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Tibetan divination MO online

Many dream to know the future, because they believe that this will help to avoid some problems. There are many ways to look into the future, one of which is considered Tibetan fortune telling MO.

This is a system that uses special bones. If you don’t have them, the usual ones will do.

You will need to make a special markup.

Tibetan divination MO online

Tibetan fortune telling

Preparing for Tibetan divination

Initially apply symbols to the bones. So, on the side with one point, apply the symbol AH. On the two, write RA, on the PA three, on the four, on the Central Asian five, and on the DHI six.

Now sit down and take it easy. In Tibet, before such fortune-telling, they meditated and relaxed.

If you can meditate, do it. You can just sit down and relax, you can not drink alcohol. Now pick up the bones and hold them for a bit.

So, the subject will be filled with your energy. Now focus and roll the bones, there should be two. These letters are not just symbols, they are the syllables of the mantra.

Tibetans believe that their use fills with wisdom and allows you to get answers to all exciting questions.

The interpretation of symbols consists of two parts. You will receive two combinations, there may be 36 of them altogether. Interpretation of symbols is performed immediately after the procedure.

There is a whole table with the designation of each combination, for example, DHI AH is the original wisdom, and PA CA — vigorous passions. Due to the complexity of interpretation, choose free online divination.

Roll bones

Tibetan divination MO online

Tibetan divination MO online

When not worth guessing?

Please note, the results may be distorted in such cases:

  • fatigue;
  • anxiety;
  • internal stress;
  • taking psychotropic drugs;
  • state of intoxication.

Divination itself exists for several centuries; it was originally invented by Tibetan monks. Now this way of knowing the future is inextricably linked with Buddhist culture and faith.

Applying divination can learn not only about success in business, but also achievements on the love front. With the help of bones, you can get an answer to general or specific questions.

The sphere can be any. Tibetan divination allows you to assess the situation from an unexpected side, a little away from the problem.

In addition, this procedure contributes to spiritual growth, especially if you spend fortune-telling in order to bring benefit and benefits to others.

This divination is described in detail in the book of destinies. This old book contains many questions from different spheres of life, and it does not always tell the truth. This is necessary to push the guessing person to actions and specific actions.

Do not ask questions twice, better postpone divination for some time. The “wise Oracle” may be capricious and unwilling to talk to you. As you can see, the divination of a Tibetan monk is difficult and requires concentration, it cannot be done quickly and quickly, because you can get the wrong answers.

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