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What do cats dream of in the dream book and interpretations of authorities

What do cats mean by dream books and how to understand the meaning of a dream

In real life, cats, cats, kittens cause affection, we are pleased to admire the charming grace of cats, enjoy the fluffy softness of the fur. In dreams, cats, especially strangers, strangers — a sign of secret danger. If you dream about your own cat — you are under reliable protection. Cats in a dream can help, protect, scare, harm or warn. Consider what dreams of cats in dream books.

The main importance of cats in a dream — a hidden malevolence, a warning of caution. It is possible that someone seriously aimed at your piece of meat, wallet and home comfort. Pay attention to colleagues, flirting buddies and younger relatives. You’d be surprised, but among these people there may be those who consider your means to be their own and do not hesitate to say so.

  • Your own cat in a dream, your dead cat — the one who decides to contact you, will not be very good. If a dead cat has dreamed a long time ago, as if it is alive and sleeping on your pillow or in your legs — pay attention to your health. Cats warn of possible dangers.
  • If cats in a dream behave insolently and aggressively — this is a sign of a strong dislike that a man pretends to be a friend to you. If animals bite and scratch — this is a sign of serious hostility. The struggle will have to spend a lot of time and effort. Look for workarounds, do not go into direct confrontation, do not force envious people to open actions.
  • A large outsider cat that catches on you, but behaves independently — someone is trying to give up with far-reaching goals.
  • Sassy cat in a dream is a sign of possible betrayal of a partner.
  • A cat that steals food from the table — to a fun party in your territory. Do not incur all expenses from buddies who never invest financially, invite only those whose society is nice.
  • Cats who go about their business, pointedly ignoring your presence — you are being watched. Change passwords in the mail and on the phone, do not leave documents in the public domain. Pay attention if someone “accidentally” digs into your things.
  • Many cats — among your friends is full of sexy and charming little predators.

  • The dream of Veles treats cats in a dream, if it seems to you that they are watching you, a lot of cat eyes in the dark — in reality, someone would like to profit from your property. Be especially careful in the near future, close the doors and do not forget the keys. Do not trust material values ​​to strangers or even acquaintances.
  • The dream of Miller is more categorical in that cats in a dream mean danger. Treat the dream as a warning, be careful. The danger comes not from cats, but from people. First of all, you may suffer because of your gullibility and carelessness. Do not provoke controversial situations and do not run into trouble. A couple of weeks you will have to pretend to be a real specimen of prudence.
  • If you take the trouble to listen to the conversations of others, you will learn many new and unflattering things. Refrain from discussing what was heard. Draw conclusions silently.
  • Dream interpretation Hasse interprets cats who show some interest in you, for example, they sit around the bowl while waiting for food, as a bunch of spoiled friends who have nothing to do with you, but they see some benefit in communicating with you. If you decide to disperse this zoo in reality — you will encounter many problems. Try to disappear unnoticed or pretend to be sick, in need of help and support. People who disappear and disappear into the fog do not deserve the slightest confidence.

To see cats in a dream is a great warning and that you need protection and maximum vigilance. Do not blame the cats that you are not too easy. Be smart, perspicacious, secretive, cunning — and you will be able to cope with any adversity and get a good profit. This is especially true of women who are ready to spend the warmth of the heat for heating completely foreign creatures.

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