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Dream Interpretation: tooth fell out without blood and pain

Teeth is an allegory of energy, therefore the loss of teeth in a dream is a symbol of loss of vital forces, perhaps some events may occur with you that make you worry and doubt.

  1. Tooth loss without blood may mean that the annoying acquaintance will finally get rid of you, and you can breathe a sigh of relief.
  2. Treat a fallen tooth in a dream can symbolize a serious change in life. You can expect a quick wedding or divorce.
  3. Knocked out tooth testifies rather to a minor failure in some business or event. There may be doubts about the need to implement the plan, as well as in the realization of a dream.
  4. To dream of falling out of rotten own teeth or pull them bit by bit — to the disease. Pay close attention to this, and the problem will go away by itself. Fallen teeth of the enemy symbolize the same disease, but push out the tooth with your tongue indicates the imminent recognition of you and your merits by family and friends, respect at work and the cessation of all kinds of gossip.
  5. Perhaps in your life there is a person who is pretty fed up. Torn out tooth in dreams, speaks of the earliest possible break with him.
  6. Sometimes a dream like this may indicate losing my own self. You will feel lost in life without seeing a way out of this situation.

Treatment of tooth loss in a dream for other dream books

There are many opinions and interpretations of such a dream. But in any case, this is an unpleasant factor, which promises some changes in a person’s life not for the better.

  • loss of one tooth — this is bad news, a couple — you have to go through a lot of troubles and worries, trials will improve your nature, and the three of teeth is a symbol of huge misfortunes for a long time period.
  • but there are positive moments here. A number of dream books explain the loss of teeth without blood, as getting rid of something unnecessary and experienced. So in the future offensive light of life.
  • dreams where you see yourself completely without teeth, They talk about your weakness in solving any problems. But to see toothless others means that your enemies will be defeated, and gossip will be reduced to zero.
  • in modern editions dream books explain sleep with loss of teeth to the loss of vital energy and the upcoming participation in adverse events. The tooth loss of your friend in a dream simply explains your inner experience about health and its well-being.
  • there are dream books that explain this situation as the end with the past life and a direct transition to a higher stage of development. Of course, without difficulties here is not enough.
  • other more fundamental sources report that such dreams warn the dreamer to attentively looked at my surroundings. It is quite possible that not completely reliable people have crept in among them, who in the future can ruin your life or bring chaos and trouble into it.

Such dreams may indicate that now you need to relax and take care of yourself. Pay attention to your health, take a time out in your life. Maybe you just need to relax and recover.

It is better not to build plans for this period, anyway in most cases they may fail. Therefore, a lull and a break in your actions is necessary.

If you see in a dream that you have a tooth dropped, but there is no blood at the same time, you should know that you will start a losing streak. You may lose a dear person who will leave your life. It will not be his death, he will just disappear.

The loss of teeth in dreams will bring you depression and loss of vital energy. Life will cease to please you and play with colors. But if you have a tooth pulled out by force, wait for the quick death of a loved one. Especially the prediction comes true, if the tooth pulls out your blood enemy.

According to this dream book, the loss of one or several teeth will entail problems with well-being, the onset of apathy, psychological and nervous disorders. Usually such dreams are seen by people with a disturbed nervous system and leading a wrong lifestyle.

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