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What are the dreams of yellow flowers according to the dream books of Miller, Vanga, Freud, Tsvetkov

The pleasant aroma of fresh bouquet is always shrouded in romance and tenderness of quivering feelings. It is presented on the occasion of a significant event or as a sign of its appreciation, love, respect, attention.

Why dream of yellow flowers, we learn in the verified dream books.

General interpretation

Yellow flowers in a dream is considered to be a herald of separation and sadness. But some interpretations say quite the opposite. In the Feng Shui philosophy, it is considered that yellow is the color of the inner harmony and harmony of a person with himself.

He personifies wisdom, health, sunlight and warmth. It reflects the living mind of the dreamer, his activity and positive attitude.

What are the dreams of yellow flowers according to the dream books of Miller, Vanga, Freud, Tsvetkov

Bright and original bouquets of yellow inflorescences — a sign of a difficult, but interesting fate for those who are not afraid to take justifiable risk, takes this opportunity and does not miss opportunities. They are deservedly happy and successful.

Faded and dried plants are a sign of health problems or difficult life circumstances. These difficulties are easier to overcome if there is support from those to whom you are dear.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

Yellow flowers personify the feminine. This sign may reflect the psycho-emotional equanimity of the dreamer, its wisdom and calm.

She is in harmony with her inner world and does not seek casual relationships with a man. But sometimes her excessive intelligibility leads to long-term loneliness.

Do not dwell on finding the perfect sexual partner. Otherwise, this status will not leave you for a long time.

Cutting flowers in a flower bed means striving for self-satisfaction. Your sophistication in sex has led you to indifference to the opposite sex.

You do not want to bother yourself with unnecessary obligations and responsibilities.

A man to give yellow flowers in a dream — a sign that he is prone to one-time sexual contacts without long communication. You are a very self-sufficient and very romantic person, but marriage bonds scare you with their routine of monotony.

What are the dreams of yellow flowers according to the dream books of Miller, Vanga, Freud, Tsvetkov

A young man was dreaming to trample flowers — a dream indicates complete indifference to the feelings of his partner. You are selfish about someone who gives you love and affection.

You are convinced of your superiority and confident in your own indispensability.

But the yellow tint of trampled roses or tulips foreshadows you soon separation from a girl whose feelings and desires you did not support.

A woman to contemplate a faded bouquet — to feel age-related changes of the face and shape. This does not give you optimism and inspiration, but brings memories of violent youth.

Throw away a floral wreath from yellow lilies — wishing to break a vicious bond with a married lover. You are aware of your own mistake and are very determined.

Gustov Miller

Bright yellow indoor or garden flowers — a sign of great profits and prosperity. To plant the stem of such a plant is to invest money in a successful and promising business.

For a woman, this can become a symbol of her marital happiness, where the germinated process will personify harmoniously developing relationships.

Dried and wilted leaves warn of trouble. Your frivolous approach to business will reflect on your financial situation and social status.

It is not recommended to dispute someone else’s point of view on your account and to question simple truths.

From this you will look even more unsightly.

The girl receives a gift of a bouquet of different flowers — a symbol of her success among many fans. We should expect an increase in useful contacts, cash and, as a result, extremely positive emotions.

For those who have been in prolonged seasonal depression, such a dream indicates an early exit from a stressful state. Contribute to that will be friends and admirers who are ready to reanimate your mood professionally.

What are the dreams of yellow flowers according to the dream books of Miller, Vanga, Freud, Tsvetkov

To collect yellow wildflowers in the field — to show real interest in all living, interesting, new things. For adults and self-sufficient people — this is a sign of insight, rethinking of reality, enlightenment.

You want fresh thoughts, simple original ideas. Such a search for happiness may take some time, but it will definitely lead to a new level of existence.

To a young woman to grow a large number of houseplants is to be a very secretive and shy person.

You are trying to hide your feelings and aspirations from those to whom they are interesting.

Thereby, you can push away a person who appreciates you and values ​​this friendship.

For the elderly, wilted plants on window sills warn of imminent health problems. Do not neglect the prevention of seasonal diseases and infections. You should also pay attention to the diet and daily activity.

Walking in the fresh air in a warm company will be very helpful.

A lonely girl, a blooming garden in a dream is a symbol of a romantic date. This meeting will bring a lot of positive emotions.

An excellent chance to show yourself in a favorable light, showing your best character traits and appearance.

Dreamed of weaving a wreath — to the arrangement of the home. You will receive an offer to create a cute and cozy family nest. Do not give up your own happiness.

Otherwise, your loneliness will drag on, and high ambitions will not materialize.

Fans shower their heads with yellow petals — the search for the beloved was delayed, and without bringing a result.

Perhaps you just need to change settings and not get hung up on the exclusivity of family values.

Try to catch the pleasure of a temporary opportunity to be alone. Concentration on a career or a new hobby activates your everyday life.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

Yellow flowers are a symbol of the collapse of hopes and separation from people dear to the heart. A negative omen awaits those who receive such a bouquet as a gift. You should prepare for a series of trials and bitter disappointments.

In many ways, the troubles that have fallen are the result of your false illusions and ideas.

A strong aroma of flowering to feel in a dream is a sign of trustfulness, naivety, all-consuming and blind love, unrestrained passion, which prevents you from opening your eyes to the true. A young lady such a scenario indicates the parting with those who are very head spin.

For a business lady, such a dream hints at her strong envy of successful people and her obsessive desire to demonstrate her superiority and viability.

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