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What do dream dolphins dream about: Miller, Vanga and others

Dolphin is considered a symbol of crystal purity, unlimited joy, playfulness and spiritual wealth. Why dream of this amazing animal in our dreams? For many people, dolphins are associated with independence and salvation.

There is a belief that this beautiful animal can only dream of bright and wise people. To find out what the dolphin warned you about in your dream, you should seek help from the dream book.

What do dream dolphins dream about: Miller, Vanga and others

General interpretation of sleep

Dolphins in a dream for a married woman can mean a close pregnancy. For young women, such a dream can foreshadow joy and life changes for the better.

However, this may be a warning: you should trust less unfamiliar people, because disappointment in them may come. Also a noble animal can foreshadow the appearance in your life of a man who generously bestows you with his friendship, warmth and love and will become you a wonderful husband.

If a dolphin in a dream caused a joy, a pleasant feeling, then your man will be very kind and attentive to you.

What dreams dolphin pregnant women? This dream foreshadows easy and safe delivery, the birth of a beautiful and healthy baby.

If a dolphin of a bottlenose dolphin appeared in a dream — to the birth of a boy, if a white whale dreamed — to the birth of a girl.

To see a dolphin in a dream, a young girl means to see you soon with a pleasant stranger who will become a reliable and good friend in the future. However, the girl should beware, as the dream may portend an unplanned pregnancy for which she is not yet ready.

Dolphins in the pool in our dreams mean too high severity to themselves. In reality, you attach too much importance to the various conventions promoted by society.

You should listen more to your aspirations and desires, behave more naturally.

Dolphin is splashing in your pool — to get acquainted with a glorious man in the future, who will become your true friend.

If you see dolphins swimming in the river, you should stop drifting in real life and firmly take control of events yourself.

If in night dreams dolphins play and splash in the sea, then in reality all significant events pass by you. You just watch them from the side, do not take any part in them.

It’s time to take your own destiny in your hands.

What do dream dolphins dream about: Miller, Vanga and others

If in night dreams you caressed, stroked a beautiful animal, swam with it, holding onto the fin, then in your life there are friends and relatives who will always provide you with the necessary support. If you talked to a dolphin, then in reality you will see what you could not believe before.

If you dreamed of an aggressive dolphin who tried to nuzzle you, pushed you, then in reality you are exerting too little strength in an important business for your career, and hope that everything will be resolved by itself. Work harder and soon you will receive your reward in full.

Circus dolphins mean a reflection of your present life. Probably, in reality, you are trying to attract the attention of a person significant to you with the help of outrageous and unnatural behavior for you.

However, these efforts will be in vain if you do not show your naturalness and sincerity.

Interpretation of various dream books

According to Miller’s dream book

From a psychological point of view, Miller interprets dreams about dolphins in different ways:

  • Dolphins in a dream — a symbol of your gullibility and softness. Also, a dream can mean good luck, which you can miss out on your own stupidity. You must give up all your indecision and gain strength of mind, show character, then you will get everything you want from life. In addition, such changes in your character will help you find a reliable friend and patron.
  • Dolphins jump out of the water — a symbol of the fact that in reality everything in your life goes as it should
  • noble animals in cold water — a sign that you need to stop and analyze the situation;
  • Dolphins in warm water — a warning that you should not interfere with the situation. If you do not try to change the current course of events, then everything will go as well as possible.

According to Freud’s dream book

Freud’s dream interpretation explains the appearance of a dolphin in dreams with a lack of thrills in sexual life.

Subconsciously, you are trying to find a way to correct this situation and supplement your sensations.

In reality, you do not leave the feeling that your relationship has ceased to bring its former pleasure and is mired in a routine.

If in a dream you rode on the back of a dolphin, then maybe soon you will have sex in the water. Perhaps you yourself do not decide on such an experiment, and follow someone’s infectious example, and at the same time get a lot of new, pleasant and exciting sensations.

If in a dream you saw a wounded animal, then you should more carefully choose partners for intimate intimacy, as there is a chance of contracting venereal diseases.

What do dream dolphins dream about: Miller, Vanga and others

According to Sonny Juno

Dream Juno treats dreams with a dolphin as a good sign. In reality, your married life takes place in love and harmony, perhaps the appearance of a child who will be engaged in the salvation of other people.

If this animal has dreamed of a pregnant woman, then the birth will take place safely, and the baby will grow up healthy and happy.

According to the dream book Hasse

Dead dolphins in night dreams warn of possible betrayal and betrayal by your lover or spouse.

Also, this is a warning about the collapse of hope, loss of orientation in life, a kind of dead end in your affairs.

According to Wanga’s dream book

In the Vanga dream book, dolphins personify spiritual enlightenment and the ability of a person to overcome any difficult situations that arise in real life.

Family dream book

This dream book interprets a dream like this:

  • Dolphins in a dream — to new friends. These people will be entirely from a different circle, have a completely different occupation and are significantly different from your former close friends. However, despite these differences, you will encounter truly soul mates;
  • riding a dolphin — to the big and difficult business that awaits you in the future. Its implementation will require large expenditures from you: physical and mental.

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