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What do drugs dream about and how to interpret the meaning of a dream according to dream books

Dreamed of drugs: how to decipher the dream book

It may not be too easy to figure out what drugs are dreaming about, because either everyday or extremely desirable things are dreaming. Dreams can also project a person’s fears into depression and stress, losing the most intimidating scenarios. Modern culture considers drugs as something ordinary, almost everyday.

There is even the notion of soft drugs — giving a narcotic effect, addictive and breaking when refused. The attitude towards them is quite condescending — this is an “element of club culture” or some other culture, as if it were not drugs, but a cultural event, like a trip to the conservatory. In many films, scenes with supposedly altered consciousness appear that excite the natural curiosity of a person.

The effect of stimulants affects the whole body, significant doses of pleasure hormones are released, central nervous system is excited, visions are possible. Unfortunately, this is all deception, activity turns into a deepest depression, amazing truths turn out to be boring platitudes, visual effects are monotonous. Find another way to get bright impressions without risk to life and health.

  • To see drugs in a dream — to desire new sensations. Your mind has fallen into the tricks of marketers, and wants to join interesting pictures and exciting travel without any problems. Forbidden aspirations are attractive for you, there is a craving for self-destruction. Perhaps real life seems too fresh and predictable. Unfortunately, life with drugs is much more predictable, and entertainment is more than monotonous.
  • Offer drugs in a dream, you dream that you are a drug dealer. You are the reality you are trying to incite people to a dangerous adventure, from which you expect to get the benefit.
  • Throw away pills, syringes, and so on — you give up the idea of ​​self-destructive practices, although you were ready to consider various options.
  • Examine packages, packaging, brands, syringes with narcotic contents, look down from a great height for a long time and reflect on what will happen if you step. You are at a crossroads, have a rich imagination and do not have moral restrictions. Your curiosity can be fatal. Some things are really best avoided. Sat down desire obsessive — contact a psychologist. Obsessive states are easily understood and treated, there are proven and successful methods. No, you are not unique. This is a common case, many people are confronted with annoying thoughts, as if coming from nowhere.
  • To play pills with a funny rabbit in a dream, you dream that you are a mail worker and stick on ordinary envelopes completely unusual stamps, meaningfully holding your tongue. Be careful what you wish for. Some entertainment can not be stopped on their own. With your imagination, and so much fun. Why do you need monotonous and boring trips? Get creative and describe your fantasies.

  • Freud’s dream interpretation considers drugs as a means of relaxation and pain relief. At the time owl, Freud advocated cocaine, his jaw sore and he was seriously addicted to various stimulants. This explains the incoherence of later research, enthusiastic and depressive tone, replacing each other at an incredible speed. note, it was at a time when cocaine could be freely bought in pharmacies as a remedy for toothache.
  • Eastern dream book treats drugs in a dream, as a disease, fatigue, quarrels with loved ones.
  • Dream Miller interprets drugs in a dream, as a manipulation. You use close people, play with emotions, constantly increasing pressure. You should slow down with the manipulation of consciousness, until even the closest ones have turned away from you.
  • Smoking hemp, or anasha — to experience deep frustration in reality. Perhaps you have achieved your goals, but the results do not please you. Raise the bar, find yourself an application.

To see drugs in a dream, even every night, is not at all a sign that you need to try and clarify this moment for yourself. Modern drugs can be addictive from the first dose, they contain dangerous chemical compounds, most drugs are synthetic and do not contain even natural alkaloids.

The consequences of the reception are horrifying and not at all as harmless as in the movies. For example, in “Transpotting” 2 heroes look as if just from a rocking chair in a resort area. And these are guys who for 20 years are sitting on heroin. It seems that heroin has a healing and rejuvenating effect.

In real life, the guys would not live to see the premiere of the second film. Modern synthetics are capable of causing irreversible changes from the first intake and are comparable in activity to chemical warfare agents.

Drugs in a dream — a sign of a penchant for self-destruction, painful curiosity. You absolutely do not appreciate yourself. We admit the truth — the brain loves stimulants, and is even ready to sacrifice a transient physical sheath for the sake of exciting sensations.

Make yourself a gift — drink coffee. Even with sugar. Eat a banana. The body will respond with the production of adrenaline, dopamine and endorphins. That’s right, any drugs are produced by the body independently during the hormonal metabolism. This is absolutely enough. Artificial stimulation leads to addiction. If not allowed — go on a trip to a drug treatment clinic.

Look at the young guys, listen to the ridiculous nonsense that they carry with incredible pathos. This is all you need to know about traveling inward, self-knowledge and other otherworldly truths. Deeper knowledge in this area and practical knowledge threaten serious disappointment.

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