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Tibetan divination Moe

Mo Tibetan divination is one of the ways divination based on the system of Buddhist philosophy. It is an integral part of the culture and religion of Tibet. Perhaps due to the close proximity of China, it uses the method of random selection, like Jing.

Before guessing Moe online, it is advisable to dive a little into the essence of this method.

What is Mo’s divination based on?

Tibetan divination MoeUsing this divination, one can interpret the meaning in different ways, but all of them are based on the idea of ​​choosing two syllables of the Manjushri mantra. One of the most common methods is to throw one dice, which is related to a syllable or a number corresponding to a syllable.

There are 36 different answers, one of which indicates a roll of the dice.

Patron Deity — Manjushri, the embodiment of the wisdom of buddhas of all ages — it is considered to be a seer. Using this method of divination, it is important to have an idea about this deity. He is described as a boy of sixteen, with skin, the color of which may be yellow, blue, green, orange or white, depending on its manifestations.

With his right hand, he brandishes a flaming sword of wisdom, and with his left he squeezes a blue lotus flower, which opens against the left half of his face. In the flower lies The Book of True Wisdom. His legs are crossed in the lotus position.

Visualize the image of this deity before each roll of the dice.

Forecasting events through this fortune telling is based on chance. This is an important, philosophical concept that is the subject of many people’s reasoning, in particular, Jung in his essay «Synchronicity: acausal, connecting principle», derives from this idea synchronicities — it lies in the fact that interconnected incidents are a random variation of different, smaller events.
From this perspective, the idea of ​​divination acquires a very deep meaning and ceases to be just a die roll.

There are many books written by Lamy about the divination of Mo, which contain various versions of interpreting the answers. The basic guideline for Mo was compiled Mipam Gyatso, great scholar and devotee of the school Nyingma.

It is based on Kalachakre Tantra, one of the teachings of this tradition.

Key principles of divination

Tibetan divination MoeThe cube is thrown twice in a row, revealing one of the 36 possible answers. This procedure is preceded by the visualization of the deity Manjushri.

And although Mo only has 36 variations in comparison with 64 variations in the system Jing, Some responses are both positive and negative, so there are potentially 72 possible interpretations.

When fortune telling, the first throwing of the dice gives an opportunity to find out the current state of affairs, and the second — the future. You can also guess for two people, in this case, the first syllable will concern the one who rolls the die, and the second — the other person.

Some meanings of syllables

Tibetan divination Moe

  1. DHI — perfection, wisdom, intelligence, thought. In combination with another “DHI” indicates an increase or increase; with «AH» — poise; with «RA» — continuity; with «TSA» — the favor or the likelihood of quick execution; with “PA” — obligations or marriage.
  2. RA– power, fire, form, heart, mind desires, voice and speech.
  3. PA — peace, water, language, joy of ownership.
  4. NA — increase, earth and air.
  5. TSA — violence, air and earth, letter or message, breath.
  6. AH — comprehensive, this answer means that there will be no obstacles.

AH, DHI, RA, and TSA share the concept of wisdom, the waning moon, or the negative side — Yin. NA and PA are concentration, gentleness, growing Moon, and, therefore, the positive side is Yang.

Each value of the Mo combination is associated with the name and image of different objects. The names refer to astrological phenomena, nature, various objects created by man, to supernatural beings, and so on. Some of them have abstract qualities (luck, ignorance), others may relate to ritual attributes.

All of them provide a more complete picture and give a more accurate answer to the question. This is similar to astrological forecasting, where a specific question relates to a particular house of the horoscope.

Fields of life for applying Mo:

  1. Family, property, life;
  2. Intentions and goals;
  3. Friends and wealth;
  4. Enemies;
  5. Guests;
  6. Disease;
  7. Evil forces;
  8. Spiritual practice;
  9. Missing things and stuff.

Sometimes a single question can relate to different areas.

The procedure for performing divination

Tibetan divination Moe

Tibetan divination Moe

    • Think over the question. It should be simple, direct and unambiguous. Write it down. Alternative actions can be included if necessary.
    • Determine which area of ​​your question concerns life.
    • Try to present the image of Manjushri. If there are difficulties with visualization, look at its image. You can also perform the whole procedure before his image.
    • Read the Manjusri spell:

    Ohm Oh, glorious Manjushri, possessing the glance of transcendental wisdom, you see the past, the present and the future, please listen to me! By the power of real Truth, the Three Jewels and the Three Roots, tell me what to accept and what to discard.

    • For better immersion, you can read the Pratya-Samutpad, the mantra of interdependent occurrence:

    Om e dharma heta prabhava,
    Getunteshan tathagatogyavadat,
    tesam tea nirodha,
    evam wadi mahashramanae matchmaker

    Mo’s fortune telling is a kind of Tibetan Tarot, images of some combinations are especially similar: Golden Wheel, Shining Star, Demon of Death, House of Good News etc. Like Tarot, Mo carries a spiritual basis. It not only satisfies material interests, but also gives a sense of numinosity in the process of divination, which occurs in the context of interconnection.

    There are no accidents in our world!

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