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Tibetan fortune telling by symbols

The ancient Tibetan divination of MO has been known for more than five thousand years, and during this time, thanks to its wisdom, universality and accuracy of predictions, it gained popularity far beyond Tibet. The Tibetans themselves and all their neighbors treat the fortune-telling divination with respect, and regularly resort to its help in order to sort out the most difficult life issues and find solutions to everyday problems.

For the classic Tibetan fortune-telling MO, hexagon cubes are used, resembling the dice we are used to, however, instead of numbers, ancient Tibetan symbols are depicted on their faces: NA, RA, PA, CA, AH, DHI. Before fortune telling you need to focus and think about the question to which you want to get an answer or a hint of Fate. After that, you need to throw two fortuneteel dice and by the combination of the signs dropped on them, determine the prediction. Each combination of signs has its own sacred name, for example, the combination of the Central Asia is called “Destruction of the Golden House”.

According to a special directory, it turns out that you promise such a combination.

For example, the above-mentioned combination “Destruction of the Golden House” in Tibetan fortune-telling by the Ministry of Defense predicts a gradual decline in the family and financial affairs of the now well-to-do family.

The online MO divination offered by us fully complies with the traditional Tibetan MO divination regarding the methods and interpretations of the predictions, but it saves you from having to make divination cubes on your own, put complex Tibetan symbols on them and rummage through the directory in search of the deciphering combination. Here the program will do all this for you.

You just have to ask your question and roll the dice. Tibetan divination MO online — a great opportunity to touch the wisdom of the mysterious Tibet and get a hint of Destiny without getting up from your favorite chair!

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