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What do dolphins dream about in the sea?

Such a dream is not a nightmare at all, after it you wake up in a good mood and dream of a pleasant one. Should we interpret the dreamed sea mammals positively, or are they a sign of future troubles?

Why do dolphins dream in the sea? Let’s try to figure it out.

What do dolphins dream about in the sea?

Why dreams about dolphins in the sea? Folk interpretations

There are many dream books in which the same dream can be interpreted differently. But only the details differ, the basic interpretation is almost the same everywhere.

Depending on the circumstances in which the events took place in a dream, the dolphins who dreamed might mean the following.

  1. If the dolphin is fun in the water, around the atmosphere of warmth and tranquility, the sun shines brightly. Then the dream foreshadows intimate joy, the successful resolution of problems in matters of the heart or recovery from a serious illness, the end of mental longing. Perhaps you will overtake spiritual enlightenment or career growth.
  2. If a marine mammal has visited a woman in the kingdom of Morpheus, this may indicate a lack of emotion. In real life, the girl does not have enough thrills, love experiences. Perhaps she is not sexually satisfied or suffers from the lack of attention of her partner. Sleeping with a dolphin is a sign of an acute need for falling in love, driving.
  3. If you dreamed not one dolphin, but their whole flock, but animals are swimming in the distance, you catch a glimpse of them, then you are alone in real life. You do not have enough social joys, communication, interesting events and bright people nearby. I want to be in the center of attention, but it does not work out — someone else is popular and enjoys the love of others.
  4. If dolphins frolic not in the open sea, but in a closed space, swimming in a pool or pond, it speaks of your restraint. You do not know how to open up to people, you feel the need to open up, to show yourself in all its glory, but it does not work. Or some circumstances of insuperable force prevent to prove themselves.
  5. And if in a dream the dolphin is not simple, but a circus? This marine artist performs pirouettes in the air, shows tricks. Such a dream is a sign of your insincerity. In real life, you behave in a feigned manner, often giving an unnatural reaction to the behavior of others. Because of this, things are not going the best way. Stop playing, be yourself, start trusting people, and they will reach out to you.
  6. If the animal is unhealthy, «Not in the mood», is capricious and does not obey the trainer, then you in real life are unhappy with something. Not satisfied with the work, nagging chief, sawing his wife. Friends do not seem to be friends at all, and there is no trust in your loved one. Such a dream is a sign: you need to radically change the environment.
  7. A dolphin jumping out of the water onto its surface. — good sign! Such a dream says: you are doing everything right in your life! There are all prerequisites for further growth, career and spiritual. Keep up the good work, moving in the right direction.

Such interpretations in dreams that you observe from the outside. But otherwise you can interpret the night visions in which you are present, participate in what is happening yourself.

Why dream of interacting with dolphins?

What do dolphins dream about in the sea?

The meaning of a dream with dolphins, in which you are present, too, can be the following:

  1. You swim with animals, play and frolic. Beautiful dream! It means that your loved ones appreciate, love you, never leave without support. Congratulations, you surrounded yourself with the right, sincere people.
  2. If you dream you climb a dolphin on the ridge, and he takes you away, it’s not bad too! Such a dream foreshadows a rich personal life, rich in vivid emotions and stormy experiences. Perhaps soon you will meet an extraordinary person who will radically change your usual life. The main thing is not to resist abrupt changes, they are for the better.
  3. If you are in a dream chatting with dolphins (like Mowgli among wolves), they take you for their own, this is a great sign. Sleep may mean that you have achieved a high level of spiritual, intellectual and emotional development in real life. Primitive desires and instincts are of little importance to you, you aspire to get to know people, and not to come closer to them because of your appearance, social status. You are not a consumer, but a mastermind.
  4. If the marine inhabitants are aggressive towards you, that’s not bad. Troubles should not wait. Such a dream is just a sign — you are trying very little in your current activity, you need to work more. Then success will come quickly.

Conclusion: if in a dream you are watching the dolphins from the side, the dream foreshadows something bad. If you actively participate in the events, something positive and pleasant will happen for you.

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