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What do children dream about — interpretation by dream-books

To find out why children dream of, you can analyze all sorts of interpretations of dream books for an infinitely long time, or you can read this article and very quickly find a suitable forecast. For many years I have been collecting predictions and choosing the best from them.

Read, and you will know exactly what awaits you in the future.

Dream Vanga

To dream of children is a sign that very soon your life will be filled with problems, small but quite unpleasant. Have to spend more time and effort than usual.

And for a while, sacrifice your personal life and entertainment for the sake of peace.

What do children dream about - interpretation by dream-books

  1. Seeing yourself as a child — your behavior in real life leaves much to be desired. You often behave as if you have not yet matured. You offend loved ones and are capricious in those moments when you should be tolerant.
  2. Weeping children dream of danger to your calm and measured life. There will be a difficult time when troubles begin to come one by one. It will seem that nothing good will ever happen, but you just need time to decide everything.
  3. Disabled children — a warning that you should leave your bad habits as soon as possible. They harm both your health and your psyche. If you do not want to get seriously ill, quickly solve this problem.
  4. To see your own children in a dream — close people lack your attention, from which they suffer, feel unnecessary and unloved. Also, you often offend them with harsh statements and actions.
  5. Looking for lost children in a dream is an unfavorable sign. You will find yourself in a difficult situation and will not be able to find a way out because of your own fears. Gradually, the troubles will accumulate, like a snowball, and take on a catastrophically large scale.
  6. Play with kids — you are in search of your destination and favorite business. And in the near future you will be able to find something to your liking. But after a few years it turns out that you still want to do something else.

Family Dream

To see in a dream a huge crowd of children — to endless troubles and anxieties. You have almost no time left to relax, spend it with loved ones and enjoy life.

But try to solve all the problems at once, without starting anything, otherwise the situation may worsen even more.

What do children dream about - interpretation by dream-books

  1. A child falling to the ground — you will encounter many obstacles that will make it harder to achieve the desired goal. And the culprit is the machinations of detractors and competitors who want to get ahead of you.
  2. Crying children — someone from close friends will deceive you, after which you will lose the ability to trust people for a long time. But remember that there are still honest and loyal people. And do not judge all of the offenses of someone one.
  3. Playing a child — get good news that will give you a lot of positive emotions. Most likely, the information will be related to your career. Looking for a job, such a dream foreshadows a good position.
  4. A child who walks alone without adult supervision is a warning that you should listen to the advice of loved ones. Due to the fact that you neglect this, you often make mistakes by failing to look at the situation from the side with a sober look.
  5. Playing with children is good luck on your side, and soon you will reach a goal that you have long sought, but could not get. From this moment on, circumstances will work for you, just use all the possibilities.
  6. A child accompanied by a nanny — get an invitation for a date from an unfamiliar person. It is necessary to agree, because you can have a great time with him. And perhaps the first meeting over time will lead to a strong and harmonious relationship.
  7. Nursing babies in a dream — you will find yourself in a difficult situation and will rely on the help and support of a close friend. But at the last moment he will betray you, leaving him alone. In the end, you will have to cope with the problem yourself.
  8. To be touched by a newborn — in your life there will be an acquaintance with a very pleasant person who will eventually become a friend, soul mate and business partner. Together you will achieve a lot.
  9. To a childless person, babies dream as a happy omen. From now on, your life will continually delight you with pleasant surprises and gifts. You will live happily in complete harmony with yourself.
  10. To be a father in a dream — you never will have children in real life. In addition, you will constantly face all sorts of problems, difficulties and failures. The situation can be corrected if you learn to think more positively and stop complaining about life.

Esoteric dream book

To keep in a dream in the hands of a newborn — to replenish the family. But this is not necessarily the birth of children.

You can have a pet, for example. Or increase revenues, buy real estate and so on.

What do children dream about - interpretation by dream-books

  1. Dropping a child in a dream — suffer a crushing failure. Plans that you keep in mind lately, will not materialize. This may be a sign that you have chosen the wrong path to achieve your goals.
  2. Beat the children in the dream — to a dizzying success in business. You will get a result that repeatedly exceeds all your even the most daring expectations. So keep active, because you are one step away from the well-being and fulfillment of all cherished desires.
  3. Dirty children in dirty clothes — to the huge problems that will be associated with litigation. You have a long time to defend their honor and dignity, proving non-participation in any crime.

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  • The image of little children in dreams often symbolizes troubles, problems and failures. In the near future, you can not even dream about rest.
  • But sometimes these worries can be happy. For example, some interpretations promise the dreamer to acquire love, a new position or great wealth.
  • Much depends on how you treat children in real life. If you associate them with problems and loss of time, then the forecast of dream books will be unfavorable for you.
  • If in children you see only happiness, then the interpretation will be good, promising positive events in life.

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