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We learn the character by toes

Along with palmistry, there is a little-known kind of divination — pedomancy. This is the definition of the character and fate of a person by the feet and toes.

If their shape and length is known, the character of the person will no longer be a secret to the knowledgeable person.

Thumb length

If the big toe is the longest, its owner likes to shine in society and attract attention, one of the distinguishing features of character is creativity. Such people do not like and do not know how to worry for a long time.

Making them nervous can only be a serious reason: the owners of long thumbs rarely worry about trifles.

We learn the character by toesNegative character trait: inability to focus on one case due to monotony. To show good results, they need to change the occupation, the situation in the work process.

If the thumb is short, the person pays great attention to self-development. Distinguish owners of such feet and ambitions.

People with a short thumb know what they are going to achieve, and rarely doubt the ability to achieve what they want, like to persuade other people to do things that they themselves lack the courage to do.

The better developed the big toe, the brighter the tendency to chatter. People with moving thumbs are gossips who are better off not trusting secrets.

Fingertips square or triangular Forms speak about laconicism and isolation.

If there is a lump near the finger, the person is well adapted to life, the problems will not unbalance him. However, the owner of the foot with a bump on the side depends on the opinions of others and is afraid of gossip.

If there is an elevation on the nail, the person is irritable and emotionally unstable. Such people are encouraged to learn to control feelings.

According to the sign, if the thumb nails have grown, it’s time to get rid of the old one in order to open the way for the new, that is, to say goodbye to old habits and unnecessary things.

If the finger expands from the base to the tip, the person is dishonest with himself. The stronger the big turn to the rest, the brighter the dependence on the opinions of others.

People who think through each act, there are calluses between the thumb and index finger.

Their owners should learn to listen to the heart and pay attention to emotions.

Index toes

We learn the character by toesThe shape of the toes will tell even about who will be the head of the family. Before the wedding, you need to compare the length of the index fingers on the legs of the future spouses.

If the wife is longer, the woman will seek to play the role of head of the family, the husband will have the husband in the house.

When both of the two have an index finger longer than a large one, the spouses will have to learn to negotiate and compromise. If the index is the shortest, the person prefers to give the role of head of the family to the spouse.

The index and big fingers of the same length speak about equality — this is one of the wedding signs.

If the finger is longer than the others, it reports lust for power. Its owner is resourceful and can make decisions. A short index finger is a sign of a lack of communication problems.

A person does not aspire to the role of a leader, but does not allow himself to use himself, without effort finds a common language with people, highly values ​​peace and harmony.

Mean fingers

We learn the character by toes

Finger shape

The foot, on which the middle finger is the longest finger, is rarely encountered. Its owner appreciates the authorities: such people become real professionals and achieve considerable success, moving up the career ladder.

The longer the middle finger, the more ambition a person has.

If the middle finger is the shortest, it speaks of the desire for pleasure. People with such legs tend to get joy from life, but rarely think about something other than entertainment — they are real lazy people. They do not tend to be interested in the outside world.

Active types of recreation for such people do not like: among their preferences — quiet leisure.

The thickness of the middle fingers also matters for the character:

  • Thin talk about creative talent and creativity.
  • Holders of fat — mundane people who are practical and adaptable to life.

If the middle finger is tilted to the side of the little finger, the person loves to make trouble and is not patient.

The large distance between the index and middle fingers is a sign of dissatisfaction with work.

The owner of such a foot has to go every morning to hateful work, to spend a lot of effort to contain negative emotions about it. A person needs to try to find positive aspects or change jobs and give free rein to emotions.

As with the signs of moles, the distance between the fingers will be reduced, if done correctly.

Read the article about the definition of the shape of the fingers.

Unnamed toe

We learn the character by toesThe ring finger has an influence on a person’s character. Here is what his length on foot tells about the character:

  • Normal length is neutral.
  • Dinniy — a person loves people, is attached to his family and respects relatives. This is a great friend who knows how to listen and loves to help his relatives, but these qualities make the owner of a non-standard foot vulnerable. They are easily offended or used for mercenary purposes. Such persons need to learn to help only loved ones who can be trusted.
  • Too short — the owner is selfish and puts his own pleasure above the needs of friends. Such people are not interested in friends, there is no desire to communicate with relatives.

If the ring finger is turned in the direction of the index finger, the person is able to find a middle ground between helping others and their own interests, and has many friends.

Wrinkles speak of the need for care. The flattened form of a finger is about the need to argue and enter into conflicts.

In order not to spoil relations with loved ones, you need to find a way to give a way out to negative emotions.

Learn the character of the little finger legs

We learn the character by toesThe length of the little finger is noticed if it is significantly shorter than the others. Coincidentally? Then a person loves to dream.

The reality for its owner seems not as interesting as the dreams, movies and books of the favorite author. Able to keep the «inner child» until old age. Old age is not too scary, because in the soul they are young.

He loves communication and makes dating easily.

Marriage with people who know how to move his little finger, but no nameless, will be difficult. Usually it says that a person likes to flirt, change.

They are impulsive, not boring with them, but they are also easily bored.

We learn the character by toes

We learn the character by toes

Guessing the shape of the toes gives a clear picture of a person’s character.

Such important signs still play a big role. In some states, the groom’s family may reject the bride due to the “wrong” toes.

A striking example is India. Among compatriots fortune telling on the feet can be an interesting leisure.

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