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What are the waves of dreaming about the dream of Vanga, Zhou Gong and Freud?

What portends the stately waves to the one who saw — the features of interpretation

You had a rather interesting dream, in which you were lucky enough to play the role of a real diver, to whom the waves follow very easily. Dreams with a similar plot are almost always a good omen. So what’s the dream of the waves? The dream interpretation will provide all the necessary answers.

You should try to remember the main details of your dream, as usually at this stage the subconscious will provide you with all the necessary information that you wanted to bring in your dream. It is necessary to understand that a dream with a story about waves is a sign of strength, which will either go in the right direction, or will be used for a completely different purpose, which will only aggravate the current state of your affairs.

Interpretation of dreams for various subjects and circumstances

Now you need to synchronize with your subconscious and remember the main circumstances of your dream. You can not try to rummage in your subconscious to remember the details, but it’s strictly forbidden to think out your details, because it doesn’t help us interpret it at all, but will complicate it.

So, if you could make a complete picture of your dream, then we can begin the interpretation. Try to postpone all important and not so much business at a later date, since this process is associated with stress on the brain, that is, you may feel uncomfortable if you decide to pretend to be «Julius Caesar», with the ability to do many things at once.

Our site provides all the information necessary for interpretation, the dreamer needs only to relate his memories to the options given below. It is also useful to listen to psychologists who never say too much, but only correct some interpretations and give you food for thought, can also give useful advice for the future.

Below are options for dreams, circumstances, and some details that could occur in your dream. All of them are variants of messages that your subconscious mind could send for further deliberation, so try not to neglect the information provided:

  • You are surfing the waves. A dream with such a plot symbolizes the strength and inner courage of the dreamer, but at the same time there is a certain inclination to make rash decisions that entail problems. And these problems are not solved as well as they started;
  • If the waves swept you completely, they could not hide. Some danger comes from your environment, a foe has been developing an activity for quite a long time, which can interfere directly with your projects or ordinary activities;
  • The waves almost overwhelmed you, but you managed to escape. You are overwhelmed with ambitions, but again, someone from the environment spoils absolutely every plan of yours and does not allow you to fully understand your feelings, it can be like a close person, or a completely independent acquaintance, you need to check everyone for involvement;
  • If you were very good in the water with the waves. A dream with a similar plot symbolizes a certain detachment from the rest of the world, you try to constantly remind yourself of something, but always succumb to inner persuasion and do the same. However, you feel good, and you do not feel that you need to change something in your life, rather the opposite;
  • If you felt very bad, the waves constantly climbed in your face and you could not get out of the water. In the near future, the employer will notice you and will not let go; you will be very pleased with this turn of events, but it is possible that you will simply be deceived;
  • The wizards didn’t let you go, but you were pleased with this turn of events. As a character, you are a hidden introvert, constantly trying to hide from your surroundings, if such an opportunity presents itself, but it does not always work out. Such a dream predicts you a new job, directly related to communication;
  • You could control these fluctuations of the sea. Dreams with a similar plot tie you to a certain place of events, something grandiose and unexpected will happen in this place, you will obviously be happy with this scenario and will not stand aside;
  • You entered the so-called “wave tube” when you fell. Extremely fascinating sight, the more seasoned fantasies of your subconscious. Such a dream foreshadows in the life of the dreamer new possibilities for manifesting yourself, you will be able to find your own life path and will not surrender until you squeeze everything;
  • If the waves came to you one after another, and you fought off these improvised attacks. Such a dream is a symbol of interesting passions, a strange interest from the other person. It is quite possible soon you will get the second half;
  • If you jumped into the wave, and then swam in it. This dream is an expression of your desires, deep down you know what you want, but you cannot begin to engage in this type of activity because of the evil tongues that surround you. Dream books advise you to disengage from your surroundings, not to listen to anyone and just go to your goal, go ahead;

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