread has its positive meaning. She has the power to give a person confidence in herself and her abilities.

It is safe to say that the black sciences are needed by those people who are not too decisive in life. In addition, it helps to gain balance, that is, the ability to respond normally to any circumstances.

black thread on the hand — guardian of special importance

Red thread Nauzy, the value of the charm

Red color, including the red thread, from ancient times was considered the strongest amulet for man. She drove away evil and evil from people, attracted love and money. There are two ways of wearing red thread:

  • on the left hand — from spoilage and envious
  • on the right hand — to fulfill desires

Weaving a red thread charm should also be done only in a good mood, state of mind and positive mood. Such a talisman will have tremendous power if you make it for a loved one or a loved one does for you.

It is not at all difficult to create this charm — it is enough to have a red thread (preferably wool) that should be wrapped around the wrist and tied with seven knots. When tying knots, one should wish a person good with each knot or just read a prayer, for example, to the Virgin Mary or Our Father.

red thread — the strongest guardian of all times and peoples

Nodular magic on love: a scheme

Each nodule carries certain information and therefore, it is necessary to tie a science correctly.

If you strive to achieve harmony in personal relationships, to find love and a dear person — you need a knot of love.

Tying a knot of love is not difficult with the scheme. You can tie it anywhere.

To be worn on the arm or neck, from a thread or from beads. Such a node should clear your negative energy of previous unsuccessful relationships (celibacy) and attract a new, positive and kind.

love knot, love knotting scheme

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If a person is sick or has a severe chronic disease, he will need a ward that can assist in healing. Naozy can easily act as a talisman, you can wear them both on your arms and on your neck.

If your legs hurt, put a string on your legs.

Those who have a harmful profession that can have a negative impact on a person are not rare. Pop stars do not rarely wear the eyes of the evil eye, massage therapists are on hand to avoid pain and fatigue, and so on.

knotting: health

Video: Health Knot: Celtic Knot

Do not be afraid to do nauzy with your own hands, moreover — this is a sure way to achieve the desired

By making a charm with your own hands, you will surely charge the subject with positive energy that will be with you at a difficult hour.

Buying Nauzy in a souvenir shop, you never know who made them. What if they were woven not a good man? Or not healthy?

In order to weave a naaus, find your free time and place in advance. You must have a good mood and pure thoughts. Try to literally “instill” in each bundle a piece of your soul.

Only such a talisman will save from the evil eye.

nauzy from the evil eye and damage

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Make a science of the strength of each person. The main thing is to believe in the power of your amulet.

This is the only way to guarantee the effectiveness of this amulet and its strength. Choose the color that suits you the most.

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Every person dreams that he is always favored by luck in business and personal life. To achieve the desired as soon as possible and without problems will allow nodular magic.

To do this, you need to have with you or on your body a special amulet created by yourself from a simple thread.

A knot for luck does not have to be worn as a bracelet or necklace. This can be a key chain or a jewelry that will be in front of you every day and have contact with you, for example a key chain or a bandage, a belt or a belt.

knot weaving scheme for luck

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For those who deal with business and big money every day, it is very useful to have a charm that can protect a person from negativity. Charm is capable of those only to drive away the evil eye and damage, but also to attract well-being.

Such sciences are usually kept in a wallet (to attract finance), in safes, in the workplace. If you believe in the power of a talisman, you constantly feed off its energy and do not tell anyone that you have it — you have every chance of getting a favorable outcome do your own thing, make a lot of money and live in prosperity.

Video: «Tales of Success in Commerce»

Nodular magic is a force proven by hundreds of years, centuries and millions of people. Doubt its effectiveness is not worth it, it is worth the patience and faith that your opportunities are great and in the end you will definitely find what you want.

Multiple weaving patterns for all occasions:

Nauzy for good luck and luck for the fortune for luck for the fortune against the evil eye

Nodular magic reviews

Kristina: “I believe in nodular magic. Not because it is confused with something, but because it really has power.

I wear as a bracelet nauzy.

Usually, I make them myself and weave multicolored threads in them that have a special meaning for me.

As for me, the demolished Nauzy must be burned and in no case thrown out, because if you throw them away you will throw out a part of your energy! ”

Alexander: “My girlfriend discovered nodular magic for me. I am an avid lover of various hand-made baubles and bracelets. That is why he did not refuse to wear another beautiful thing.

I want to say that I never experience a breakdown: I always strive for the best, always invent something and experiment. Perhaps this is what the talisman helps me to do. ”

Video: “Conspiracy for a better future from the book“ Naouz. Slavic magic of nodules

Naouza — Slavic magic of nodules: schemes, meaning, how to make

Nodular Magic: How to Make a Bowl

In the modern world of high technology, it is difficult to believe in the power of a knot that can protect from trouble, to attract good luck. You should not be skeptical about this, the magic that has come to us from time immemorial has not lost its meaning in our days.

Naouza — the legacy of ancestors, weaving techniques

The Slavs believed in the power of the tied thread, for centuries they created ways of weaving, knowledge was passed on in generations. Unfortunately, many secrets are lost due to the persecution of the Christian church, but a part of popular wisdom called Naouza has reached our days.

The basis for the creation is an ordinary thread, which itself carries a sacred meaning depending on the color, and a knot tied in a certain way doubles its strength. Since ancient times, people wore a knot bracelet on the wrist, worn around the neck.

Depending on the purpose of the amulet, the strings were of different colors.

In addition to the knots, pendants were used: bags with herbs, coal, salt, medicinal plants were woven.

The question arises: “What is the magic of a knot?” The secret is simple — it is faith.

When a person creates a knot, his thoughts are directed in a certain direction. Here it is important to think about what you want from the guardian: protection from damage, getting rid of the disease, attracting fortune and money.

Thoughts should be directed to good, you should not think a lot.

By making one knot after another, you reinforce your desires. In addition to mental promise, during the rite should read the conspiracies.

It is best to entrust the creation of a talisman to a blood relative or to do it yourself, certainly in a good mood and good health.

In the manufacture of Nouzov, it is desirable to use natural threads (wool, flax, cotton, silk) — they have retained the energy of nature. Weaving of ribbons, cords and even hair is permissible.

If you decide to create a similar amulet yourself — a great option to make it in the field, forest, park, away from the noise.

This is an opportunity to concentrate and direct thoughts only to create an amulet. Keep it under sunlight or moonlight before use.

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Magic talisman on the wrist

For many nations, the hand is a channel open to negative energy.

In ancient Russia, the bundle was considered a reliable protection against the evil eye.

We used hemp and nettle threads in our work. Today there are enough decorative materials to create for yourself not only a magic, but also a beautiful bracelet.

However, the decorativeness of such an object is not the main thing — the meaning attached to the amulet at the time of tying the knots is important. Decide on the purpose of the talisman: for happiness, love and good luck, for health promotion, or it will protect you from negative.

Depending on your preferences, choose the color of the threads.

Each shade has its own meaning:

  • Red — protection against the evil eye.
  • Green — protects from deception, lure money.
  • Yellow — will protect from damage, envy.
  • Blue — promotes emancipation, eliminates stiffness in communication, gives confidence.
  • White — should be worn by those who plan changes in life, come to the intended goal.

Video «Naozy — nodular magic»

How and when to start science

Before you make a node, you should be familiar with the rules for its creation. He is made only in the phase of the growing moon, which should not be declining as the magical powers will be very weak.

The day of the week is important too:

  • Monday — love knots.
  • Tuesday — from damage and the evil eye.
  • Wednesday — to gain success.
  • Thursday — attracting financial flow.
  • Friday is a conspiracy for love, female beauty.
  • Saturday — from evil spirits.
  • Sunday — protection from diseases, healing.

Before you knit a knot, decide on the purpose of the bracelet, clearly say aloud the desire, read the plot, prayer.

Video «Weaving Naouz»

Which hand to tie?

It matters what wrist to wear such a talisman. On the left they wear a bracelet designed to guard against the influence of the devilish forces.

It is believed that there is a channel for the penetration of negative energy. On the right, charged to desire.

You should not share with others about your charm, advise to tie the same to others. To enhance the effect of nauza on a talisman is recommended to place the suspension.

These can be mineral stones, metal and wooden figures.

Before creating such an attribute, familiarize yourself with the meaning of common characters today:

  • Bird — longevity.
  • Angel — honest thoughts.
  • Scales — focus on the right decisions and actions.
  • Wolf — career success, luck in business.
  • Horse, unicorn — spiritual purity and integrity.
  • Star, the sun — from the dark forces.
  • Coin — lures wealth.
  • Heart — love, strong marital relationship.
  • The palm is from negative energy.
  • Fish — financial success.

Black thread value

Black thread in nodular magic

The use of this color in the sciences is questionable.

If we exclude the unpleasant associations that cause the thread, then we can understand how powerful positive energy it possesses, is able to give balance and faith in itself.

Suitable for weak people — it will help to become decisive and incontinent to curb emotions. Together with a string of white color contribute to the achievement of the goal.

The value of the charm of the red thread

Such a node has wide application. It can serve as a defense against negative bioenergy — in this case, put the bracelet on your left hand to block the channel of dark energy.

At the same time, a similar talisman can be charged for the fulfillment of desires.

Then put it on your right hand. Often the amulet speaks for love; these are 3 stitches, which are tied into 7 knots.

Red color in Slavic culture was a powerful talisman. In the esoteric teaching, Kabbalah also has magical powers.

Because the bracelets made of red strings are popular today, often used as a talisman.

Tying on love

If the relationship with a loved one is out of place, you want to find your soul mate, to reach agreement in family relationships — you need a talisman, who is conspired to love.

Passion knot — Lighten the fire between the spouses, increase physical attraction and spiritual unity. In order to weave such an amulet, it is necessary to choose the right material — it can be a ribbon with which joint memories are connected or even shoelace laces.

If weave into a knot the hair of spouses, witchcraft will increase several times. As you work, imagine tightly tying your love together. The first days wear a charm close to the body, near the heart, then present to your spouse.

The best option to make a nose in the form of a charm.

A similar complication can be made on interior items.

Nodes and Flaming Hearts — are also able to return faded feeling, protect from family discord, treason. Amorous knot is tied only on the growing moon.

Girls should know that braiding is a magical ritual. If you think about the chosen one, repeating the plot, you will certainly achieve mutual feelings.

Video «Naozy — love adventure»

Health and Healing

People prone to ailments, no doubt, should believe in nauzy. Charms on the arm or on the neck will help to heal, protect from ailments.

When pain in the lower extremities, put a small bundle on his legs. People use such talismans of harmful professions.

One way to get rid of the disease:

  • Take the black thread;
  • Tie an odd number of knots;
  • For each speak the name of the disease;
  • Put to the fire or bury the thread away from home;

Naouz Zhiva — helps to improve well-being, fills weakened organs with healing energy.

Solar — indispensable for exhaustion, constant fatigue.

Tree of Life — knitting is done on a thick green thread. They are hanged in the headboards of the bed, able to reflect the negative, to preserve health.

Celtic knot — a strong training on diseases, helps to rid the body of the heavy energy that destroys the human biofield.

Video «Health Knot, Celtic Nauz»

Knot against the evil eye

Poor health, fatigue, malaise, a series of failures that have begun — may be the result of the evil eye. Nodular talisman will become a staunch defender against such troubles.

The most effective is a bracelet made from red thread.

Such charms can be worn on the neck, on your hands, attached to your purse, or hang over the entrance to the dwelling. By creating the charm yourself, you charge it with the direction of your thought, transmit a good message. Purchased node should be cleaned and activated.

You do not know who made it, whether he was healthy, what thoughts he had, tying knots.

Video «How to tie naos for health?«

Naouza — do it yourself

During the manufacture of the object, do not forget the main rule — the state of peace and peace in the soul, good thoughts.

It is desirable to perform work in nature, if there is no such possibility, a lighted candle of the same shade as your future talisman will be a good “assistant”.

Strengthen the protective action of the threads of different shades, according to their sacred possibilities.

The simplest nauzom of our ancestors is considered the Solar — a sign that personifies the star. Weave a magic wreath of three, four threads.

For each plot, clearly represent from what the amulet protects you, the main thing is to believe in its power and positive energy, which will be with you in a difficult hour.

Knot Shield — was considered a talisman of the home. It carries protection from the dark energy, attracts in the family mode.

Video «Weaving knots»

Lucky Things

Our ancestors believed not only in the protective forces of the bundle, but believed that such talismans brought success. It is important — what value we invest during weaving in each of them.

Try to articulate a desire clearly, if a thought eludes, then something is wrong here. Ensure the goodness of your messages.

Amulets for luck do not necessarily carry with you all the time, you can only take during important events.

Video «Slavic nauz for good luck»

Money node — its value, how to make

At first glance, weaving Nizov may seem difficult task. There are quite complex schemes, but most magic knots are on the shoulder to any person.

The easiest can be tied daily, using a scarf or tie, uttering aloud a plot aimed at attracting money. No need to search for texts of such conspiracies, they can be yours.

The main thing is to believe and have good thoughts, not wish evil to others.

The most popular and simple version is the Money Tree node. It consists of 3 equal nodes, resembles a crown. For work it is necessary to use a thick thread of green color.

Talisman need to do on the growing moon.

It is recommended to keep in your wallet, do not tell anyone about the existence of a magical object, especially not let strangers touch it.

Video «Tales of Good Luck in the Trade»

A knot for all occasions. Weaving patterns

The technique of creating Nauzov is not forgotten, because such amulets are valid.

They are created by our ancestors, tested by time.

To disassemble the step-by-step schemes you need patience. But just such talismans, created by hard work, have great power.

Opinions expressed by owners of nauzov

These talismans are gaining popularity. People of different ages get to the magic node. For the most part, carriers of such amulets give positive reviews:

  • «They really have the power …»
  • “I have never been depressed since my girlfriend gave me a bracelet woven of threads …”
  • “… became less sick. Worn nucs must be burned. Do not throw them on the street … «
  • “In my wallet I settled a money tree of nodules. It works, but this does not mean that you have to quit and do nothing. In my life there was a steady income, financial stability … «

Video «Conspiracy for a better future from the book» Naouz — Slavic magic of knots «

The knot is not just a talisman or another fashionable hobby, it is part of the culture.

Nodular magic — Slavic sciences do it yourself

Nodular Magic: How to Make a Bowl

Naouza is a kind of Slavic magic. It represents the weaving of nodules in a special way with their plot.

As a result of this, a talisman was obtained that was supposed to preserve health, attract money and bring good luck. This is not surprising, because the site — it is a mandatory attribute of magic and witchcraft.

Slavs often wove various objects into the Nauzas. It could be images of gods, stones — talismans and various plants.

So nodular magic intensified and a powerful talisman was obtained.

Until now, Slavic sciences have not lost their relevance. They can weave absolutely anyone with their own hands. In this case, it is not necessary to have a magical gift.

It is enough to choose the right materials for weaving, to avoid negative thoughts during the work, as well as to know the weaving patterns and the necessary plot.

Rules of weaving Nauzov

The magic of nodules is a special magic, and in order to master it, first of all, you need to know the rules for weaving the sciences.

It is necessary to work on the growing moon. It is best to weave amulets in nature.

It is also important to choose the «right» day of the week:

  • Monday — on this day, make love knots;
  • Tuesday — suitable for making charms against the evil eye and damage;
  • Wednesday — on this day, the science of good fortune, as well as small knots for successful trading;
  • Thursday — suitable for making a money guardian, bundles of debt, as well as attracting good luck;
  • Friday — this day, like Tuesday, is suitable for weaving a talisman for love and for happiness;
  • Saturday — on this day they make a ward from evil forces;
  • Sunday — this day Nauzy made for health.

The materials from which the knot is made are also important. First of all, they must be natural.

You can not use synthetic materials. Knots can be made of laces, threads or ribbons.

The color of materials also matters:

  • Red — to protect against evil forces and to attract love.
  • Purple — to protect against premature and violent death, accidents and accidents. Also from such a string, Nauzy are made for health.
  • Green — helps to attract wealth and promotes career growth.
  • Yellow and orange — these colors will protect against evil witchcraft.
  • Blue and blue — give protection against various ailments, as well as from quarrels and scandals.
  • White — helps wishes come true, including the most intimate ones. Technique of fulfillment of desires is quite simple. A white cord or string is woven into the knot and during this it is necessary to imagine that the desire has already been fulfilled. Then it will really come true. In addition, the white thread is tied to study. It improves memory and enhances attention. Such a knot will help to achieve success in school both at school and at an institute, academy.
  • Black — gives self-confidence and eliminates excessive emotionality.
  • Black and white neti used at the same time — give wisdom and help achieve their goals without any help.

In the amulet, you can use three laces or any other material of different shades. The number of threads may be more, but it is desirable that their number was a multiple of three.

In this case, Nauzy get for all occasions. Such a charm will protect, preserve health, grant love and attract money.

The more difficult the knot is woven, the stronger it will be.

In addition, the colors can be selected by horoscope:

  • Aries are recommended to use materials of red and orange tones;
  • Taurus most suitable dark green shades;
  • twins can use threads of brown and black colors;
  • Cancers Astrologers recommend taking silver threads;
  • golden and yellow shades suit lions;
  • virgins can take any thread of light colors, as well as white materials;
  • weights will suit as a talisman threads of green shades, namely: lettuce, emerald and light green;
  • scorpions are recommended to use burgundy and scarlet shades;
  • blue threads are perfect for archers;
  • Capricorns are recommended to use dark shades and black laces to create a talisman;
  • aquarius suit gray;
  • Fish are recommended dark blue shades.

Slavic magic of nodules, as mentioned above, allows the use of suspensions in the sciences. For their manufacture can be used metal, paper, wood, natural stones, cereals, as well as various plants.

From these materials are various figures. They can be woven directly into the knot itself or embroidered into a bag and hung to it.

The main thing is to choose the necessary figure for the guardian and to know its value. Here are the most popular suspensions:

  • horseshoe — gives luck in any undertaking, brings happiness;
  • bird — helps to find love and attracts money;
  • the key is giving wealth and protecting against theft;
  • the tooth’s beast or claw protects against evil forces and enemies;
  • slave — gives luck and attracts money;
  • sickle — helps to get a rich harvest;
  • spoon — gives wealth and well-being.

Nauza can be worn on the arm or on the neck. From time to time Nauzy need to keep in the sun, so that they are charged and freed from the accumulated negative.

Making Nauzov

Things for wealth

Money for money can be done from everything.

It may even be a handkerchief tied around the neck, a ribbon with a knot, woven into a braid or tie.

While tying a knot, you need to think about money, wealth and to represent material goods that are bought with money. In no case should negative thoughts, and especially thoughts about poverty, be allowed.

This is the easiest way to make money to attract money.

In addition, nodules for wealth can be made in a more complex way. These sciences are called «Money Tree».

It consists of three identical knots, which are woven in the shape of a tree.

The talisman is not worn on itself, but stored on the desktop or in a drawer. It can also be hung above the front door. When making a talisman, you need to pronounce such a conspiracy: “Raise money.

Multiply money. Add money.

I am (name) rich, come to me. Let it be so!».

There is another way of making a bundle for wealth, as well as for the return of debt. It is necessary to buy a green candle on the arriving moon.

You will also need nine identical threads of green shade.

They need to put next to each other and roll them into one harness.

At the same time, such a conspiracy should be pronounced: “By the nine roads, the nine paths, what I wish for will come to me, copper coins, silver rubles, gold chervonets, significant bonds on paper, signatures and stamps marked”.

After that, on this harness you need to tie exactly nine knots. On each of them you need to read a conspiracy:
“With this knot I fasten everything in one thing, my will, my passion, my monetary power.”

Such a string can be put in a wallet, bag or in a desktop drawer.

Love stories

Ordinary braids can become naves for attracting love. To do this, during their weaving you need to think about love or a loved one.

You can also represent a family and children.

In addition, you can weave a «knot of passion.» For this you need one piece from yourself, and the other from a loved one.

You can, for example, take the laces.

Such nauzy help revive old feelings or reunite with your loved one. While working you need to think about it and sharing happiness.

In addition, there are other nodules to attract love — these are «lovebirds» and «flaming hearts.»

During weaving, you need to say the following words: “Knot, strengthen the union. Tougher no love affair! «.

The plot must be pronounced with the certainty that the charm will really help to find love and revive old feelings.

Nodules for health

There are several ways to make science for good health. For example, if a person is sick, then you can take a black thread and tie an odd number of knots on it.

For each weave you need to say the name of the disease. After that, it must be destroyed. The surest way is to burn the string.

After this, the diseases will immediately recede. You can also give a thread to the ground.

It is believed that after this disease also immediately leaves.

There are also such sciences for health promotion as “alive”, “solar” and “tree of life”. Each of these nodules helps to get rid of existing ailments, and also prevents the occurrence of diseases.

In order to activate health promotion, you need to think about recovery and the health of loved ones while working.

The nausas are not simple nodules, but magic ones. The main thing is to know how to whip them and what words you need to say, as well as to believe in their magical properties.

The magic and power of nauzov on hand

Nodular Magic: How to Make a Bowl

Naouz — the ancient name of the knots and connected from the thread amulets. For us, a knot is just a knotted thread.

The node is used as a means of strengthening or holding something. In ancient times, the nodes were treated much more seriously.

They were the main instrument of witches and witches. With the help of uncomplicated binding, great magic was done.

This category of people can knit a huge number of different knots. Each node had its own meaning.

With the help of laces could attract love and charm. They were good at pointing damage.

With the help of nodes, the weather was treated and controlled.

The value of the knot in the Slavic beliefs

Until our times, the skill of knitting has been preserved by people associated with the sea. Where is the greatest number of techniques and types of nodes?

The answer is obvious — from the sailors. Now they are used to secure networks and strengthen the mast.

Previously, except for fasteners, there were magical nodes on the ships.

They are also called wind. Each bundle had three or more nodes. They were imposed on the rope in order to calm the wind that had played out.

During the calm unleashed and the wind increased. Some peoples living on the islands blamed the sorcerers for their troubles, coming with hurricanes from the sea.

During the transition from paganism to Christianity, the method of weaving was treated very strictly. Each dressmaker was under the watchful gaze of the church.

If some bad deed happened by accident at the time of weaving or sewing clothes. Immediately the knitter was arrested and tried as a witch.

An innocent bundle on clothes could play a fateful fate for his master.

People were afraid of knots like fire and tried to avoid them.

Draw a circle around yourself and protect yourself in such a simple way from evil spirits. It was believed in the Middle Ages — Opoyasan — protected. Every man, whether he is old or young, wore a belt.

Tied belt — guard against black magic. Not a single demon, not a single witch could spell a man with a belt.

Women even slept, carry a belt.

Doodies with your own hands

The nauses were so widespread that the gods were also endowed with a knot of mastery. If we recall Makosh with their assistants, we will see how they determined the fate of people.

Share and Nedolya with their own hands wove the fate of people using thread. In places where a person had an event, a fateful thread knitted a knot.

The braided female braids also possessed magical powers. In the old days there was a custom that made girls wear a braid. Braided braid — the girl is not married.

But this is not the only meaning of the braid. In this uncomplicated way, the girlish braid protected her possessor from damage, the evil eye and the dark forces.

Spit — charm from the evil eye

When the girl was getting married, a braid was unraveled and a kerchief was worn, which was tied on a knot. During the marriage, they carefully monitored the absence of knots on the clothes of the bride and groom.

This was done in order to rid the young couple of obstacles and troubles in life.

In other cases, did the opposite. The bride’s dress was decorated with a network.

The network has a large number of protection nodes. As long as such a network has at least one nauz, neither a sorcerer nor a demon can create his own dark business against a young family.

The bride and groom were tied with the hands of the towel as a sign of a strong union between the wife and husband.

Belief in the magic of the knot has been preserved to our times. Recall the method of getting rid of warts or barley.

Tied knot. A plot is read and the nodule is cut or buried.

In some recipes they are burned.

There are sections of magic that are called so — nodular magic. Nauza was worn around the neck as charms.

A variety of objects were tied to the thread.

Such a modest decoration had tremendous magical power. Nauza amulets were worn on the neck, not on the arm, on the belt.

They were hung in houses, barns, and even on fences.

As a suspension on the rope with the advent of Christianity began to wear a bag of incense — ladanka.

Since ancient times, incense was afraid of evil, so the woman served as a protective talisman against evil forces. In addition to bags with different potions, objects also clung.

Depending on the suspended object, the wizard guarded one or another meaning.

The value of thread color and canopy image

Slavic beliefs are very often intertwined with the animal and plant world. Plants and animals were endowed with unearthly power and were considered the spirits of the earth.

The carved figurine of the beast was revered and equated with a talisman. Such a talisman was often fastened by a plotted knot to the lace and worn around his neck.

This kind of amulets is always done by hand.

After all, the Naouz was a kind of amulet in which the energy was created, creating the magic of the knot.

Red Crown

Such a talisman is made very simply and takes not too much time. If you wish, you yourself can make such a guardian with your own hands.

During the weaving of the science it is necessary to firmly decide what you want.

It will protect, protect or play the role of love spell. From the purpose of the knot will hang, what kind of suspension clings to it and what color should be the thread.

The color in this case is very important.

In the Slavic peoples, each color was characterized by its own color.

  • Red is the color of vital energy, strength and health, a guarantee of longevity.
  • Orange — gives joy and inspiration. Optimistic mood for all undertakings.
  • Yellow — the color of mental activity. Promotes the birth of new ideas.
  • Green is wealth, creativity and growth.
  • Blue color able to heal.
  • Blue is responsible for peace and tranquility.
  • Purple color is a pledge of confidence in the future.

Knowing the color of the thread needed for the amulet, choose an object that will act as a amulet.

  • A stork on the neck gives the owner longevity.
  • Angel — enlightenment and purity of thoughts.
  • Libra helps a person to do the right thing, protects against injustice and grants the ability to distinguish between truth and falsehood.
  • Successful person tuned to victory can be identified by the talisman in the form of a wolf. The wolf is a symbol of strength and determination, courage and courage.
  • The unicorn personified light magic and a source of purity. Such a symbol could be seen in the «white magicians.»
  • One of the most common charms among the Slavs is a star. Symbol of constancy and protection from evil spells. Gives superiority and aspiration.

Create Nodular Charm

Now you can safely start creating a nauza of a talisman with your own hands, adhering to Slavic traditions and beliefs. The most common desires of modern people are career, love, luck and wealth.

Therefore, we present to your attention some ways of knitting amulets of thread.

The first knot fits exactly in the middle.

Tying a knot is necessary to pronounce not very loud:

This will be the beginning of your magical action. Then you need to bend one of the ends of the thread in half and thread the resulting loop into the central knot.

And through the second eyelet of the central knot, the tip of the bent thread is passed through. The next step is to tie the third knot over the first two.

It is done as follows. The free end of the thread is threaded through the remote loop.

The main thing is not to forget, when tying up every science to read the above-mentioned conspiracy. Now you can slightly tighten the resulting weave.

Repeat this again on the left and right and the guardian is ready.

It is also worth remembering that, creating a charm, it enters your energy, which is associated with the work. Think only of the good and constantly remember the person to whom you give this amulet for a good memory.

On this work to create a charm with his own hands over. It remains only to give it to the future owner.

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