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What are the dreams of the stars in the dream and Eastern interpretations

What stars dream of, everyone can guess himself — this is a sign of dreams, hopes, romantics. Basic meanings are read with ease. The hidden meaning of a dream, if it is repeated from time to time, can only be read by an experienced astrologer.

A good psychoanalyst of a classical or Jungian school can calculate the real meaning of a dream according to the psychoemotional state, signs and interpretations.

The fact is that the stars in dreams had a special meaning since ancient times. Even in Mesopotamia, before the rise of Egyptian civilization, the signs of the stars were actively used in magical and religious writing.

The influence of stars, including in dreams, on the fate of man, at all times seemed undeniable.

With all superficial simplicity and a strong positive value, there will certainly be hidden values, which will not be easy to guess. In general, it is clear that you are an optimistic person, accustomed to look at the world with wide eyes, you are ready for adventure, travel, do not miss the chance to learn something new or try something unusual.

They don’t dream of bore stars, they always look at their feet and, due to this good habit, have a very limited outlook.

What are the dreams of the stars in the dream and Eastern interpretations

Basic Values

  • Quite often, the stars become the sign of a pipe dream or even a false one, if we are talking about asterisks cut out of paper. Movie stars and pop stars are the lust and desire to find the perfect partner, like the characters that the actors portray. Kremlin ruby ​​stars — a sign of loyalty, resilience and devotion. Red stars managed to get a serious meaning and be filled with a special meaning.
  • Falling stars in a dream are a sign of unlimited possibilities in all horoscopes except Chinese.
  • The larger and brighter the stars in the sky you see in a dream — the more luck you can count on.
  • Multicolored bright big stars promise a strip of tremendous luck and good luck. In all but gambling. Other characters are responsible for gambling. If friends are sent to you — show the wonders of hospitality — they bring you good luck and it depends on your meeting whether good luck remains with you in your home.
  • Lonely bright star — you will soon learn the amazing news that will be important to you.
  • Polaris — you are on the right track.
  • The Milky Way — to a peaceful and safe journey.
  • To see your horoscope sign is a warning about possible danger. You will be lucky, but keep your eyes open and be on your guard. In some cases, will have to show perseverance.
  • The appearance in the sky of a new star is an unexpected opportunity that you didn’t suspect.
  • If the sky is cloudy, covered with clouds, the stars grow dim and dim — your time of luck is very limited. Hurry up to fulfill your plans or the gates of fate will close before you.
  • Dull, obscure celestial bodies, which are difficult to discern — to the possible problems with vision.
  • If you dream of a star with a clear good value — do not tell this dream at home, so as not to frighten luck away. It may happen that a lucky person will cause envy or hidden ill will, and such feelings on the part of loved ones have a destructive effect on luck and luck.

What are the dreams of the stars in the dream and Eastern interpretations

What are the stars dream about dream books

  • The dream of Miller promises a wide bright strip, wisely adding that it must be followed by black, which means you need to make some reserves and reserves in case the successful strip ends.
  • Bloody stars in the sky can be harbingers of serious changes in life, trials and ambiguous situations. It is assumed that by showing stamina and ingenuity, you can bargain for a decent piece of happiness from fate.
  • Dream Vanga promises the fulfillment of desires, especially good and significant. Any work will give an excellent result, the main thing — move in a given direction. Do not be afraid of detractors, you are invulnerable until you have told about your dream.
  • Freudic dream interpretation promises sudden strong passion and romantic affection. You may be able to meet the love of all life. Freud recommends covering up his eyes for some weaknesses if they are minor. In this case, you will be able to create a wonderful union. Many sparkling stars in the sky will not bring joy. For happiness you need only one star, shining on the background of the rest.
  • The Chinese dream book, unlike the European ones, is inclined to interpret meteors and meteorites negatively. The only exception is if a falling fragment of the sky pierces the sleeping chest. In this case, you will become the parent of a great hero and sage.
  • An interesting dream for China is to travel across the sky, touching celestial bodies with your hands, sorting through them like vegetables on the market. In this case, the eastern dream book promises an unprecedented rise of career and tremendous wealth.

What are the dreams of the stars in the dream and Eastern interpretations


To see the stars in a dream can talented people, inspired by the dream. This is a sure sign that you will succeed and make up the most successful way.

The most important thing is not to lose faith in yourself and keep the guiding light of the star in front of your inner eye.

It may be interesting to open the star atlas and compare the real night sky in your area and the constellations seen in a dream. Do not forget about the time of year, because the sky is not static.

Maybe you saw the stars of a completely different hemisphere, and you have to travel around the world.

It is always helpful to check the actual value of the dream. Indeed, having seen the Southern Cross in a dream in the midst of a placer of tropical stars, it is difficult to assume in the Arctic that there is to be an excellent holiday fully paid for by the company in Spain — but such is the reality.

Guess today using the map of the tarot «Map of the Day»!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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